Welcome to 2137 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps, proudly part of the family of Calgary Highlanders

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Welcome to 2137 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps, proudly part of the family of Calgary Highlanders

This handbook is designed for new recruits at 2137 RCACC. Use this handbook. Read it; make notes in it, ask questions about it; discuss it with your section commander, assistant section commander and other senior Cadets. Talk about it with your parents (let them read it) RELAX, we don’t expect you to know all this right away, take your time over the next few weeks and read this, it’ll help at Cadets

Membership in the Corps is a privilege and we expect that you will maintain a high level of dress, behaviour and attendance. We believe that your first priority is to your family, your second should be to your formal education and we ask that you make membership in Cadets all or a part of your third priority. Treat your regular parade nights as you would a job. If you have a valid reason for not being here, let us know. We understand the first two priorities. One of the fastest ways out of this Corps is not behaving like a young adult and being responsible. If you are having difficulty making Cadets regularly discuss this with your section commander.

We want to help you make your Cadet experience one of the best experiences in your life.

This Recruit handbook belongs to _____________________________________
If I can’t make it to Cadets or If I have a question I should call my:
Section Commander: _______________________________phone__________

If I can’t contact my section commander I can call my

Platoon Sergeant_______________________________phone

Platoon Warrant Officer ________________________phone___________

I can call the Corps orderly room at 263-1796

Our website is at www.calgaryhighlanderscadets.com

My Platoon Officer is_________________________________________ If I can’t contact either of the above two people and I really need to know something I can contact him/her at___________
My Commanding Officer is Captain Craddock, he can be reached at the orderly room or if necessary at 870-5339. I should always direct any routine questions to my Section Commander to my Platoon Sergeant or Warrant Officer


Your decision to become a member of the Royal Canadian Army Cadets is a big one. You will get the opportunity to experience forming many strong new friendships with young people who want a little more out of life and who want to challenge themselves. If you work hard, you will get a chance to interact with Cadets from across Canada and perhaps from other nations. We’ll give you the chance to do lots of new things—some of which you can’t do anywhere but at Army Cadets, and you’ll learn interesting new things


The Royal Canadian Army Cadets are the oldest youth organization in Canada. We are older than Canada. We trace our origins to 1862, five years before Confederation when “ associations for drill and musketry” were formed in response to Fenian raids on Canada. In 1887 the Government began issuing arms and uniforms to schools that agreed to form drill associations that soon became known as “Cadet Corps”
Today about 70,000 young Canadians are a part of Navy, Army or Air Cadets with about 23,000 participating in Army Cadets in all Provinces and Territories.
The Officers who train Cadets are members of the Cadet Instructors Cadre, a branch of the Canadian Forces Reserve. Cadets are Civilians. However by joining a Cadet Corps you agree to obey the Officers and Cadets of a higher rank, to attend Cadet training each week and to observe military standards of grooming (jewellery and hair styles included) and to care responsibly to the uniforms and equipment issued to them, returning them when they leave Cadets.
The Aim of the Cadet movement is to cultivate the skills of citizenship and leadership, promote physical fitness and foster an interest in the Canadian Forces.

We do this in a structured and adventure based military organization. We work to help you a develop self confidence, self discipline, and leadership while learning to be responsible and productive Citizens of Canada, and HAVE MORE FUN DOING IT THAN YOU CAN BELIEVE!!

Part of building these skills is recognizing the rights of other people. We do not permit harassment of any sort in this Corps. Other Cadets will not be permitted to bully you, belittle you or criticise you because of your background or abilities. You will not be permitted to do this as well. We have a very friendly Corps and we will take steps to ensure that it remains this way. This must be a safe, friendly place where you can push yourself to new limits. Each year you will go through a program that discusses your rights and that of others as well as the behaviours that are allowed and not allowed. We respect one another and ourselves in this Corps.

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