What is a sinus infection?

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What is a sinus infection?

A sinus infection occurs when a pathogenic microorganism (virus, bacterium, or a fungus) grows within a sinus and causes intermittent blockage of the sinus ostium. Drainage of mucus and pus often occur when the blockage is relieved. The drainage usually goes from the nasal passages to the throat or out the nostrils. Such infections also cause inflammation (an influx of immune cells and swelling of the sinus tissue) of one or more sinuses. This can to block the openings of the sinuses and leads to discomfort.

Inflammation of the air cavities within the passages of the nose (paranasal sinuses) is referred to as sinusitis. Sinusitis can be caused by infection, but can also be caused by allergy and irritation of the sinuses.

Sinusitis is one of the more common conditions that can afflict people throughout their lives. Sinusitis commonly occurs when environmental pollens irritate the nasal passages, such as with hay fever. Sinusitis can also result from irritants, such as chemicals or the use and/or abuse of over-the-counter (OTC) nasal sprays, and illegal substances that may be snorted through the nose. About 30 million adults have "sinusitis."

What causes sinus infections?

Sinus infection may be caused by anything that interferes with airflow into the sinuses and the drainage of mucus out of the sinuses. The sinus openings (ostea) may be blocked by swelling of the tissue lining and adjacent nasal passage tissue, for example with common colds, allergies, and tissue irritants such as OTC nasal sprays, cocaine, and cigarette smoke. Sinuses can also become blocked by tumors or growths that are near the sinus openings.

The drainage of mucous from the sinuses can also be impaired by thickening of the mucous secretions, by decrease in hydration (water content) of the mucous brought on by disease (for example, cystic fibrosis), drying medications (antihistamines), and lack of sufficient humidity in the air. The epithelial cells have small hairlike fibers, called cilia, which move back and forth to help the mucus move out of the sinuses. These small cilia may be damaged by many irritants, especially smoke. This can prevent them from assisting the mucus in draining from the sinuses.

How to cure "Sinus"?

There nos suppliments of samidirect which play an important role in curing "Sinus"

These are>>>>>>>

(1)Igg+ (1-0-1)

(2)Curcumin C3 (1-0-1)

Sum times Ayurvedic treatment may b given to dt particular patient, in accute cases.

Ayurvedic treatment recommended for sinus z>>>>>>>

(1)Chitrak haritki Avleh 1-0-1 t spoon with luke warm water

(2)Sootshekhar ras (1-0-1)

(3)Luxmi vilas ras (nardiya)(1-1-1)

(4) Annu oil as a nassal drops(2-3 drops for application .

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