Weatherization Manual Policies and Procedures Supporting Documents for United States Department of Energy (doe) United States Department of Health and Human Services (hhs) Bonneville Power Administration

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Historic Preservation Checklist

      1. Does client’s scope of work include ground altering activities?

    1. No: Proceed to Step 2.

    2. Yes: Complete DAHP EZ-1 Project Review Sheet.

      1. Does the project include conversion of existing properties or demolition, repair,

    1. or rehabilitation of a home 45 years or older?

    2. No: STOP here. Historic preservation regulations do not apply.

    3. Yes: Complete DAHP EZ-2 on-line Historic Property Inventory process and submit to them for comment.

    1. If DAHP requests an EZ-3 form, make note of submittal date.

    1. DAHP has 30 days to review form submittals. If you have not heard from DAHP in 2 weeks, please call for a status report.

    1. Make two copies of this Checklist, applicable DAHP forms, response letters,

    1. and documentation. Place one copy in the client file and mail one copy to the Commerce Representative listed on the Grant Face Sheet.

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