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The ability to add to, subtract information from, or otherwise manipulate one's perception of reality through the use of a wearable computer.

Typically, it is the user's visual perception of the environment that is mediated. This is done through the use of some kind of electronic device which can act as a visual filter between the real world and what the user perceives, such as an EyeTap device.

Computer-mediated reality has been used to enhance visual perception as an aid to the visually impaired.

Instead of putting the camera up to your eye to take a picture, you mount the camera over your eye, and take pictures when the opportunity strikes.

What is eye tap-:

The EyeTap is a name for a device that is worn in front of the eye that

  • Acts as a camera to record the scene available to the eye, and

  • Acts as a display to superimpose a computer-generated imagery on the original scene available to the eye.

In order to capture what the eye is seeing as accurately as possible an EyeTap uses a beam splitter to send the same scene (with reduced intensity) to both the eye and a camera. The camera then digitizes the reflected image of the scene and sends it to a computer. The computer processes the image and then sends it to a projector. The projector sends the image to the other side of the beam splitter so that this computer-generated image is reflected into the eye to be superimposed on the original scene.

Mediated Reality is created when virtual, or computer generated, information is mixed with what what the user would otherwise normally see. Eye Tap is suitable for creating a mediated reality because it is able to absorb, quantify, and resynthesize the light the user would normally see. When the light is resynthesized under computer control, information can be added or removed from the scene before it is presented to the user.

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