Universities and hospitals world-wide will be able to receive training, for the first time ever in a pioneering surgery session with Google Glass

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On September 17th at Clínica CEMTRO in Madrid

Universities and hospitals world-wide will be able to receive training, for the first time ever in a pioneering surgery session with Google Glass

  • Dr Pedro Guillén will perform an operation which will become a live class for 300 centres all over the world in which the audience may take part, thanks to an alliance of Spanish corporations.

  • Participants will be able to receive training in two pioneering techniques: autologous chondrocyte implant and wireless arthroscopy.

Madrid, 12 de September, 2013. More than 300 universities and hospitals from all five continents will take part next 17 of September in a surgery session with Google Glass using Hangouts (video calls) from Google+, thereby providing training to physicians and students of Medicine schools alike in two pioneering techniques:

The use of wireless arthroscope (WAD) and the autologous chondrocyte implant. This master class will be lectured by Dr. Pedro Guillén, from Clínica CEMTRO, thanks to the technological development the Spanish company Droiders has carried out on Google Glass by way of its own Glassters Streamer system.

Telefónica’s technological know-how will be used to webcast in HD, together with Goo the materialization of the WAD. We are talking about an experience which is yet to be deployed anywhere in the world and which those interested can follow up on via the Youtube link which will be established on clínica CEMTRO ‘s website www.clinicacemtro.com; and on Droiders’s website, www.droiders.com, where it will have free access.
Last 21st of June, Dr. Pedro Guillén became the first surgeon to webcast an operation with Google Glass, using developed applications from Droiders “We thought the experience to be extremely interesting but also wanted to take the whole event one step further and make the most of the potential we believe this technology has from the point of view of providing live training to thousands of physicians world-wide regarding the latest techniques in autologous chondrocyte implant and the wireless arthroscope”, states Dr. Guillén. In this case, during the master class to be held on September 17, apart from the 300 participants who will be able to forward Dr. Guillén and his team all their queries by connecting to a chat, two surgeons from USA and Europe will be actively engaged and will comment live, on how the surgery develops while Dr. Guillén is operating.
The webcast has been additionally designed to include on the same screen several images of the operation itself: what is actually seen through Google Glass, the image captured by Indra’s wireless arthroscope and finally an overall view of the operating room captured by a third camera. This Hangout may be watched live with the Glassters Streamer tele-training technology and all three images will be webcasted thanks to Telefónica’s technology. Twitter users will be able to follow up on the whole event through the hashtag #Guillenglass and at the account @ClinicaCEMTRO all the stages of the operation will be discussed.
The Autologous chondrocyte implant is a technique which until today could only be learned at Clínica CEMTRO, institution which has developed it. “It is a complex technique for the regeneration of the knee which, for the first time ever, will be witnessed by trainees from anywhere in the world, Dr. Guillén explains. The Catholic University of Murcia has played a vital role in the organization of this event, as so has the High Commisionate for Marca España.
The operation will be carried out using WAD technology, a telemedicine device conceived by Dr. Guillén and developed by INDRA. By using Wi-Fi connectivity, “the need for cables disappears, allowing us to use it for arthro-endoscopies in scarcely equipped areas (rural regions, field hospitals, etc. ;), and contributing to the reduction of costs and infections”, reassures us Dr. Guillén.
Latest Technology

Google Glass is a device developed by Google with a prism which has been assembled to the external upper quadrant field of view of a set of spectacle frames. The device includes an Internet connection and a voice recognition system by laryngeal vibration and sound transmission by bone conductivity. This allows users to establish and maintain multidirectional communications and provides access to relevant online information with simple verbal commands while performing other activities.

The truly great technical advance present on September 17 will be provided by Droiders, a Spanish corporation which focuses its efforts in deploying applications for Google devices and which has been capable of streaming content from a set of Google Glasses to big audiences using Hangouts.
Meanwhile, Telefónica, will enable students, physicians and researchers located at 300 points all over our planet to follow this unique master class, lectured by Dr. Guillén, live and in HD, thanks to the deployment of Telefónica’s state-of-the-art IT assets – Data Centres, Content Delivery Network y Know-how -  in order to webcast in streaming, HD audio and video signals of the operation, while guaranteeing all contents to be synchronized and with the highest standards of quality and security when transmitting data. In Adrián García Nevado’s words, Regional Director for Centro de Telefónica España, , “with this partnership, Telefónica re-enforces its commitment to stay ahead and lead the Digital Revolution, establishing a clear trend and becoming a reference when it comes to the most advanced technologies applied to telemedicine and teleeducation”.
Dr. Pedro Guillén assures us that “Clínica CEMTRO is delighted to be able to unite all efforts from these magnificent corporations and to show that without addition, there is no optimisation. We believe that with this experiment, we are creating a new concept in bidirectional learning, what could be termed a unique and global surgery room system”.
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