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In our blog you will also find the latest information and discount pricing on:

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Boating accessories

Fishing Equipment and gear


We also have patterns available for:





At our blog be sure to download the Blue Ribbon Recipes Free Cookbook, 490 Award Winning Recipes, a great addition to your home, cottage and boat.


Check our website for your make and model at:


Bayliner Videos, always up to date here:

Be sure to check out this weeks latest Bayliner Boat Videos Here:

Boat Canvas and Interior Care and Maintenance:


Do-It-Yourself Boat Covers

If you or someone you know can sew you can make your own boat covers and save!
Our boat cover kits come with everything you need to make a custom fit cockpit cover and bow cover for your 16'-19' runabout/bow rider boat.
You will receive:
9 yards of 60" wide 100% Acrylic Marine Fabric
25 yards of Sunbrella 7/8" centerfold binding
25 yards of 1 1/2" poly webbing for reinforcing
1 1035 yard spool of Outdoor Thread
100 snap fasters with installation tool
100 stainless screws and snap studs
2 telescopic adjustable support poles
Basic instructions
Telephone and email support

Also...receive a complimentary bottle of IOSSO Seam Sealer FREE with each purchase of a cover kit. ($12.99 value) Everything listed for a total cost of just $289.00! Email us to place your order.

You will find our Bayliner Canvas Products located at our Bayliner boating community of websites.




Follow the latest news and views about Bayliner boats and the boating industry from our blog at: http://bayliner-boats.blogspot.com/

Be sure to check out this weeks latest Bayliner Boat Videos Here:
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