Unilever Pakistan has been operating in Pakistan since 1948 and today it is one of Pakistan’s largest fmcg companies, with a turnover of over Rs 70 billion

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Unilever Pakistan has been operating in Pakistan since 1948 and today it is one of Pakistan’s largest FMCG companies, with a turnover of over Rs 70 billion (USD 673 million).

Unilever’s brands in Home Care, Personal Care, Foods, Beverages and Ice Cream are well known, trusted and consumed daily by millions of people across Pakistan. They make consumers feel good about themselves; enhance the quality of their lives through an emphasis on hygiene, education and nutrition; and provide economic opportunities to people associated with the business.
Unilever believes in growth that is profitable, sustainable and responsible, with an ambition to double the size of the business whilst halving the environmental footprint. The business in Pakistan is one of the fastest growing within the Unilever network. In Rupee terms it has doubled its turnover and profits over the last five years. The business invests an average of PKR 1.5 billion (approx USD 14.5 million) per annum in capital expenditure towards capacity expansion and embedding world class technology.
In 2013, Unilever’s Parent company decided to increase its stake in the Pakistan business by investing over USD 500 million to acquire the remaining 25% of the shares held by minority shareholders. This was the single largest capital market transaction in Pakistan’s history and represented over 30% of Pakistan’s foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2013. The investment reinforces the Parent’s confidence in the growth potential of their business in Pakistan.
As Pakistan’s top Employer of Choice for the sixth consecutive year, Unilever is grooming the next generation of leaders who represent Pakistan in the global arena. Over 95% of all of Unilever Pakistan’s consumer goods are produced locally at four owned and nine 3rd party manufacturing sites. These facilities employ 2,000 individuals in addition to creating 6,000 jobs through the product value chain as well as indirect employment for many thousands through the extended sales and distribution network.
In 2013, Unilever group ranked the highest tax payer amongst manufacturers in Pakistan. Through Pakistan Business Council and the Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry, it is campaigning to create a level playing field for the organised formal sector. Two areas of principal focus are smuggling of Tea and counterfeiting of brands, both of which result in significant loss of revenue to the Government of Pakistan.

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