Western Carolina Chapter Chapter and Volunteer Presenter Agreement

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   Western Carolina Chapter
Chapter and Volunteer Presenter Agreement
In carrying out its mission to support persons with dementia and their care partners, the Alzheimer's Association Western North Carolina Chapter (the “Chapter”) sponsors individual education programs that meet in a variety of venues throughout the Chapter region. This Chapter and Volunteer Presenter Agreement (‘Agreement”) includes the duties and responsibilities of the Chapter and “You” as “Volunteer Presenter”.
Definition: Alzheimer’s Association education programs exist to increase information and support to people impacted by Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, so that they can better cope with and manage the shared problems of dementia. Constituent education programs attendees typically do not pay fees. Any donations offered during a program are promptly directed to the Alzheimer’s Association Chapter’s development department. All Volunteer Presenters are considered volunteers of the Alzheimer’s Association and are expected to be screened and trained through the Volunteer Department. In this Agreement, a procedure is being implemented established by the Alzheimer’s Association to formalize the expectations for the roles and responsibilities of the Chapter and Volunteer Presenters in each of its affiliated education programs.
Chapter agrees to:

  1. Provide training for new Volunteer Presenters, as well as consultation on education programs and effective presentation skills.

  2. Provide a start-up kit, and thereafter provide reasonable supplies of materials and resources, Chapter brochures, and reference material information.

  3. Provide access to all CSQEI surveys and LASRmetric forms to be completed and returned to Chapter following each presentation.

  4. Provide continuing education via one (1) annual Volunteer Presenter meeting and various other educational opportunities.

  5. Provide staff contact to schedule each presentation and follow up afterward.

Volunteer Presenters agree to:

  1. Be available to provide not less than six (6) presentations per year, if requested by Chapter.

  2. Attend at least two (2) continuing education programs each year including one sponsored by the Chapter.

  3. Maintain contact with the designated Chapter staff before and after each presentation.

  4. Submit registration and evaluation paperwork to the Chapter within one week of each presentation, including CSQEI and LASRmetric forms provided by the Chapter. Paperwork may be submitted in person, by mail or by fax.

  5. Refer attendees to the resources of the Alzheimer’s Association.

  6. Represent the Alzheimer’s Association in his/her role as group Volunteer Presenter, and not engage in activities relating to the education program for personal financial gain or which otherwise would present a conflict of interest or an appearance of impropriety. Specifically, the Volunteer Presenter agrees not to use the education programs as a vehicle for the promotion or endorsement of specific services, organizations, or products, or as a vehicle for recruiting, soliciting, or any other commercial purpose. The Volunteer Presenter will have a signed Volunteer Presenter Conflict of Interest Agreement on file with the Chapter.

  7. Respect and maintain the confidentiality of education program attendees; specifically, names and other contact information will not be given to, or used by, other organizations or the Volunteer Presenter in a personal or non-Chapter capacity.

  8. Any requests by media must be referred to the Chapter’s media representative rather than being responded to by the Volunteer Presenter directly.

  9. Review and adhere to the Chapter’s policies related to discrimination, workplace harassment and codes of conduct.

  10. Review and adhere to the Alzheimer’s Association Volunteer Confidentiality Policy.

  11. By signing this Agreement, the Volunteer Presenter agrees that nothing has changed in the status of their background check since it was run on

  12. By signing this Agreement, the Volunteer Presenter commits to one (1) year of presentations.

Serious violations of this Agreement may result in immediate termination of the Agreement. The Volunteer Presenter or the Chapter may terminate this Agreement for any reason with thirty (30) days prior written notice. Upon termination, Volunteer Presenters will return unused items (including the Presenter Binder, CD-ROMs and flash drives) to the Chapter’s program liaison. Any contact information gathered from program participants is considered confidential and proprietary information and property of the Association and will be returned at that time as well.


By signing below, the Volunteer Presenter named acknowledges their consent to the above listed conditions and this Agreement for operating an education program sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association.

Volunteer Presenter: ________________________________________________________


Print Name: _______________________________________________________________


Address and Telephone number
When signed below, the Alzheimer's Association Western North Carolina Chapter acknowledges its responsibilities as set forth in this Agreement and in relation to the above affiliated education program. Further, it certifies that the identified Volunteer Presenter has attended the required training and given evidence of their ability to follow the guidelines. A signed copy will be returned to a Volunteer Presenter or affiliate named above.
______________________________ ___________________________

Alzheimer’s Association Staff Title

______________________________ ___________________________

Phone Fax

Note: This Agreement is to be reviewed and renewed annually.

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