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UBC Dentistry Finance Team

The University of British Columbia

350-2194 Health Sciences Mall

Vancouver BC V6T 1Z3

Date :

Invoice No.:

Please submit all original receipts along with this invoice to address above. If you are missing a receipt, please include the ‘Missing Receipt Form’.

Authorized by:
Dr. Charles Shuler

Dean & Professor, Faculty of Dentistry:


Project Leader:


(Please also print name)

Project Name:

Project Leader Name, Phone and Email:

Name and Address of Claimant:

Departure Date:

Return Date:

Expense Account:


Note 1

Other Transportation Note 2

Accommodations Note 3


Note 4

Dental Supplies Note 5



Explanation of Expenses



What to Submit

Note 1: Airfare


Economy Fare

Business class or above fare

Original boarding passes or e-ticket and itinerary /w cost summary

Note 2: Other Transportation


  • Car rental

  • Either mileage @ $0.49/km or gas receipt

  • Taxi

  • Public Transportation

  • Parking

Transportation of an unreasonable amount (ie. Limo rides)

Original receipts or ticket stubs

Note 3: Accommodation


Hotels and work related hotel incidentals (ie. Internet or phone charge)

Mini-bar charges, spa, laundry or other hotel incidentals not work related

Detailed hotel bill and proof of payment (ie. Invoice with balance of zero, credit card statement etc.)

Note 4: Meals

  • Meals of reasonable amount

  • Per diem of $60/ day (Breakfast $14, Lunch $16, Dinner $30)

Alcohol, claiming both a receipt and per diem amount for same meal

  • Itemized receipts

  • Credit slips not accepted

Note 5: Dental Supplies

  • Any supplies incurred in normal TDMP business operations

Costs incurred for personal or non-TDMP business operations

Invoice or receipts for supplies purchased

The Dental Mission Project Trip Budget
UBC Dentistry is proud to partner with TDMP and make a difference in dental care and education both locally and internationally. As an approved mission leader, you are requested to agree to the following terms:
At least three weeks prior to commencement of trip, send the following information to finance@dentistry.ubc.ca :

This Information is required in order for expense claims to be approved and reimbursed.

The Dental Mission Project Trip Expense Claim
All expenses claimed must fall within the guidelines set out in the expense form and be approved by your mission project leader. UBC Dentistry Finance may deem parts of your claim to be ineligible if it is for personal use or not within the guidelines set out. Please attach all original receipts to your expense claim upon submission to:
University of British Columbia Dentistry Finance Team

350-2194 Health Sciences Mall 208

Vancouver BC V6T 1Z3
For minor expenses where receipts are impossible or difficult to obtain, such as subway or bus fare, approval may be granted at the discretion of the mission project leader. Credit slips and photocopies are not accepted as original receipts. Should you need to claim an expense without the original receipt, please fill out this missing receipt form (insert hyperlink to missing receipt form).

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