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Special Programs Office, Minority & Rural Affairs

Application Development and Retention Programs


Pre-College Summer Workshop – Graduating high school seniors from Kentucky interested in medicine or dentistry are encouraged to apply to this residential summer workshop on Belknap Campus. Participants receive academic enrichment in college level pre-medical and pre-dental courses, health career exposure in medicine and dentistry, professional and personal development and exposure to college life. This jump start will help ease their transition from high school to college and equip them with the tools to become competitive medical and dental school applicants.

MCAT/DAT Review Summer Workshop – Students preparing to take the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) or Dental Admissions Test (DAT) are encouraged to apply to our residential intensive review program. Students will receive instruction and review in science and quantitative reasoning, verbal and/or reading comprehension, take weekly MCAT or DAT practice tests, learn study and test taking strategies and receive medical and dental school application preparation.
This innovative and intensive six-week summer academic enrichment program is focused on integrated problem solving in the basic sciences and math, centered on medical and dental applications. This integrated coursework with clinical applications is guaranteed to catapult students to a higher level of comprehension and competency. In addition, major emphasis is placed on written/oral communication skills and personal/professional development. Undergraduate students receive three academic credit hours with free tuition, books, supplies, housing, and meals.


The Multi-Cultural Association of Premedical Students (MAPS) is an academic support group that motivates, encourages and prepares pre-medical students for applying to medical school. Students are provided mentors, shadowing opportunities, community service involvement, premedical resource materials, and additional academic guidance to enhance them as they become competitive medical school applicants. MAPS is the associate chapter of the Student National Medical Association.

The SNMA organization allows minority medical students (first through fourth year) to interact on a regular basis to discuss local and national issues and concerns that impact on their successful education at our University. Members of a local minority Physicians Organization (The Falls City Medical Society) provide mentoring and support for SNMA members. SNMA members provide mentoring for MAPS.


Upon their admission to the University of Louisville School of Medicine - minority, rural and disadvantaged groups of students are invited to participate in the four-week Pre-matriculation Program. This program is conducted in the weeks immediately preceding the beginning of the school year, and consists of classes in Physiology, Genetics & Molecular Medicine, Gross Anatomy, Histology, and Embryology, taught by the respective departmental representatives. Learning strategies and survival skills are emphasized, and students engage in dialogue with basic science faculty and clinical preceptors.


The Medical Education Development Program provides a supplemental year for a small number of promising disadvantaged applicants who do not gain acceptance through the regular process. MED Program students are selected from the pool of regular applicants and are invited to take selected courses from the first year medical school curriculum and two graduate level courses. Upon satisfying all program requirements, MED participants are recommended for admission to the medical school to take the remainder of the first year courses. MED Program participants are required to participate in the Pre-matriculation Program and are assisted regularly by staff.


Individual and group counseling is available for Pre-matriculation Program participants in all four years of medical school. Students are assisted and counseled to provide for early intervention. Continuous collaboration is maintained between staff and Director of Academic Support. Supplementary books and board preparation materials are available for review and check-out. Occasional follow-up continues during clinical rotations.


The staff of the Special Programs Office is involved on a daily basis with applicant development. As students reach various points along the path to medical school, they can be advised as to choice of courses, preparation of a personal statement, development of recommendation letters, mentor relationships, appropriate volunteer and shadowing activities, successful interviewing techniques, MCAT preparation, etc. Each staff member has regular contact with various groups of students at different levels, and strives to collaborate in an effective manner, to ensure that students get appropriate and correct information at each step along the way.


Dr. Veronnie Faye Jones (502) 852-7159

Associate Dean, Academic Affairs

Office of Minority and Rural Affairs

Mary S. Joshua (502) 852-7159

Associate Director, Special Programs

Prematriculation Program Director

MED Coordinator

SMDEP Principal Investigator

Katie F. Leslie (502) 852-7159

Program Coordinator, Senior

PEPP & MCAT/DAT Coordinator

MAPS Advisor

Toni L. Holt (502) 852-7159

Administrative Associate

Office of Minority and Rural Affairs
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