What was the 2002 world record holder for heaviest pumpkin? Three ways to stop a vampire are: Where is Halloween also known as "Pooky Night"?

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Halloween Internet Scavenger Hunt

  1. What was the 2002 world record holder for heaviest pumpkin?

  2. Three ways to stop a vampire are:

  3. Where is Halloween also known as "Pooky Night"?

  4. "What famous monster is also known as “The Modern Prometheus:"

  5. What is the name for the Mexican “Day of the Dead?

  6. What do Spanish people put on graves to bribe evil spirits?

  7. Halloween is a combination of two pagan holidays, the Celtic festival of _________ and the Roman festival of ___________________.

  8. In the ancient festivals, villagers dressed in costumes to scare away _______.

  9. To stop people from celebrating the pagan festivals, the Catholic Church created ______.

  10. The name Halloween, probably first used in the 1500s, means ______.

  11. The first official celebration of Halloween took place in 1921 in ______.

  12. What were the first jack-o-lanterns made of?

  13. What does the name "witch" mean (translated)?

  14. What are jack-o-lanterns supposed to scare away?

  15. In what year did the Salem witchcraft trials occur?

  16. The chief god of the ancient druids was:

  1. Orange and black are Halloween colors because...

Oregon Beavers, baby!

orange for harvest, black for death

orange and black were Puritan colors

orange and black were the colors of the Mayflower

  1. When was All Souls' Day first celebrated?

the ninth century

It's All Saints Day, not All Souls' Day

the fourteenth century

the first century

  1. What is the Vigil of Samhain?

traditional Irish cakes

an old Celtic tradition involving porridge and beans

an Olde English story about an evil witch

a Welsh tradition involving white stones and a bonfire

  1. Why are black cats considered a Halloween symbol?

They were thought to be associated with witches.

They are believed to be dead souls roaming the earth.

Black cats are the harbinger of bad news.

Black cats were in cahoots with vampires.

  1. What is a "dumb supper"?

a meal eaten in silence. The dead are invited to partake.

A meal eaten in silence. The dead are silently told to go away.

a supper to invite those who cannot speak for themselves

a meal to celebrate the lives of people who died

  1. "Seleenwoche" in Austria is:

All Hallows Eve

All Saints Eve

Holy Week

All Souls Week

  1. Who is known as the "Veiled One of Black Oat"?

Cailleach Corca Duibhne


Cailleach Bheur


  1. What is a Grim?

a black witch

a vampire

an omen of death

a ghost

  1. Who celebrated Samhain?

the Gaels

the English

the Germans

the French

  1. Halloween comes in where on the spending chart (with Christmas being first):





  1. Who began the tradition of trick or treating?

the Pilgrims

early American settlers

English village children

Irish townspeople

  1. What or who did Dana Barrett see in her fridge? (Ghostbusters)

Zool, gatekeeper of Gozer

Michael wearing a ski mask

a bloody horse's head

six cans, lined up perfectly

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