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JS0001      Smith, Joseph F. Affidavit Books, 4 vols. VOLUMES 1, transcript. MS 3423. LDS Church History Library.

JS0002      Smith, Joseph F. Affidavit Books, 4 vols. VOLUME 2, transcript. MS 3423. LDS Church History Library.

JS0003      Clayton, William, “William Clayton’s Nauvoo Diaries and Personal Writings.” compiled by Robert C. Fillerup. http://www.boap.org/LDS/Early-Saints/clayton-diaries (accessed December 12, 2009)."

JS0004      Johnson, Benjamin F., My Life’s Review. 1893. typescript.

JS0005      Helen Mar Kimball Whitney, 1828-1896, Autobiography (c. 1839-1846), ""Life Incidents,"" Woman's Exponent 9-10 (1880-1882) and ""Scenes and Incidents in Nauvoo,"" Woman's Exponent 11 (1882-83), typescript.

JS0006      Bennett, John C., “Letter from General Bennett,” October 28, 1843, Hawk Eye (Burlington, Iowa), December 7, 1843, 1, typescript.

JS0007      Smith, Joseph, (Sangamo Journal 10 [8 July 1842], letter regarding John C. Bennett's withdrawal, transcript.

JS0008            Illinois Code, 1827, pdf.

JS0009            Riggs, Michael S., and John E. Thompson. “Joseph Smith, Jr., and ‘The Notorious Case of Aaron Lyon’: Evidence of Earlier Doctrinal Development of Salvation for the Dead and a Trigger for the Practice of Polyandry?” John Whitmer Historical Association Journal 26 (2006): 101-19.

JS0010            Brotherton, Martha H. Affidavit, July 13, 1842. Sangamo Journal (Springfield, Illinois) 10 (July 22, 1842); rpt. from Native American Bulletin (St. Louis) 1 (July 16, 1842); and rpt. in  Warsaw [Illinois] Signal, July 23, 1842; New York Herald 8 (July 25, 27, 1842); Louisville Daily Journal 12 (July 25, 1842): 183 (extracts); Alton [Illinois] Telegraph and Democratic Review 7 (July 30, 1842); Quincy [Illinois] Whig, 5 (August 6, 1842): [2].

JS0011            SCHINDLE, Melissa, Sangamo Journal 10 [15 July 1842], typescript.

JS0012            SMETHURST, Thomas, Affidavit, The Morning Chronicle 1 (27 July 1842), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

JS0013            Affidavits and Certificates, Disproving the Statements and Affidavits Contained in John C. Bennett’s Letters. Nauvoo, Illinois, August 31, 1842, typescript.

JS0014            Alger, Fanny, information sheet.

JS0015            Angel commanding polygamy information sheet.

JS0016            Johnson, Benjamin F., excerpt from 1903 letter discussing plural marriage.

JS0017            Winchester, Benjamin, Interview, 27 November 1900 (RLDS archives – Call Number _____ ?; not proofed)

JS0018            Bigamy according to Illinois Law, information sheet.

JS0019            Plural Marriage in Nauvoo: 1841-1844, Books and articles

JS0020            Bowes, John. Mormonism Exposed. London: R. Bulman, 1850, excerpts, photocopy.

JS0021            "Buckeye's Lamentation for Want of More Wives," transcript.

JS0022            Possible Children born to Joseph Smith, by H. Michael Marquardt, report.

JS0023            Smith, David Hyrum Letter to Sherman Smith in Pontiac, Michigan, 27 July 1872,

JS0024            Brotherton, Edward, information.

JS0025            Partridge Lyman, Eliza Marie, 1820-1885, Autobiography (1820-1885) "Life and Journal of Eliza Marie Partridge (Smith) Lyman," typescript, HBLL, typescript.

JS0026            Huntington, Dimick, recollections regarding sisters sealed to Joseph. Typescript.

JS0027            Partridge Young, Emily, 1824-1899 Autobiography, typescript, HBLL. REMINISCENCE, Salt Lake City, Utah; April 7, 1884. “What I remember. . .

JS0028            Smith, Emma, “MRS.  JOE  SMITH,” Wellsville  Daily  Reporter 4 (27 October 1884):[2], Wellsville, N.Y.,  "An Interview With the Widow of the Noted Mormon Leader." (Lippincott's Magazine.) Typescript.

JS0029            EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE. Evangelical Magazine and Gospel Advocate (1830-1848); Feb 5, 1831; 2, 6; pg. 46

JS0030            Lee, John D. Mormonism Unveiled, complete, typescript.

JS0031            Bennett, John C., History of the Saints, pp. 226-34 typescript.

JS0032            Haven family, Letters -- 1839-48, Overland Monthly 1890-1891, Charlotte Haven (1843),  N. E. Quarterly Dec. 1936,  Martha & Jesse Haven (1843-48), Elizabeth Haven (1839), transcript.

JS0033            Anderson, Richard Lloyd , and Scott H. Faulring, “The Prophet Joseph Smith and His Plural Wives” review of In Sacred Loneliness: The Plural Wives of Joseph Smith by Todd M. Compton, Provo, Utah: Maxwell Institute, 1998. Pp. 67–104, transcript.

JS0034            Polyandry--early research information sheet.

JS0035            Perkins, Keith W., “A Study of the Contributions of Andrew Jenson to the Writing and Preservation of LDS Church History.” M.A. thesis, Brigham Young University, 1971.

JS0036            Hill, Marvin S. "Mormon Religion in Nauvoo: Some Reflections." Utah Historical Quarterly 44 (Spring 1976): 170-80, trnascript.

JS0037            Hales-Bradley emails February, 2007.

JS0038            Polyandry quotes

JS0039            Polyandry chart

JS0040            In Sacred Loneliness, excerpts and analysis.

JS0041            Sessions, Sylvia, pregnancy chart

JS0042            “MORMON  BLASPHEMY,” The Witness, Vol. I.,  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  July, 1842.                         No. 2.

JS0043            The Wasp, Vol. I. - No. 6. Nauvoo, Hancock Co., Sat., May 21, 1842. Whole No. 6, transcript.

JS0044            Ford, Thomas. History of Illinois from Its Commencement as a State in 1818 to 1847. 1854. chapter XI. Transcript.

JS0045            Rigdon, Sidney, Messenger and Advocate, 1844 articles from internet, transcript.

JS0046            Wyl, W[ilhem]. [pseud. for Wilhelm Ritter von Wymetal]. Mormon Portraits, or the Truth about Mormon Leaders from 1830 to 1886, Joseph Smith the Prophet, His Family and His Friends: A Study Based on Fact and Documents. Salt Lake City: Tribune Printing and Publishing Co., 1886. Mormon Portraits was proposed as a series, with Joseph Smith the Prophet, His Family and His Friends, A Study Based on Fact and Documents the first volume. No other volumes were published. Typescript.

JS0047            McLellin, William E. 1875 Interview, "Jackson Country," The Daily Tribune, October 6, 1875, transcript.

JS0048            Law, William, Three Letters The Daily Tribune: SALT LAKE CITY, TUESDAY, JULY 3, 1887. Transcript.

JS0049            Law, William, interview, The Daily Tribune: SALT LAKE CITY, SUNDAY MORNING, JULY 31, 1887. Transcript.

JS0050            "Remembering the Wives of Joseph Smith" online resource.

JS0051            Bean LL; Mineau , “The polygyny-fertility hypothesis: a re-evaluation,” Population Studies. 1986 Mar; 40(1):67-81.

JS0052            Partridge Young, Emily D., P51 Temple Lot Case, Box 2, Respondents Testimony, LDS Archives, Independence, Missouri. Transcript by Michael Marquardt.

JS0053            Price, Richard and Pamela, Joseph Smith Fought Polygamy, vol. 1, plus online VISION 32-57, transcripts.

JS0054            Daynes, Kathryn, "Polygamy" essay.


JS0056            Gardiner, William M., Excerpt from “Shadow Influences of Plural Marriage on Sexuality Within The Contemporary Mormon Experience.”

JS0057            Wyatt , Allen L. “Zina and Her Men: An Examination of the Changing Marital State of Zina Diantha Huntington Jacobs Smith Young”

JS0058            Brotherton, Elizabeth, “Letter by the sister of Martha Brotherton,” Nauvoo, April 20th, 1842.

JS0059            George A to Joseph Smith III and dated October 9, 1869. The original is in the RLDS Church Archives, P 15, fd5, April 12, 1869 - August 16, 1870.

JS0060            Section 132, transcription of Kingsbury manuscript in LDS archives

JS0061            Comparison of printed D&C 132 to transcript of Kingsbury manuscript.

JS0062            Smith, Joseph to Newel K. Whitney, revelation, July 27, 1842.

JS0063            Plural Marriage at Nauvoo During the Lifetime of Joseph Smith

JS0064            Marquardt, Michael, Plural Marriage (Mormon Polygamy) Wives research notes.

JS0065            References to William Law, Jane Law, Joseph Smith, Emma Smith, and the 12 July 1843 revelation

JS0066            Proxy Marriages in Joseph Smith’s Lifetime, research notes.

JS0067            Outline on Nauvoo Polygamy (1841-1844)

JS0068            Noble, Joseph B., Statements, transcript.

JS0069            Nauvoo Neighbor 2 (19 June 1844), transcript.

JS0070            Smith, Joseph, Letter of to Miss Nancy Rigdon, circa 11 April 1842

JS0071            Page, John E., information sheet.

JS0072            Smith, Hyrum, and LDS D&C 132

JS0073            Joseph Smith-sealed to women in order to form a Gospel Family?

JS0074            Eternal Sealings, During the lifetime of Joseph Smith

JS0075            Dibble, Lydia, information sheet.

JS0076            Smith, Emma, 1847 recollections typescript.

JS0077            Quorum of the Twelve, Epistle was written [30-31] March 1842 and read at the third Relief Society meeting held in Nauvoo, Illinois. A Record of the Organization, and Proceedings of the Female Relief Society of Nauvoo, Illinois," pages 86-88. Typescript.

JS0078            Smith, Joseph epistle to George W. Robinson, Nauvoo, Nov. 6, 1842, with response, from Sangamo Journal 10 [18 Nov. 1842]: [2].

JS0079            ROBINSON, George W., information regarding in Times and Seasons, Vol.3, p.878

JS0080            Kimball, Heber C., 1801-1868, Autobiographical Remarks and Letters From The Times and SeasonsMillennial Star, His Journal and Articles by His Daughter, Helen Mar Kimball Whitney in Woman's Exponent.

JS0081            Plural wives in Holy Order in Nauvoo.

JS0082            Neyman, Jane info

JS0083            Jenson, Andrew, list of plural wives from Historical Record article, "Plural Marriage," July 1886.

JS0084            Woodruff, Wilford, to Andrew Jenson, August 6th, 1887, regarding Historical Record article, typescript.

JS0085            Scherer, Mark, Statement on Joseph Smith and plural marriage with response from Community of Christ First Presidency.

JS0086            Bennett, John C., Articles from the Sangamo Journal published in Springfield, Illinois.

JS0087            Coolidge, Joseph, interview with Joseph F. Smith, Journal, entry for August 28, 1870, LDS archives, trypscript.

JS0088            Joseph Smith's Red Brick Store1842-1844 workers and clerks.

JS0089            Levi Hancock, 1803-1882, Autobiography (1803-1836), Typescript, HBLL, THE LIFE OF LEVI HANCOCK, (Copied from his own journal by Clara E. H. Lloyd, great-grand daughter.) Typescript.

JS0090            Bullock, Thomas, List of Marriages in back of Joseph Smith's Diary, transcript.

JS0091            Rollins, Mary Elizabeth, Autobiography of Mary E. Lightner (1818-1913), "Mary Elizabeth Rollins Lightner," The Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine 17 (July 1926):193-205, 250-http://www.boap.org/LDS/Early-Saints/MLightner.html, typescript.

JS0092            Walker Kimball, Lucy, in Temple Lot Case, Tuesday March 22, 1892.

JS0093            Polyandrous wives-list of 11.

JS0094            Brotherton, Martha H. Affidavit, July 26, 1842. Pittsburgh Morning Chronicle

JS0095            McLellin, William E., Recollections of his Visit with Emma Smith in 1847.

JS0096            Thompson, Mercy R., June 19, 1869, Affidavit, Joseph F. Smith Collection, Affidavit Book 1:34, LDS archives; typed copy.

JS0097            Hancock, Mosiah Lyman 1834-1907, Autobiography (1834-1865), Source: Autobiography of Mosiah Hancock, typescript, BYU-S. Compiled by Amy E. Baird, Victoria H. Jackson, and Laura L. Wassell (daughters of Mosiah Hancock).

JS0098            Smith, Joseph, to Nancy Rigdon on "Happiness," typescript and brief discussion.

JS0099            Plural Marriages in Lifetime of Joseph Smith

JS0100            Eternal Sealings to Joseph Smith in Nauvoo Temple, 12 January - 8 February 1846

JS0101            Olney, Olver, H., to the Sangamo Journal 11 (7 October 1842), “A  COMMUNICATION  FROM  ANOTHER  SECEDING MORMON, KNOX COUNTY,” Sept. 18, 1842. Typescript.

JS0102            Robinson, George W., and Sidney Rigdon, affidavits regarding Stephen Markham, typescript.

JS0103            Nauvoo city ordinance on marriage passed Feb. 17, 1842.

JS0104            Pendleton Morgan Harris, Lucinda, information sheet.

JS0105            Polygamy affidavits, Joseph F. Smith Collection, Affidavit Books, typescripts.

JS0106            Robinson, Ebenezer and Angeline E.  affidavit, istory and affidavits, letters, typescripts.

JS0107            Ordinance of rebaptism in Nauvoo

JS0108            Smith, Joseph to Nancy Rigdon, transcript from The New York Herald 8 (31 August 1842), New York City, New York

JS0109            Coolbrith, Agnes  to Joseph F. Smith, May 30, 1864, transcript, excerpt.

JS0110            Tripp, Enoch Bartlett, Notes on Journal of Enoch Bartlett Tripp, 16 May 1996, Special Collections, Brigham Young University, Volume 1 to Dec. 31, 1855, typed copy.

JS0111            Rollins Lightner, Mary E. to Emmeline Wells, Summer 1905.

JS0112            Broadhurst, Dale, on Udney Hay Jacob.

JS0113            Argus [Charles Wandell], "History of Mormonism: The Revelation of Polygamy Invented by Joseph Smith as a Cover for Incest . . . Open Letter to Brigham Young," Daily Corrine Reporter, 2 August 1871, 2/2-3, transcript, excerpt.

JS0114            Blair, William W. diary entry of 17 June 1874

JS0115            Snow, Eliza R., to President John Taylor, 12 December 1886, LDS archives, typed copy.

JS0116            Woodruff, Wilford to Brigham Young, from Boston, Oct. 9, 1844. Typescript.

JS0117            Daynes, Kathryn, “Mormon Polygamy: Belief and Practice in Nauvoo.” In Roger D. Launius and John E. Hallwas, eds., Kingdom on the Mississippi Revisited. Urbana: University of Illinois, 1996, 130-46.

JS0118            Rollins Lightner, Mary Elizabeth, “Remarks at Brigham Young University, April 14, 1905.” Signed typescript copy of original. Perry Special Collections, Vault, MSS 363, fd. 6.

JS0119            Rollins Lightner, Mary Elizabeth, Letter to A. M. Chase, April 20, 1904. Quoted in J. D. Stead. Doctrines and Dogmas of Brighamism Exposed., [Lamoni, Iowa]: RLDS Church, 1911, 217-19.

JS0120            Rollins Lightner, Mary Elizabeth in Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine, 17 (1926), p.193-205, 250-260, transcript.

JS0121            Van Wagoner, Richard, on Oliver Cowdery as a polygamist.

JS0122            Young, Emily P. to Mary Elizabeth Lightner, Salt Lake City, Aprl 28, 1886

JS0123            Rollins Lightner, Mary Elizabeth, Affidavit, March 23, 1877, in Scott G. Kenney Collection, MS 587, Box 11, Folder 14; Marriott Library (photocopy of manuscript)

JS0124            Rollins Lightner, Mary Elizabeth, “Autobiography.” n.d. Holograph. MSS B95, Box 14, unnumbered folder supplementing fd. 3, Utah State Historical Society.

JS0125            Rollins, Mary Elizabeth, LDS Church Archives, MS 748—Record Book of Mary R. L. Rollins, including Feb 21st 1905 (Affidavit), transcript.

JS0126            Newell, Linda King and Valene Avery, Mormon Enigma, preface and footnote regarding Mrs. Warner Alexander.

JS0127            Rollins Lightner., Mary Elizabeth, "Mary Elizabeth Rollins Lightner,” Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine 17 (July 1926): 193-205. Continued in 17 (October 1926): 250-60.

JS0128            Rollins Lightner., Mary Elizabeth, bibliography.

JS0129            Rollins Lightner, Mary Elizabeth, Speech July 24, 1889Mary Rollins Lightner Rollins Record Book, (This was the daughter of MERL),  MS 748, LDS Archives, pp. 28-29

JS0130            Rollins Lightner, Mary Elizabeth, Statement 1884 Apr 18, LDS Church Archives, MS 4638, transcript. Excerpt.

JS0131            Rollins Lightner, Mary Elizabeth, statements--sealed for eternity and time and eternity.

JS0132            Rollins Lightner, Mary Elizabeth, Collection; MS 752, Folder 4; LDS CHD, transcript, excerpt.

JS0133            Rollins Lightner, Mary Elizabeth to Emmeline B. Wells, summer 1905, MS 282, CA; copy of holograph in Linda King Newell Collection Ms 447, bx 9, fd 2, transcript, excerpt.

JS0134            Rollins Lightner, Mary Elizabeth, to John Henry Smith, January 25, 1892, in George A. Smith Family Papers, MS 36, Box 7, Folder 12 (John Henry Smith, incoming correspondence); Marriott Library, transcript, excerpt.

JS0135            Rollins Lightner, Mary Elizabeth, photo from In Sacred Loneliness.

JS0136            Huntington, Zina to Mary Elizabeth Rollins Lightner, June 22, 1887,  Mary Elizabeth Rollins Lightner Collection, MSS 363, BYU HBLL Special Collections

JS0137            Horne, Mary Isabella Hales, "Testimony of Mary Isabella Horne," photocopy of transcript.

JS0138            Fielding, Joseph, “They Might Have Known That He Was Not a Fallen Prophet”—The Nauvoo Journal of Joseph Fielding," Transcribed by Andrew Ehat.

JS0139            Ashurst-McGee, Mark, The Josiah Stowell Jr.--John S. Fullmer Correspondence," BYU Studies

JS0140            Ward, Maurine Carr, "A Partial List of Church Members Living in Nauvoo, article.

JS0141            Bennett, John C., letters to the Sangamo Journal, chart of dates and contents.

JS0142            Huntington, William, Journal of William Huntington (1784-1846), Typescript, HBLL. A brief sketch of the life of William Huntington, Sr.

JS0143            Committee on Celestial Demographics. "'In the Heavens, Are Parents Single?': Report No. 11. DIALOGUE: A JOURNAL OF MORMON THOUGHT 17 (Spring 1984): 84--87.

JS0144            Launius, Roger D. Joseph Smith III Pragmatic Prophet, excerpt p.233

JS0145            Smith, Joseph, III, The Memoirs of President Joseph Smith (1832-1914), T H E S A I N T S ' H E R A L D, November 6, 1934, Edited by his daughter, Mary Audentia Smith Anderson

JS0146            Kirtland Elders' Quorum Record 1836-1841, Edited by Lyndon W. Cook and Milton V. Backman, Jr. Provo, Utah: Grandin Book Co., 1985, Source: Kirtland Elders' Quorum Record, RLDS Archives

JS0147            Bachman, Danel, to Brian Hales, undated typescript.

JS0148            Hancock, Levi, 1803-1882, Autobiography (1803-1836), Typescript, HBLL, “THE LIFE OF LEVI HANCOCK,” (Copied from his own journal by Clara E. H. Lloyd, great-grand daughter.)

JS0149            Jackman, Levi, 1797-1876, "Autobiography (1797-1833), A Short Sketch of the Life of Levi Jackman, by Levi Jackman," typescript, BYU-S


JS0151            Spencer, Orson. Patriarchal Order or Plurality of Wives! Liverpool: R. James, 1853. Rpt. in Spencer"s Letters Exhibiting the Most Prominent Doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints . . . Salt Lake City: Deseret News Co., 1889.

JS0152            Pack, John, vision of "adoption" ordinance work In Ward E Pack Papers, 1847-1935, MSS 449, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah.

JS0153            “A Veteran Gone.” [John Snider obituary.] Deseret News, December 22, 1875, 9.

JS0154            McBride Knight, Martha, obituary, "Death of a Pioneer Woman," undated.

JS0155            Webster's 1830 dictionary definition of the word "translate" (JST).

JS0156            Haven, Charlotte. “A Girl’s Letters from Nauvoo.” Overland Monthly 16, no. 96 (December 1890): 616-38.

JS0157            Brotherton, Martha, affidavit, July 1842, typescript.

JS0158            Was Jesus a polygamist? Brief.

JS0159            Laub, George, “George Laub's Nauvoo Journal,” Edited by Eugene England BYU Studies, Vol. 18, No. 2, GEORGE LAUB JOURNAL

JS0160            Ostler, Jacob, to Brian Hales regarding evidences of sexuality in Joseph Smith's marriages

JS0161            Jenson, Andrew, Malissa Lott section from Historical Record article, "Plural Marriage," July 1886.

JS0162            Hanson, Doris, "Is Polygamy Biblical?" essay.

JS0163            Bruno, Cheryl, "Keeping a Secret, Freemasony, Polygamy, and the Nauvoo Relief Society, 1842-44," Journal of Mormon History, 39 (2013)4: 144-157.

JS0164            Thompson, John E., “The Mormon Baptism of William Morgan The Philalethes,” February 1985, essay.

JS0165            Carrigan, J., “Did Jesus Christ Marry and Father Children?: A Survey of Mormon Teachings on the Marital and Parental Status of the Son of God,” Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Ministries to New Religions, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary ~ January 30, 2004.

JS0166            Smith, Lucy Messerve, quoting George A. Smith, May 18, 1892 (Geo. A. Smith papers,Special Collections, University of Utah S.L. City) and  second undated reference (Wilford Wood Collection of Church Historical Materials Microfilm at LDS Church Archives, MS 8617, Reel 8 Internal reference within collection—4-N-b-2)
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