Welcome to the November 2010 edition of onBoard, our newsletter for nhs board colleagues

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Welcome to the November 2010 edition of onBoard, our newsletter for NHS Board colleagues.
We have chosen key topics relevant to NHS Boards, and we are happy to include other items.
If you have any suggestions please email our helpdesk at nss.psddental@nhs.net or nss.psdophthalmic@nhs.net

Listing of Dental Bodies Corporate
The Scottish Government has introduced Listing Dental Bodies Corporate effective from 2 July 2010. This means that directors of Dental Bodies Corporate can register on the first part of the NHS Board list.

We have had a few enquiries from NHS Boards requesting further information as they have been contacted by Dental Bodies Corporate wishing to register on the first part of the Board list.

We have created visual guidance for NHS Boards which will highlight the different arrangements and their respective entitlements. In addition to this, we have documented the process of requesting a list number from Practitioner Services and transferring patients based on the chosen arrangement.

The guidance is currently with the Scottish Government Health Directorate for approval. Once approved we will issue out the guidance to the NHS Boards.

For further information please see the attached Primary Care Administration (PCA) letters.

NHS: PCA(D)(2010)4

NHS: PCA(D)(2010)6
Notice of Correction to NHS (Corrigendum): PCA(D)(2010)4 and 6

Dental Registrations

Following our update in the last edition of onBoard, from 1 September 2010 we ceased payment of the registrations for duplicates, deceased and embarked patients. 

Although the registration payment was stopped, the registrations still remained active. This allowed the registrations to continue to be included in patient registration counts, used in the calculation of allowances and measurement of NHS commitment, until they were withdrawn.  This has now happened and the patients withdrawn will be reported to each dentist in their October paid November 2010 payment schedule.

We sent a letter to dentists on 13 October 2010, explaining what was happening.  There will be a follow up letter attached to the October paid November 2010 payment schedule which will inform dentists that we have withdrawn the registrations. The letter will also explain the procedure for dentists who feel a patient has been removed inappropriately. They will need to complete a Dental 295 form, which has been produced specifically for this purpose and will be available on our web site. The form can be submitted to us by post or NHSmail, no later than 21 February 2011.  We will investigate and if it is found that we have removed a registration incorrectly the registration will be reinstated and any payments backdated.

We are working with the Scottish Government Health Directorates and the Scottish Dental Practice Committee/British Dental Association on a methodology and timescale for recovery of inappropriate payments, as well as an issue of potential underpayments, in particular through the Deprived Areas Enhancement.

We have published information on our web site, including a frequently asked questions section.

In addition, there is also a change involving the length of notice when reporting those patients who are due to go onto the reduced rate of registration. With effect from the October paid November 2010 schedule, we will reduce the notification period of those patients who are due to reduce, from 12 months to 3 months as requested by Scottish Dental Practice Committee.

GP208 Form
Thank you to all the NHS Boards who provided their comments regarding the GP208 (transfer of patients within practice) & GP209 Forms (transfer of patients outwith practice).

In summary, NHS Boards were happy to proceed with the GP208 as an electronic form with a view to undertaking a pilot. A number of comments were raised regarding how the GP209 could be submitted electronically due to the complexity of having 2 signatures.

We have therefore proposed to Scottish Government Health Directorates that we start with a pilot of the GP208. We will continue to look at the GP209 to determine how this might be carried out in future. The GP208 pilot proposal and a draft version of the form has been created and sent to the Scottish Government Health Directorates (SGHD) for comment.

When we receive a response, we will email NHS Boards to discuss the next stages.

We have an article in the next edition of Mouthpiece which is due out online on the 19 November 2010 and paper copies by the end of November, this highlights to dentists the need to advise of any bulk transfer of patients in advance of the date required.

Statement of Dental Remuneration Update

We have been advised by the Scottish Government Health Directorates (SGHD) that there will be a 0.9% update to the dental fees with effect from 1 December 2010.

A supplement of 0.9% will be paid for courses of treatment starting in April to November 2010. We will make backdated payments in the December 2010 schedule paid January 2011.

The maximum patient charge will remain at £384.

Sign up to Mouthpiece Xtra

The latest issue of Mouthpiece is almost complete.  We are currently carrying out Quality Assurance on the new issue and will publish it on the web site by 19 November 2010.

Mouthpiece Xtra gives you the ability to subscribe to Mouthpiece online – we are encouraging our readers to sign up for Mouthpiece Xtra and benefit by:

...instantly accessing what you and your team need to know now, and from past editions...”

...reducing NHS production costs by reading online...”

...changing how we do business by subscribing today...”

Included in this issue is an article from the Chairman of the Scottish Dental Practice Board on the 3 month rule.

We include news of our new Customer Relationship Programme and also many examples of the electronic form submission and resources available online. We aim to publish the online Mouthpiece Xtra by 19 November and paper copies will be sent out by the end of November 2010.

If you would like to subscribe to Mouthpiece Xtra, you can do so by emailing the helpdesk at nss.psddental@nhs.net. You can now use any email address to subscribe.

Christmas & New Year Holiday closure

We will be closed on the following dates during the festive period.

Christmas - Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 December 2010

New Year - Monday 3 and Tuesday 4 January 2011

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