Vendor Creation/Amendment Form

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Vendor Creation/Amendment Form
Please complete the Vendor details, the Australian or International bank details and email or fax the form to the DFAT Accounts Unit, Canberra.

Create New Vendor

Amend Existing Vendor

(Tick the relevant box.)

Vendor details (Business / Individual)

Australian Business Number

Withholding tax is deducted when an Australian business does not provide its ABN or a ‘Statement by a Supplier’ form.

Vendor name:

Street address:

Postal address:

Email address:

Telephone number:

Facsimile number:

Australian Small Business: *


(Tick ‘Yes’ if the vendor is an Australian small business.)

* A small business is an Australian enterprise employing less than the full time equivalent of 20 persons.

Australian bank details

BSB number:


Account number:

Financial institution:

Branch name:

Bank account name:

International bank details

IBAN number:

Bank key / Routing number: *

Account number: *

* The Bank key and Account number are not required when the IBAN is provided.

BIC (SWIFT code):

Financial Institution:

Branch address:

Branch name:

Intermediary Bank Details *

Bank key / Routing number:

Financial Institution:

BIC (SWIFT code):

* An intermediary bank is required when a payment will be made in a currency that is not the country’s local currency (e.g. paying US Dollars to the vendor’s financial institution in Thailand).

DFAT Contact Details

Please provide details of the DFAT contact officer (if available).

Contact Name:

Phone number:

Vendor Authorisation

I am authorised to provide the above information on behalf of the vendor.

Name: (please print)

Phone number:

Signature: *


* A signature is not required when the form is emailed directly to the Accounts Unit.

Please return the completed form to the Accounts Unit, Canberra via e-mail to or fax to 61 2 6261-3390.

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