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j. Responsibility for the Uniform

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j. Responsibility for the Uniform

You are responsible for all parts of your uniform. Do not leave your uniform lying around. Mark your name and cadet number in every piece of your uniform. Return damaged or poorly fitting parts of your uniform to the Cadet Corps supply, and get new parts. If you loose any part of your uniform ensure you report the loss to the Supply Officer as soon as possible. You must return your uniform promptly if you leave the Cadet Corps. Be sure that you receive a receipt for any parts of your uniform which you return.


Every organization has its chain of command, like a ladder, with the senior and junior members positioned on the upper and lower rungs. But this does not mean that junior members are less important: the Cadet Corps exists for every member, not just for those at the top of the ladder! The chain of command is simply a way of organizing people so that orders get passed down, jobs get done, and problems get passed back up to people who can help you with them. Do not “short-circuit” the chain of command when you need information or have a problem, ask your section commander first. If your section commander can’t help you, they will find someone who can. Any cadet may directly request a meeting with the Commanding Officer to discuss a matter of importance.


A cadet’s rank, indicated by a distinguishing badge, is his level of authority. You must learn to recognize the various badges of rank and how to address persons holding various ranks. The ranks held by Royal Canadian Army Cadets are gold in colour and are shown. The location of rank badges changes depending on the uniform and whether one is an officer or an NCM. Officers rank badges are usually worn on the epaulets or on the lower sleeve. NCM’s rank badges are generally worn on the collar or the upper or lower sleeve. Officers and NCM’s in the Navy use the same rank badges. However, their rank badges are called different names, and you will learn these titles in the future.
Remember that if you see someone with bars, salute!!

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