Water Drop Adventure

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Water Drop Adventure

Ok this is a story of ME not you. ME oh yeah I am a little tiny water molecule. It began in the ocean. “I am so bored in the ocean. I’ve been tossing and turning all my life. I wish I could see the world.” Then as soon as I had said that, I started to feel light. “Oh wow this might be the chance I was looking for!” I said and after a few days later I turned into a cloud. “I can see everything!” But that would end sooner as I thought because I began to feel heaver. “Ugh I can’t hold it much longer. AAAAAAAA! Oh no not the ocean…” SPLOSH!! I fell into the ocean once more and I waited for a 2ent chance and it came and I was a cloud again. “I MUST hold myself together this time. OH wow I passed the ocean. I can let myself go now…WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! ”And I fell into a parking lot and into a stream. It was like a roller costar but then “Oh no a giant cup AAAAAA!” Then I saw a human. “He’s about to drink me. Oh boy.” and he chugged me down. A few days later I came out as water vapor out of the human’s mouth. Then I was a cloud and fell as rain again but then I landed near a flower “Oh no it’s absorbing me AAAAAAAAA…Oh wow!!! It’s dark in here. Oh man is that mouth thing going to drink me!?! Only one way to find out.” I feel like I am getting warmer…Ok I guess I am water vapor now. Now I am rising up and that mouth thing didn’t eat me. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!” and so then I turned into a cloud. “Hay look a mountain. I guess there is only one thing to do at a time like this. FALL!” SPLOSH and I fell on to a mountain “whoa I am going downhill it’s like a water slide.( Oh that sounds weird because I am water. Oh well.) Whoa is a real mountain goat hi Mr. Goat” and then I saw a stream and fell in it “oh I am going really fast its. well I can’t compare it to anything well I guess I will be here in this stream that can go anywhere or nowhere at all” and that is only a small fragment of what I’ve experienced in the time up In till now and after that I had way to many adventures that they would fill up 100 pages. With this I say this is sadly the end of some great adventure. I guess this is the end. In till next time. Goodbye.

~ Nicholas

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