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Weatherization Program Fiscal Definitions

Request for Reimbursement Terms

(Budget Line Items)

Old Term




Costs associated with agency level functions, but not directly associated with a program. These agency level functions include, but are not limited to: planning, budgeting and accounting, and establishment and direction of local agency policies, goals, and objectives.

(Category Total)


Costs that are clearly identifiable with a program.

Includes the following costs: 1. Weatherization Measures, 2. Health and Safety Measures, 3. Weatherization-Related Repair Measures, 4. Program Support, 5. Vehicle and Equipment, and 6. Other Program Operations (Financial Audit, Liability Insurance, and Leveraging).

(Wx) Measures Costs


The Installed Measure Costs for energy efficiency measures (building shell and equipment) determined to be cost-effective by DOE approved Commerce standards.

Health & Safety
(H&S) Measures Costs


The Installed Measure Costs for energy-related measures and repairs necessary to eliminate hazards within a structure, which by their remedy, allow for the installation of weatherization materials. Energy-related health and safety measures and repairs are intended to protect building occupants.

Weatherization-Related Repair
(WRR) Measures Costs


The Installed Measure Costs for repairs necessary for the effective performance or preservation of weatherization materials

Program Support Costs

Soft Shared AllocableIndirect

Costs directly associated with the Weatherization program, but not directly associated with a specific Weatherization building, including Audit and Inspection costs, Consumer Conservation Education costs, and the cost to carry out Low Cost/No Cost Weatherization activities.

Vehicle and Equipment

Costs for Vehicles and Equipment acquisition in compliance with Policy 6.6 Equipment (purchases exceeding $5000).

Other Program Operations Costs

(Program Operations costs

NOT included in building costs)

Cumulative Costs can include:

Financial Audit Costs: A financial audit in compliance with Policy 6.8 Audits.
Liability Insurance Costs: Costs for insurance policies to cover local agencies for regular liability with General Liability Insurance and specific health and safety issues with Pollution Occurrence Insurance (POI).
Leveraging Costs: Funds used for leveraging activities in accordance with 10 CFR 440.14(b) (9) (xiv), such as utility funds.



Costs for Training and Technical Assistance in compliance with Policy 6.5 Training and Technical Assistance.



Costs for special projects as defined in individual local agencies' grant agreements.

Weatherization Program Fiscal Definitions (continued)

Fiscal Term

The following terms are used within the “Budget Line Item” definitions on Page 1 of 2

Old Term


Installed Measure Costs

Hard, Direct

1. Contractor: Verifiable contractor costs (including material and labor costs) to install Wx Measures, H&S Measures, or WRR Measures (total contractor bill).

2. Crew: Verifiable material and labor costs to install Wx Measures, H&S Measures, or WRR Measures.

Material Costs

Hard, Direct

The cost of purchase and delivery of weatherization materials.

Labor Costs

Hard, Direct

The cost of construction to install weatherization materials including wage, fringe, and tax.

Consumer Conservation Education (Consumer Con Ed) Costs

Costs included in Program Support to provide consumer con ed to clients including, but not limited to, energy efficiency, safety hazards, and the proper operation of equipment, including the operation, testing, and battery replacement of smoke detectors.

Low Cost/No Cost Costs

Costs included in Program Support to carry out low cost/no cost weatherization activities providing relatively inexpensive conservation devices that can be easily installed by the Wx client, (i.e., compact fluorescent bulbs, low-flow shower heads and aerators and door weather-stripping).

Building Costs

Job Cost
Unit Cost
Project Cost

All costs associated to a specific building, including Wx and WRR Installed Measure Costs and Program Support Costs. To determine cost per unit, divide by the number of units per building.

The following costs are NOT included in Building Cost: Administration, Health and Safety Measures Costs,

Other Program Operations Costs (Financial Audits, Liability Insurance, and Leveraging Costs), Training and Technical Assistance Costs, and Special Project Costs.

Monthly and Quarterly calculated Program Support costs will be temporary only. The final total building cost will be determined at contract closeout.

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