Use of a remotely operated vehicle as a

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5.2 Population estimates

To answer the primary research question of the white abalone population estimate, the following extrapolation using survey counts of abalone and areas of known habitat can be performed. This base model assumes that locations where suitable white abalone habitat exists yet are not sampled are similar in abalone density to those locations sampled. If all areas of suitable habitat are not included in the extrapolation then the population size will be an underestimate. Alternatively, if areas sampled are where the main remnants of the population remain, then the extrapolation will be an over-estimate. Densities at sampled sites will be compared and evaluated to determine the best estimate to use for extrapolations to sites that are not sampled so that a total population estimate can be obtained.
The population estimate and variance, expressed as a confidence interval, can be determined as follows:
First, define the mean densities of abalone () within each depth strata at each location,

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