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*Emerging Church DVD (Online) This two hour and forty-five minute DVD takes a hard look into the beliefs and practices of what has become one of the most dangerous deceptions assaulting God's people today - The Emergent Church. - Part 8: Sandy Simpson speaks on: Methods used by false teachers to deceive God's people. [article link]

Update: After the Break - The Basic Christian Ministry is going to respond [with a 10 part investigation article] into the wholesale manipulation and fraud that is taking place within the current greater Christian Church movement - Regarding both the fraud and wholesale manipulation [a deliberate convergence of the Church, Emerging Church and the New Age agenda] that just occurred during the 2010 Desiring God conference and also of the related fraud that is about to take place in the coming Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa - 2010 Apologetics Conference [November 5-6, 2010] -- Coming Soon: Exposing Chuck Smith - The Calvary Chapel Fraud - A 10 Part Investigation!!!

The Christian Church body as a whole after having just endured the unjust and unethical manipulations of the Dr. John Piper (Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis) - Dr. Rick Warren (Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, California - SBC Affiliated) 2010 Desiring God fiasco, now the greater Evangelical Church is expected to be forced to endure yet another conference of fraud, lies and deceit - this time it is the 2010 Apologetics Conference by Dr. Norman Geisler's Veritas Seminary (Murrieta, California) featuring the discredited (SBC Affiliated) [Liberty University - professor] Ergun Caner and is being hosted at the Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, Sr. Pastor Chuck Smith. [article link]

Update {Scroll Down for Updates}: Before I begin to post again - I just want to recap a few items and I feel the need to reiterate the purpose and servant [service] oriented aspect of the Basic Christian Ministry - Because sadly some people want to portray internet bloggers as frustrated, or 2nd class, or something else all because they don't understand the value and intentions of internet [Christian fellowship] blogging

I spent most of the last week visiting [doing some upkeep] at my Mom's [my Dad passed away this past spring]. My Mom and I wanted to go to Church [with a friend and neighbor of my Mom's] and by coincidence her neighbor is now attending the old Church where my Mom used to attend [for a couple of years] and took me and my sisters to while we were really young [I was about 2 years - 4 years old]. I have few memories of that old Church [I certainly wasn't saved there and probably few people are] but I have a few memories and while I was sitting in the service this last week I had several thoughts but primarily I was just so grateful for the personal relationship I have with Jesus Christ [something that as a small child I though was impossible to have] and also how grateful I am for the opportunity of the Basic Christian ministry to post Christian material and information on the internet for others to use and enjoy in their own relationship with God. -- In 1996-1998 I attended a two year ministry school [under Chuck Smith at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, CA] that was primarily geared towards future pastors but I applied to [and graduated] the school in my then current ministry capacity as a volunteer counselor [a volunteer counselor at a pro-life family clinic] and not as a pastor or even as a future pastor. -- The Basic Christian Ministry this coming spring will celebrate 10 amazing years of on-line internet ministry. The first two documents electronically published (posted) were the Jesus Walk 10 Day Easter Timeline Devotion [2001 version] and the 132 Topics of Basic Christian: Theology. Then the first articles were 'Biblical Proof that Jesus is God' followed by the posting of the previously researched 'The 7 Miracles of Jesus in the Gospel of John'. With these early postings [2001-2003] I felt at the time that the ministry had already reached [most] of its ministry goals and that any future ministry up until now has primarily been a sort of a wonderful, beyond my expectations, bonus opportunity. -- This past Sunday I also realized that I am completely dedicated to internet ministry and to providing internet resources and look forward to the next decade of internet ministry service. A decade that will provide many more advances and innovations in the Basic Christian ministry as the ministry begins [starting late next year] to transition away from the text postings of today and into video postings drawn and refined from all of the current Basic Christian material. [article link]

Part 1 - Introduction: Exposing the Modern Church

It's true that there is a hidden NWO agenda [now more visible and more widely known to the public] and it's understandable that secular groups [i.e. UN, Think Tanks, Universities, CIA, Skull & Bones, etc.] would seek to impose a secular [ultimately Satanic] rule of order among all people and all Nations - But what is completely unacceptable is that so many in the Church movement [i.e. Chuck Smith, Dave Hunt, Norman Geisler, Jerry Falwell Jr., Rick Warren, John Piper, John MacArthur, Lee Strobel, R.C. Sproul, Brian Broderson, Ergun and Emir Caner, etc. ] would so actively participate and join in an emergent Antichristian/Antichrist movement [of deliberate lies and deceit formed against the true Christian Church] to the extent that it is now completely reasonable to question whether (since 9-11-2001) they are any longer or [in some cases] ever were Christians? [article link]

Part 2 - Occult Signatures: The [NWO] occult communicates in a separate hidden but open manner that attempts [often successfully] to reveal their true intentions and identities to other occult groups but is generally masked to the general public

Occult (Satanic) signatures that are now commonly and widely used within the Christian Church -- the number 13 [or the reverse 31] as conference dates, numbers of topics or speakers, etc. Using Latin (Roman Catholic) names in Protestant ministries i.e. Norman Geislers 'Veritas' (Latin for truth) Seminary [V - a Hebrew 6 - is also considered occult - the number of fallen man] and Chuck Smith's 'Calvary' (Latin for skull) Chapel i.e. Skull (Satan's) Chapel [Pastor Chuck Smith might have been purposefully looking for a Satanic Signature in his 1965 move from his Riverside, CA ministry to the existing Calvary Chapel - Costa Mesa, CA fellowship]. - Other occult signatures include using a B&W bio photo as in the movie 'The Wizard of Oz' where reality, real life was portrayed in dull B&W while color was reserved only for the alternate Oz occult realm. Use of highly occult influenced bible translations notably the occult bible version NKJV. [article link]

Welcome to *Veritas Evangelical Seminary [use of a horned (Satanic) *V] Online (VESO) where students may enroll and complete their external study courses online or check your residential course pages from anywhere in the world

Welcome to Veritas Evangelical Seminary Online (VESO) where students may enroll and complete their external study courses online or check your residential course pages from anywhere in the world. VESO also offers those enrolled in specific courses the opportunity to interact with others in the course, including your professor. This is accomplished by clicking on the specific course title on the left of your browser screen. In addition, faculty and students may discuss, interact, and build each other up in the Lord! Feel free to explore the VESO Forum where your written posts and questions may be read and replied to by others in the VES family. There is also a chat option where you can engage in real time communication with others that happen to be on line. [article link]

Codex Magica: V - Victory for the Devil - Sign of the Horned God, Pan (Satan) - The Complete Book of Witchcraft3 explains further the occult meaning - When the [V] sign is given to produce a shadow behind, a diabolical image appears that seems to be the face of the devil - Witches and Magicians -and some Catholic Popes -used this image to effect emotional response

[V] A Symbol of Wrath and Destruction: The "V" sign as displayed by the hand is also used by Illuminists in the form of the letter V with two straight lines angled to meet at a point facing downward. It becomes a V device, or chevron, and has been adopted for the uniforms of military troops of some countries. Resembling a downward pointing triangle with the top line open or omitted symbolizes fiery destruction and wrath on the object at which it is pointed. About 12 years ago, a few Satan worshippers arrived secretly in the darkness at my ministry building and evidently carried out a ritual. For many months we had received anonymous telephone threats, so were not surprised. On the concrete porch near our front door, the vandals had scratched a "V" pointing to the entrance, and there were signs of candle use and the burning of objects. Here we see the fantastic beliefs by occultists that their rituals create reality. -- Triple 6 or 666: As we have previously seen, the Jewish cabala is at the root of most wicked systems of magic. The cabala (or Kabbalah) is the fount of doctrine for Freemasonry and for many other secret societies. We can expect, therefore, that the "V" sign is also emphasized by the rabbinical priests of cabalism. And in fact, we find that the rabbis teach that the meaning of the Hebrew letter for V (Vau) is "Nail," and nail is a secret title for Satan. (Its corrupt meaning comes from the nails driven into the hands of Jesus crucified.) Vau, or V, is the sixth letter in the Hebrew alphabet [6 the number of man - fallen mankind], and, of course, the Book of Revelation reveals that the name of the beast, or AntiChrist, is coded with the number of triple 6, or 666. [article link]

calvarycic.org: Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa [B&W bio photo] - Gayle Erwin The Man, The Myth [in cartoon caricature]

Calvary Chapel Iowa City Church Vision: The emphasis of our church is to make mature disciples of Jesus Christ. The Great Commission commands in Matthew 28:20 that we are to be "teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you." We are doing the very same things that have been done for nearly 2000 years. In Acts 2:42, Luke tells us that the early church was continuing steadfastly in the teaching of God's Word, in fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers. Acts 2:46 tells us that they were praising God and verse 47 it tells us that "the Lord added to His church daily those who were being saved." Our hope and prayer is to win the lost to Christ, disciple and grow them into mature Christians. We desire believers that God can and will use as His vessels of honor, His workmanship created for good works and for His pleasure. [article link]

John Macarthur [B&W bio photo]

John Macarthur is my favorite preacher for a few reasons. First, it is his unwavering defense of Truth; Second, his consistent life; and Third, his consistent theology to let the text of scripture speak for itself. The message I used in this sermon jam ("rekindling your love for Christ") I have probably listened to 20 times.and yes it is still one of my favorite messages out there. If any of you would like access to all of Macarthur's preaching messages for free visit http://www.gty.org/. [article link]

Ergun Caner [B&W bio photo]

The Southern Baptist minister who leads Liberty University's seminary made a career as a go-to authority on Islam for the evangelical world, selling thousands of books and touring the country as a former Muslim who discovered Jesus Christ. Now Ergun Caner is being investigated by the Lynchburg, Va., university - founded by the Rev. Jerry Falwell - over allegations that he fabricated or embellished his past. [article link]

Rick Warren on the cover of Time Magazine [B&W color tones, bio photo] - Rick Warren makes use of multiple B&W photos as well as multiple [cartoon caricature] depictions of himself and his ministry

The Internet is abuzz about author and pastor Rick Warren being temporarily blinded by firestick plant sap. Rick was pruning a firestick plant in his yard when he got some of the sap on his hands. According to publicist A. Larry Ross, "He went to wipe his brow and immediately experienced excruciating pain in both eyes." The sap of the Firestick plant, or Euphorbia tirucalli, is corrosive and extremely toxic. [article link]

PASTOR BRIAN BRODERSON [B&W color tones, bio photo] Associate Pastor of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa

"Anything that will help Christian people get more into the word and more out of the word is bound to be a great blessing. This book will do just that. Andy has done a fantastic job of laying out numerous options for Bible Study. I'm sure there's a method here that will be helpful for most everyone who is serious about growing in the Lord through his word." [article link]

Part 3 - Replacing the True (Free) Christian Church with a False (Bondage) NWO Church: Churches like Chrystal Cathedral (Robert H. Schuller), Calvary Chapel (Chuck Smith, Brian Broderson), First Baptist Church of Woodstock, GA (Johnny Hunt), Liberty University (Jerry Falwell Jr.) have gone through extensive employee layoffs and shifts in recent times

These Church 'disorder' replacements of pastors and staff employees, whether through leadership changes (i.e. Brian Broderson) or financial crisis or crises, either perceived (Church of Woodstock) or real (Chrystal Cathedral) are having the very real and intended results of rapidly removing a once solid Christian base and replacing it with a new and now solid Emergent Church [i.e. Ergun Caner] - NWO - New Age, or even a Satanic base of church staff members, instructors and pastors. With the very real and intended result of stripping the True Christian Church of its [Gospel] identity and of any safety net that might have been in place for any Christians in need of actual ministry, counseling or any of a variety of support, assistance and aid programs. [article link]

{Highly Recommended!!} Pirate Christian Radio: . [Pastor] Mac Brunson Says America is Being Judged Because Christians Aren't Tithing {Note: Christians aren't under the law - or at least we are not supposed to be - unless some unscrupulous person is trying to put us [under their own law] and in bondage for their own personal agenda and own personal financial gain! - It's also very interesting that the [Pastors] demanding Tithes are the same Pastors who repeatedly refuse their obligation to openly disclose their Church's financial statements. - Also Note: It's completely irresponsible on our part to donate [money, time, resources, etc.] to some man's private ministry without our having complete access to ALL financial records. So in this case and others, Bankruptcy isn't a bad thing as these Mega Churches are already Morally Bankrupt and probably shouldn't even try to be in the Business of Preaching the free Gospel of Jesus Christ!} (Mp3 - Download link is on the Main page)

[Saul] The Rebel King -- . Mac Brunson Says America is Being Judged Because Christians Aren't Tithing . Is Perry Noble Qualified to be a Pastor to Pastors? . Sermon Review: [Saul] The Rebel King by Pastor Gervaise Nicholas Edward Charmley --- [article link]

Robert Schuller [Sr.] Pleads for Troubled (Bankrupt) Crystal Cathedral - Robert H. Schuller , who is trying to pull his California megachurch from bankruptcy protection, pleaded with his congregation for help Sunday - "If you are a tither, *become a double-tither [where is that in the Bible?]. If you are not a tither, become a tither. This ministry has earned {but now with (too many scams) has lost} your trust. This ministry has earned your help" - The Crystal Cathedral, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last week, will likely spend the coming weeks trying to restructure its staggering debt {The teaching that Christians are supposed to Tithe to some man's ministry is a modern myth and a completely false teaching at that! Tithing was of the Jewish Old Testament Law and Jesus fulfilled the law, *freeing us from the law, yet many like the Schullers [Robert Sr. and daughter Sheila] want to put Christians back under the law and specifically the excessive 'bondage' of Tithing simply for their own personal [primarily financial] gain. -- "Galatians 5:1 Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith [Jesus] Christ hath made us free [from the O.T. law and into a N.T. relationship with God], and be not entangled again with [i.e. tithing] the yoke of bondage."}

"Budgets could not be cut fast enough to keep up with the unprecedented rapid decline in revenue due to the recession," Senior Pastor Sheila Schuller Coleman said in a statement. Services and programs at the landmark church will continue, including the "Hour of Power" TV program, she said. The beleaguered glass cathedral canceled its "Glory of Easter" for the first time this year and could be forced to cancel its popular Christmas spectacular next month. The pageants, which charged up to $45 admission, drew thousands of people. "It was a very big production," said Juliet Noriega, the wardrobe manager for the pageants, who claims she is owed more than $11,000. In a statement , Schuller Coleman said the bankruptcy filing was necessary because a small number of creditors chose to file lawsuits and obtained court-ordered writs to attach the church's bank accounts and assets in an attempt to get paid immediately. ... The church's money troubles have forced it to lay off 140 people in the past year, halve its "Hour of Power" air time and even dismiss its orchestra and professional choir singers, church officials have said. The church choir is now made entirely up of volunteers. In May, the church sold land donated by a San Juan Capistrano couple for $22.5 million. ... The cathedral decided to file for Chapter 11 only after some of its creditors sued for payment, according to church officials. Hundreds of creditors could be owed between $50 million and $100 million, according to documents filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Its largest creditors include several television stations. The iconic church was founded by the Rev. Robert H. Schuller in a rented drive-in movie theater in 1955 and came to prominence through the "Hour of Power" television show, which reaches millions of viewers. ... At a news conference, Schuller recalled her father's popular proverb, "Tough times never last, but tough people do." She stressed that the church's "message of hope will continue." Schuller did not return phone calls seeking comment. [article link]

WSJ: [Mega Church] Crystal Cathedral's Cracks Show in Bankruptcy Filing [after - The younger Schuller [Robert A. Schuller] (preaching an Excellent Gospel Message) was removed as (Crystal Cathedral) President in November 2008 when the division between (NWO) father and (Christian) son became significant enough to adversely affect the corporation [a.k.a. Crystal Cathedral] the elder Dr. Schuller [Robert H. Schuller] built - Answers.com] - The Crystal Cathedral church in Garden Grove, Calif., filed for bankruptcy protection [October 18, 2010] amid $48 million in debt - The church's filing lists 550 (unpaid) creditors

How the 55-year-old church will survive is another matter. The ministry, founded by Mr. Schuller in 1955 in rented space at a drive-in theater, now owes $12 million to creditors and holds a $36 million mortgage with Farmers & Merchants Bank of Long Beach, Calif. The church was roiled by leadership changes after the abrupt departure in 2008 of Mr. Schuller's son as head pastor. Mr. Schuller's daughter, Sheila Schuller Coleman, now presides as pastor. Mr. Schuller, 84, preaches occasionally. "The period of unsettled leadership caused some...to leave the ministry, resulting in reduced revenue for an organization that exists primarily on donations," court documents say. [article link]

Religious workers denied jobless benefits - Earlier this year, a survey by the National Association of Church Business Administration showed that 32 percent of responding U.S. churches were having economy-related difficulties, up from 14% in August - 20% said they had laid off staff - Benefits are available only to people whose employers paid the unemployment tax - It was a hard way to learn that under Virginia law, as in many states, including Georgia, tax exemptions for religious organizations include freedom from paying unemployment taxes - "If they leave the church, they won't be covered, and that is a shock for many churches" he said {Note: The Churches not paying an individual's unemployment tax and therefore denying unemployment benefits to people is a real bondage the Church has over its employees - no wonder so many employees and Churches are so quickly and so easily going along with a co-opted NWO agenda, because they have too, the church owns them and that's the way the modern protestant church wants it.}

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - God may provide, but the state may not when it comes to unemployment benefits for employees laid off by churches and other religious groups. Carol Bronson discovered that a few months ago after she lost her secretarial job at Temple Emanuel synagogue in Virginia Beach. Bronson assumed she could draw unemployment benefits, but when she filed a claim, she was denied. It was a hard way to learn that under Virginia law, as in many states, including Georgia, tax exemptions for religious organizations include freedom from paying unemployment taxes, though the IRS requires they pay Social Security and withholding taxes. "I had no idea that there would not be any benefits for me after leaving my job," said Bronson, who worked at the synagogue for two years. She's since found a job with a wholesale flower market. Budget cuts, including layoffs, are one way religious groups are coping with slashed income from investments or contributions. Earlier this year, a survey by the National Association of Church Business Administration showed that 32 percent of responding U.S. churches were having economy-related difficulties, up from 14 percent in August. Twenty percent said they had laid off staff. For workers who are left jobless, unemployment benefits are a big piece of the social safety net. In Virginia, payments range from $54 to $378 weekly. Benefits are available only to people whose employers paid the unemployment tax. Not every state bars unemployment compensation to employees of religious groups. In New York, employees whose work is not religious in nature, such as a cook or a secretary, are entitled to benefits, and their employer must pay the state unemployment tax, said Karen Williamson of the New York Department of Labor. [article link]

SBC [2010] must build its Great Commission legacy [through humble individual service to Jesus Christ and not by donations or money tithed or given to SBC principals especially in the form of thinly veiled pleas and slightly disguised threats (i.e. pastors will be laid off -- and the True faithful Christian Pastors are being laid off in multitudes while fake NWO pastors are then being brought in to replace them [this is happening in every profession i.e. teaching, religion, politics, law, business, banking, government] in requesting additional finances 'In difficult economic times' as Pastor David Uth seems to be doing], Uth says {Note: Money, pride and paid (professional) Charity work seldom mix very well and Christianity in the image of Jesus Christ is the essence of Humble Servant Charity Work. We need to be humble and be about the true reconciliation work of Jesus Christ and often that means being only in charge of ourselves and having authority only over ourselves and not having a staff, an expense account and not even having status within society all while we individually and collectively labor lovingly in God's Kingdom the True and Eternal Kingdom of Jesus Christ.}

ORLANDO (FBW)-The Southern Baptist Convention sits at a crucial point in history when it must recommit to building a legacy of obedience to the Great Commission, David Uth, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Orlando, said *June 13 [Satanic signature] at the SBC Pastor's Conference. "There comes a point where we say, 'This is where we want to go. This is what we want life to look like. This is what we want our legacy to be,'" Uth said. "And I really believe this convention is the defining moment for us that will determine that legacy." Preaching from Acts 20, Uth said a godly denominational legacy must include living out the Great Commission rather than merely discussing it. "As Southern Baptists, we have been saying a lot about the Great Commission all of our history," he said. "We have been saying a lot about this kind of a legacy. But at some point, saying is not enough." Uth listed three steps Southern Baptists must take in order to build a legacy that glorifies God. First, they must walk with humility. "Southern Baptists, we're not all that. We need to honor and glorify the One from whom all blessings flow. We are not all that," Uth said. "One of the things that has broken my heart is to hear people talk about their ministry and people talk about their church. People talk about this and that, 'We did this. We did that. We did this.' Let me tell you, if you've done anything worthwhile of eternal value, you didn't do it. Your Father granted it from heaven. Give Him glory." Second, they must shed tears over the lostness in the world. While Southern Baptists cry over votes that don't go their way and derailed personal ambitions, many have stopped crying over non-Christians who are on the path to hell, Uth said. Yet the multitudes who do not know Jesus should be among the greatest causes of tears, he said. ... Third, Southern Baptists must fulfill their ministry despite trials. In difficult economic times, churches and denominational entities are being forced to cut budgets, he said. In fact, First Baptist Orlando recently cut six pastoral staff members. But fulfilling the Great Commission is worth the pain of budget cuts, he said. "The church does not exist to employ people. It exists to reach the nations for God's glory. And if I could just be so bold to say, the Southern Baptist Convention does not exist to employ people. It exists to reach the nations for the glory of God. And it just might be we have to do hard things," he said. Through any trial, Jesus is enough to sustain those who are following Him, Uth said. [article link]

ABP Opinion: 1st reaction to Great Commission Resurgence, 2nd verse - My strategy to encourage churches to higher CP (Cooperative Program) giving is this: Demonstrated commitment to CP from those who lead the Southern Baptist Convention - SBC president Johnny Hunt [after just laying off several Pastors and staff members at his church], who has pledged to double his church's CP (Cooperative Program) giving this year to about $900,000 {Note: This is a deliberate plan to take money away from the local Church authority [and local Church work] by donating it upstream [instead of downstream to needier Churches and causes] to some vague, vapid [non-Christian] national-international (secular) and fraudulent causes i.e. Rick Warren's purpose driven agendas and the New Apostolic Reformation and their upstream donations to their main church offices and to a select few (possibly non-Christian, infiltrated) directors, presidents and staff members.}

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