Visa requirements to visit the Netherlands

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Visa requirements to visit the Netherlands

Schengen states

As of 1 December 1997 nationals of a number of countries travelling to Europe on business or as a tourist may require a visa for a short stay of 1 to 90 days, valid for all the following countries (Schengen States):



Czech Republic

















Portugal Switzerland





There is no legal right to a visa. A visa is not a guarantee to access to the Schengen territory. The final approval remains the competence of the Immigration Office at the border of the Schengen country. The purpose of a proposed visit may not be altered once a visa has been issued.

Visa applications

Visa applicants should report in person at the Royal Netherlands Embassy at Riverside Lane, off Riverside Drive, Nairobi, during opening hours (8.30-10.00 am, Monday-Thursday).

To obtain a visa for the Netherlands, please read the following information and submit all required documents.

Kenyan residents may obtain a visa (based on order of precedence)

  1. at the mission of the country of the main purpose of the journey

  2. at the mission of the country where the applicant will stay longest

  3. at the mission of the country of the first port of entry into Schengen territory in case an applicant visits several countries and has no specific main purpose of travel or destination

Rules and regulations for all applicants:

  • You are requested to come with both the originals and copies of all documents (embassy can not make copies for you)

  • Applicants may be asked additional questions and may be asked to submit additional documents

  • Unaccompanied minors must submit the written and legalised consent of their parents or custodians

  • If the destination after the visit to Schengen territory is not Kenya, access to that country must be guaranteed (e.g. by means of a visa)

  • All documents will be verified for authenticity

  • Applications which are not complete cannot be taken in for consideration

  • If you do not comply with our request for additional documentation within 21 days after the application date, your application will be cancelled without further reference

  • All consular fees are payable in Kenya Schillings (exact amount) on application and are non-refundable

The following documents need to be submitted by all applicants:

- an application form duly completed and signed by the applicant

- one recent colour photograph (taken in the last 3 months)

- a passport or recognised travel document valid for at least 3 months after return to Kenya

- previous passports, if any

- for non Kenyan passport holders a resident permit valid for at least 6 months after return to Kenya

- birth and / or marriage certificate may be required

- proof of health insurance (international medical cover for the period of the validity of the visa with a

minimum cover of EUR30.000). Please make sure the insurance is refundable (in case the visa is refused). As per 01st March 2012 insurance issued by certain companies only will be accepted, click on following link to see companies:

- invitation / proof of purpose of travel

- evidence of accommodation in host country (e.g. invitation from friends/family, hotel reservation)

- proof of sufficient funds or evidence of maintenance in host country

- letter of employment, including information on leave of absence, if applicable

- if unaccompanied minor, signed letter of authorisation and parental consent and a copy of parent passport

- airline reservation (tentative)

- the application fee in Kenya shillings.

Part of the documents that need to be submitted depend on the purpose of stay

For a tourist visit:

  • original bank statements and salary slips for the last 6 months for applicant (or from the sponsor, if the sponsor is bearing the costs)

  • signed letter from the employer stating that applicant has an employment contract and is going on leave

  • for pupils, a letter from school approving their absence

  • if applicable: birth or marriage certificate to show family relation

  • documents from the sponsor in the Netherlands

  • copy of sponsor’s passport

  • legalised letter of invitation and guarantee (uitnodiging /garantieverklaring) stating that the sponsor will bear all costs for the Dutch Government that may occur resulting from the visit. This letter can be obtained from and legalised at the local City Council in the Netherlands

For a business visit:

  • hotel reservation

  • signed invitation letter or formal notification from company/workshop/seminar/ conference in the Netherlands

  • signed letter from employer stating purpose of travelling

  • the party that is paying for the trip should state so in their letter

  • if self-employed: supporting documents concerning registration of business and financial means

Transiting through the Netherlands

  • Airport Transit: Citizens of certain countries require an airport transit, which entitles the holder entry to the international transit sector of the airport, but not to the territory of the Schengen States. Therefore seek advice whether such a visa is required. Such a visa is not required for Kenyan passport holders with confirmed onward tickets.

  • Schengen Transit: The requirements for a transit visa depend on the exact purpose of stay and the final destination. Please check the requirements for your specific case with our visa section.

Proccessing and collection of visa

Upon application, the applicant will get a date for collection of the result of the visa application (visa or refusal). If not informed otherwise, collection is two working days after application, not counting Fridays and holidays.

Telephone inquiries (020 – 4288 333) not for checking status of the visa: Mon-Fri, 11.00-12.00 am

Collection: Mon-Thur, 2.30-3.30 pm
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