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Comments: The fact that WLC (William Lane Craig) [at one time] personally affirms original sin doesn't change the fact that he [now] feels free to tell potential converts which Scriptural teachings they must believe and which Scriptural teachings they may disregard. ... SKOTOS SAID: I didn't mean to defend WLC by putting forth the full quote, only to make sure we don't take his words out of context. Just curious, did all of the people posting comments read through the entire post by wlc? Again, I'm not here to defend him, just to make sure his comments get a fair trial. In case you are wondering, I very much believe in the doctrine of original sin and the need to show people of it. [article link]

ReasonableFaith.org: [about 12/28/2010 - undated material] [WLC] Question 193 Subject: Overweening Ignorance by William Lane Craig "original sin ... not essential to the Christian faith" - {Note: are William Lane Craig, Anne Rice, Billy & Franklin Graham, George Bush Jr. and others operating in a pre-planned, coordinated, Christmas 2010 assault on traditional 'original sin' Christianity? Certainly the Bush family and others would like people to believe that they are unique or even superior to others in a birth without 'original sin' yet that would simply be an "Unreasonable Faith" for Christians to follow.}

Dr. Craig responds: ... Similarly, most Christians don';t hold to Young Earth chronology, as you seem to assume. So that needn't be a hindrance to you. You assume that God cannot give and take human life as He sees fit; but I see no reason at all for that assumption. God is under no obligation to prolong my or anybody else's life for even another second. You speak derisively of the doctrines of the Trinity and incarnation; but you do not interact with my or any other philosopher's articulation and defense of those doctrines (see Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview). As for your two moral objections, the first is an objection to the doctrine of original sin. But once more, that doctrine is not universally affirmed by Christians and is not essential to the Christian faith. So don't let that be a stumbling block for you. What is essential to Christian faith is that all men are sinners and in need of God's forgiveness and redemption. I'm sure you'd recognize your own moral shortcomings and failures, Luke. So don't get hung up on Adam's sin. It's your own sin you need to deal with. [article link]

Apprising.org: [12/29/2010] "SOME PEOPLE ARE BORN CHRISTIANS" [without having original sin] According to the below (quote) by former President George W. Bush Jr. from his [2010] book "Decision Points" - The Rev. Billy Graham made a rare appearance Monday [12/20/2010] at a book-signing for former President George W. Bush Jr. and his wife, Laura Bush

"Some people are born Christians," at least so says renouned Southern Baptist evangelist Billy Graham. According to the (quote) below by former President George W. Bush from his [2010] book "Decision Points". ... The problem is: If some so-called "religious" people are simply born Christian without being "born-again" we have just negated the doctrine of regeneration; we have salvation by osmosis ala the heresy of the wider mercy view, which Graham espouses in the video below. However, God's Word tells us that someone who has not been regenerated remains a slave of sin (cf. Romans 6:16-20); and no matter how religious one might be - Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him (John 3:36). ... In Billy Graham Makes Rare Appearance at Bush Book-Signing w''re told: The Rev. Billy Graham made a rare appearance Monday [12/20/2010] at a book-signing for former President George W. Bush Jr. and his wife, Laura Bush. The 92-year-old evangelist, who sat in a wheelchair, and his son, Franklin, had lunch and prayer with Bush and the former first lady before heading to the Billy Graham Library to receive signed copies of the Bushes' books and pose for photos. Bush and his wife were in Charlotte to sign copies of their respective memoirs, Decision Points and Spoken From the Heart. Franklin Graham said the former President and his father have been friends for 30 years. (Online source) Friends for thirty years; more than enough time for friends to discuss what they believe about salvation. [article link]

Excellent Commentary!! - Dr. John MacArthur Can't Recall Conversion; [08/06/09] Claims He 'Always Believed' [no original sin?] (YouTube)

Pastor John E. Coleman of "Into The Word Apologetics" examines peculiar statements by the inimitable John MacArthur regarding his conversion experience. The following are excerpts from "John MacArthur's Life Testimony": JOHN: Well I always believed the gospel. I don't ever...I don't ever remember a time when I didn't believe the gospel. I mean, it was so wonderfully modeled by my Mom and Dad [without original sin?], it was so consistent. They were exactly at home what they were in the church. And what my Dad was in the pulpit he was in the house. And Christ was always very wonderful to me and inviting to me. And my Mom and Dad lived out their Christian life before me. And so, I never rebelled against it. I always knew I needed Jesus to be my Savior. PHIL: So youre saying...are you saying it would be difficult for you to put your finger on when your conversion took place? JOHN: Yeah. I've never been able to do that. And it doesn't bother me. I think I'm one of those kids...I was one of those kids that never rebelled and always believed. And so when God did His saving work in my heart, it was not discernable to me. [article link]

HOTM: Heart of the Matter Shows Aired in 2010 - Live One Hour Call-in Show - 12/14/2010 #246 Tithing {Note: I had some technical trouble downloading the last two shows - there might be a technical glitch in their website (or not) but keep trying the shows are defiantly worth the effort!} (Video - Mp3)

About Heart of the Matter: Started in early 2006, Heart of the Matter is a TV show produced in the Mecca of Mormonism, Salt Lake City. It's where Mormonism meets Biblical Christianity face to face! Shawn McCraney, the host of Heart of the Matter, provides great entertainment value and valuable knowledge of Mormonism and what it means to be a Born-Again Christian. Shawn is the author of "I Was a Born-Again Mormon" and the pastor of Calvary Campus. [article link]

THE TEACHINGS OF JOHN MacARTHUR - John MacArthur, the gifted and charming pastor of Grace Community Church in Panorama City, California, has been the center of controversy for many years - He appears to be one of those rare individuals whose presence leaves a wake of confusion and contention - As indicted earlier, John MacArthur's teachings have resulted in a great controversy and confusion that refuse to go away, even when repeated attempts of clarification are made - One capable Bible scholar labeled his teachings as "imprecise" (im·pre·cise - Lacking exactness and accuracy of expression or detail - Dictionary.com) - {Note: It seems that the reason that Dr. John MacArthur and so many other seemingly gifted pastors, teachers, leaders and evangelists have such a difficult time 'imprecisely' publically explaining their beliefs is because their 'beliefs' privately are vastly different from what they reluctantly attempt to publically display. It does seem that there is a dual (hidden-occult) gospel at work in the lives of many of the Christian leaders - one gospel for the common masses of people and a separate hidden (non-public) gospel for the leaders themselves. These men are not stupid [they administer millions of dollars], not naïve and defiantly not uninformed [i.e. current events - the LU Ergun Caner controversy] and when they can't clearly present the simple Gospel Message (God has forgiven our sins and offers to us freely of His eternal life - Revelation 22:17) it is because they don't believe the simple gospel message accurately represents their beliefs. Sadly it looks as though the one gospel message for the common people who are deemed unworthy is a gospel of payments (tithes), self-sacrifice, suffering, violence and ultimately death unto salvation yet for the worthy boastful Church leadership their gospel belief in themselves is in self-righteousness, favoritism, unaccountability, riches, eternal rewards and worldly personal gain all supposedly appointed and designated from God. Two messages for two separate classes of Christianity - an enlightened [born w/o original sin] christian class and another common Christian slave class that is never to be cleansed in this lifetime, by the blood of Jesus, and set free from the bondage of mankind at least not regarding the teachings of a manipulating and controlling, self-enlightened class.}

John MacArthur, the gifted and charming pastor of Grace Community Church in Panorama City, California, has been the center of controversy for many years. He appears to be one of those rare individuals whose presence leaves a wake of confusion and contention. For many, he is a champion of the faith whose voice is correcting many of the ills of Christianity. For others, his teachings border on heresy. He is seen by these as a threat to the Christian faith. Much has already been written concerning John MacArthur. What good could another article about him accomplish? Why should the VISITOR get involved in the fray? If John MacArthur is being unjustly criticized, he should be defended. If, on the other hand, John MacArthur is doing damage to the body of Christ, he should be exposed. In either case, the influence of John MacArthur and its subsequent confusion have reached into the ranks of fundamental Christianity. Silence is not an option. ... As indicted earlier, John MacArthur's teachings have resulted in a great controversy and confusion that refuse to go away, even when repeated attempts of clarification are made. One capable Bible scholar labeled his teachings as "imprecise". There are no doctrines that are more essential to our historic Christian faith than the saving power of the blood of Christ and the eternal Son-ship of the Person of Christ. Since the 1970s, MacArthur has managed to muddle what the Word of God has made clear concerning these truths. At the core of the problems MacArthur's insistence upon redefining terms so that he uses orthodox language to express himself, but he has changed the meaning of the words. This, of course, was the tactic employed by neo-orthodoxy. ... MacArthur creates an issue that doesn't exist by seeking to separate the death of Christ from the blood of Christ. On page 237 of his commentary on Hebrews, MacArthur states that it is "not Jesus' physical blood that saves us, but His dying on our behalf" . In a letter to Mr. Tim Weidlich, dated April 4, 1986, MacArthur writes, "Obviously, it was not the blood of Jesus that saves or He could have bled for us without dying. ...Yes, the blood of Christ is precious - but as precious as it is - it could not save." MacArthur reduces the blood of Christ to a mere symbol of death. ... John MacArthur teaches that although Jesus is eternal, He is not the eternal Son of God. He writes, "Son is an incarnational title of Christ. It is an analogy to say that God is Father and Jesus is Son...God's way of helping us understand the essential relationship between the first and second persons of the Trinity. ...Christ was not Son until His incarnation". (Commentary to the Hebrews, pp. 27, 28) ... John MacArthur is a champion of compromise. Even if he did not perpetuate confusion and false doctrine, he would not qualify as an acceptable leader for fundamentalists. MacArthur is a staunch new evangelical with impeccable credentials of compromise. ... Let's not play games with the precious doctrines of God's Word. There are no good reasons to tamper with truth. We are saved by the blood of the crucified One. We need no other message. [article link]

[Warning!!] Very Bizarre Comments by Dr. John MacArthur - John MacArthur Defends himself on the blood of Christ - {Note: John MacArthur seems to indicate that he thinks 'the violence of the death' of Jesus is what saves us and not the divine blood of Jesus that gives us a new life. - And Note: That Jesus did not die of asphyxiation as noted by John MacArthur - the Bible says that "Jesus gave up His ghost" (John 19:30) Jesus separated (death) Himself from His own body, something that sinful humans are unable to do by ourselves (Revelation 9:6). - Also Note: The violence directed against Jesus by mankind is mankind's sin against God and is not a part of our salvation. Violence is man's sins against God as it is our violence towards God that represents our sin. We are saved (salvation) not by violence but because God [Father, Son Jesus, Holy Spirit] forgave our sins [Colossians 1:14, Hebrews 8:12, Hebrews 10:15-18] forgiving us God and now offers (Communion) to us from His eternal life-blood. -- Lastly: John MacArthur and others [Rick Warren, Chuck Smith Sr., Robert H. Schuller, etc.] seem to have a secret (occult) gospel that they privately believe [no original sin for them and their families, they don't sin, they are God's faultless-chosen and anointed servants, they personally represent, grant entrance, manifest, "generate", expand and define the Kingdom of God on earth, etc.] but publically they attempt to preach a more conventional gospel, though with some difficulty.} (YouTube)

Comments: Maybe it was a misunderstanding because you mentioned not God's blood. Acts 20:28 says God purchased the church with His own blood. God is Spirit, and the blood of Jesus is not a spirit but by the power of God, the Spirit God manifested in the flesh. 1 Tim 3:16. So Jesus, the blood of Jesus, and everything of Jesus is the Spirit manifested in the flesh. John 1:14 The word became flesh and dwelt among us. It is a divine blood. [article link]

John MacArthur's Lame Bible Commentary By David J. Stewart - I have in front of me the "Revised and Updated" edition of The MacArthur Study Bible - It pains me to look through it, because John MacArthur's commentary as as corrupt as is the New King James Version (hereafter referred to as NKJV) upon which it is based - I'd like to share with you some of my observations - A naive believer would have difficulty in identifying MacArthur's theological blunders and bias toward modern corrupt bible versions, but with the Lord's help I will show you a few things that I believe are very importan {Note: One of the biggest changes from the KJV to the NASB and other modern translations is the verse Revelation 5:10 where "And hast made 'us' [Christians] unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth. - KJV" to "You have made 'them' [angels] to be a kingdom and priests to our God; and they will reign upon the earth. - NASB" - Using 'they' [angels] in ver. 10 is clearly an error based on ver. 9 referring to redemption and angels are not redeemed Christians are. "Revelation 5:9 … for Thou wast slain [cross], and hast *redeemed 'us' to God by Thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation;"}

Worshipping Jesus Ignored: Jesus Christ is worthy to be worshipped as Almighty God (John 1:1-3,14;10:33; Revelation 1:8), and we should worship Him. Deceitfully, most modern versions remove the word "worship" concerning Jesus Christ, and replace it with a mere "knelt." The NKJV is no exception and perverts the Word of God in Matthew 20:20. Of course, in all these perverted bibles, they still keep the word "worship" in Revelation 13:4 concerning those who worship THE BEAST! Evidently Nelson Publishers has no problem with worshipping Satan. ... Interestingly, John MacArthur, in his Revised and Updated 1997 edition of The MacArthur Study Bible fails to comment on the issue of worshipping Jesus in Matthew 8:2, 9:18; 14:33; 15:25 and so forth. What is he hiding? I believe it's because MacArthur knows that if he comments on these Scriptures, i.e., concerning Jesus being "worshipped," that he'll stick his neck out, because the NKJV and other modern versions have been corrupted. The trustworthy KJB says that the mother of Zebedee's sons "worshipped" Jesus; but the watered-down NKJV states that she only kneeled before Jesus. There's a big difference between kneeling and worshipping. One can kneel in honor or respect of a dignitary without worshipping him. For MacArthur to comment on this issue, in lieu of these corrupted Scriptures, would open him up to much criticism. ... The Necessity of the Literal Blood of Jesus Ignored: MacArthur also fails to provide any meaningful comment on the applied blood of the Passover lamb in Exodus 12:13. In MacArthur's Revised and Updated "Study Bible," he avoids Exodus 12:13 like the Bubonic Plague. Exodus 12:13 in the KJB reads, "And the blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where ye are: and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you, when I smite the land of Egypt." MacArthur doesn't comment concerning the necessity of applying the blood to the doorposts and lintel of the home. It baffles me as to why any professed Gospel preacher would make light of the literal blood of Jesus Christ. MacArthur has nothing good to say about Jesus' physical blood, because he doesn't think it has any value in and of itself. ... There is NO such teaching in the Scriptures! John MacArthur has fabricated his own corrupt way of thinking. Hebrews 9:6-7 state: "Now when these things were thus ordained, the priests went always into the first tabernacle, accomplishing the service of God. But into the second [i.e., the holy of holies] went the high priest alone once every year, NOT WITHOUT BLOOD, which he offered for himself, and for the errors of the people." How can Mr. MacArthur be so naive and unbiblical as to claim that Jesus' literal physical blood didn't need to be applied to the Mercy Seat in Heaven, in consideration of such overwhelming Scriptural evidence? What good is a "Study Bible" that ignores the most important doctrine in the entire Bible? 1st Peter 1:18,19 tells us just how important the blood of Jesus is: "Forasmuch as ye know that ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold, from your vain conversation received by tradition from your fathers; But with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot." ... Ghostwriting?: There are so many contradictions in The MacArthur Study Bible, as compared to MacArthur's previous writings, that it is questionable to me if some of his commentary was written by a GHOSTWRITER. Here's a perfect example of how MacArthur contradicts himself 100%. ... And Thomas Nelson Publishers have the audacity to claim in an ad for the NKJV (Moody Monthly, June 1982, back cover), "NOTHING HAS BEEN CHANGED except to make the original meaning clearer." [article link]

John MacArthur & The Blood of Christ - A very Excellent video 'blood = life' not death - "[John] MacArthur doesn't believe in the (life) blood of Jesus for Salvation (our eternal life) but in the death of Jesus for (our) salvation" - (YouTube)

Using John MacArthur's own study bible [NASB-NKJV] to show that MacArthur does not regard the 'precious blood' (1 Peter 1:19) of Jesus (shed and poured out) to be our Salvation (healing) for forgiveness of sins and freely available to us [everyone - not a limited atonement] for our own receiving of eternal life. [article link]

A Response to John MacArthur and his very bad theology concerning the Blood Of Jesus Christ (YouTube)

I must say I find Mr MacArthur very flawed concerning the Blood of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I find his attitude very Caviler and very prideful. **It's a very dangerous thing following men. It only brings falsehood and division. We must be Sola Scriptura alone. Then, there is no love among Christians. Only fighting over or defending what our favorite teaches says. It must be terribly unattractive to unbelievers. But it exposes the pride in hearts and unbelief in the people who claim to be Christian. Question: Are we Blood bought Christians, or are we not? [article link]

ESV John MacArthur Study Bible Attacks the Blood of Christ - Macarthur is a deceived man...he is a heretic (YouTube)

Comments: 1. The ESV does not remove the phrase [through the blood] (Colossians 1:14). The KJV adds it [really...from what?]. 2. The ESV speaks of the atoning blood many times such as Romans 5:9 Since, therefore, we have now been justified by his blood, much more shall we be saved by him from the wrath of God. ... | You need to read the verses before and after a verse. ... | Amen to the importance of the blood of Christ. ... | The Bible isn't too supportive of "follow the [human] leader"! :o -- "Colossians 1:14 In whom we have redemption [life] through His [life] blood, even the forgiveness of sins:" [article link]

Update: Predatory Preaching - Why So Much Angst About Anonymous Critics? {Note: I was listening to this [terrible outburst] again this morning [and again I'm very disheartened to have to listen to it - such an obvious wolf in sheep's clothing speaking from behind the pulpit]. I was left wondering why does this pastor only rail against anonymous criticism, if he were to be consistent wouldn't he be equally offended by anonymous donors as well. If the modern church leadership [and I use that term lightly] is going to take such a self-imposed righteous stand against anonymous criticism then equally they need to reject all anonymous donations as being equally "pathetic" and from "narcissistic zeros" and for the record, whoever made that anonymous comment, he or she was very smart to make it anonymously. It seems that some leaders-pastors want info in order to use it [seriously] in [Satanic] curse rituals against the person that is trying to help the Church move forward in a godly way. So yes, be very careful about letting your name, as a helpful person or as a critic get in the hands of some of these pastors where once they have an identity they can go to work behind the scenes [demonically casting spells and socially casting dispersions] making life very difficult for anyone they desire to do harm to.} (Audio)

I recently came across the audio excerpt below from Matt Chandler, where he absolutely blasts people who would dare send him anonymous, critical emails. He angrily calls them several choice names like "pathetic" and "narcissistic zeros". I came across this audio clip at Dr. Alvin Reid's blog site, as he included Chandler's clip with his blog post here entitled "Dealing with Critics". You really have to listen to this. It gives I think a glimpse into just how much disdain there is for anonymous emailers and bloggers critical of the Southern Baptist power structure. It is my view, based on my experience as a formerly anonymous blogger, that Chandler's disdain for anonymous critics is shared by many of our Southern Baptist leaders. After all, Alvin Reid posts it for his readers (many of whom are our future pastors!), presumably as an example of how to view those who dare to criticize anonymously. [article link]

ChristianPost.com: Rick Warren Prepares Saddleback [in Twitter postings referred to as 'the church'] for Decade of Blessings - "I want the next ten years of your life to be the best 10 years of your life" Pastor Rick Warren told church attendees {Note: is Pastor Rick Warren acting as a deliberate agent of disinformation (Judges 4:19-21 - bottled milk - strange doctrines) regarding his purposed 'Decade of Blessing' - At the very, most perilous [post 9/11/2001] time in modern history Rick Warren want's Christians to be self-centered on [warm milk] fanciful blessings and not engaged in the End Time reality [abundant deception] that is all around us and is threating to engulf us.}

Saddleback Church in Southern California is kicking off its "Decade of Destiny" this weekend in an effort to prepare the mega-congregation to receive showers of God's blessings. "I want the next ten years of your life to be the best 10 years of your life," Pastor Rick Warren told church attendees. "I want you to be more blessed and less stressed. I want God's blessing ... on every area of your life." The Decade of Destiny is a two-month spiritual growth campaign that is aimed at moving Christians forward in their faith walk. Warren acknowledged that as their pastor, the Bible holds him accountable for the congregants' spiritual growth. "I don't take that lightly," the well-known megachurch pastor said. Along with helping believers come to a position of being "blessable," the campaign will also lead the church to be a blessing to the community. "God blesses you so you can be a blessing to others, not just so you can be some fat cat and self-centered," Warren highlighted. The Decade of Destiny campaign was first announced during Saddleback Church's 30th anniversary celebration in April. Over the next ten years, the church of some 22,000 weekly attendees will enhance its programs and operations and expand its campuses and small groups. By the end of this year, the megachurch plans to have 10 different Saddleback locations in Southern California. In preparation for the campaign, Warren studied every verse in the Bible that speaks of God's blessing. [article link]

More Iraqi Christians Consider Leaving Iraq After Attack on Baghdad Cathedral - Christians carry coffins of their slain relatives during a funeral service at a Church in Baghdad on November 2, 2010 for victims of the attack at the Assyrian Catholic Church of Our Lady of Salvation on the evening of October 31, 2010 {Thanks, Rick Warren and George W. Bush because both of you are real distinguished men of PEACE and understanding and the world thanks you for it. You two in your leadership positions have made the world a much better place and deserve all of the praise and adoration you so greedily demand and seek after!}

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