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Lip Balm

I decided to research lip balm because I get very dry lips in the winter. When I thought about this topic I immediately wanted to make my own. But of course, this is a research project so I had to learn more about it.

The first lip balm/chapstick was created in the 1880’s by a physician named Dr. C. D. Fleet. The first chapstick looked like a wickless candle wrapped in tin foil. Later on, in 1912, he sold the recipe to John Morton for five dollars. John Morton and his wife began producing the little sticks in the kitchen of their home. Mrs. Morton used brass tubes to mold and make the sticks. They founded Morton Manufacturing selling chapsticks.

Today Americans spend over $200 million dollars a year on lip balm or chapstick. That’s a lot of lip balm! And just think Dr. C. D. Fleet sold the recipe for five dollars!

After learning all of this, I set out to find an easy lip balm recipe. I made mines out of pretty common moisturizing products.

  1. Vaseline/ Nursery Jelly

  2. Aloe Vera/ Baby Oil Gel

  3. Mineral Oil

It was very easy to make. The first time I made it the lip balm turned out really watery. I was proud but I thought, “When have I ever purchased lip balm that slid around in the jar?” So, back to the drawing board I went! The second batch I made was way better! It wasn’t as watery but it also wasn’t too thick. I was very happy because even my mom noticed the difference.

Now I’m trying to experiment with other ingredients – with my mom’s permission of course – to make different colors and flavors. I’ve got some ideas floating around but I haven’t put any into effect – yet.

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