Turn around times

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Partial Frames 7 days

Partial Frames w/Wax Rims 9 days

Partial w/Teeth Set for Try-In 11 days

Partial Frame to Completion 11 days

Setup partial frame to finish (after try-in) 5 days

Process Denture/Partial (after try-in) 4 days

Setup denture for try-in 4 days

Immediate Denture 5 days

Nesbitt Partial 11 days

Temp. Acrylic Partial 5 days

FRS Try-In 4 days

FRS Finish 4 days

Bite block/Wax rim 2 days

Custom Tray 2 days

IVOCAP/IMPAK Night Guard 6 days

Combo Cases (PFM + Partial) 16 days

* Hard Relines 1 day

* Soft Relines 2 days

*Virginia Partial Band repair/relines 2 days

* Rebase 2 days

*Repairs (depending on teeth) 1-2 days

*Laser Weld 5 days

Bleach Tray 3 days

Clicker/Flipper 1-2 teeth 2-4 days

Provisional/ Interim Partial 4 days

Snore Guard 5 days

Sport Guard 5 days

Hawley Retainer 4 days

Implant Stent 4-5 days

Surgical Stent 4-5 days

Space Maintainer/Band and Loop 7 days

Wax-Ups 3-4 days

Mount/Pour Model 1-2 days

PFM (Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown) 8 days

E.max Empress 8 days

E.max Crown (Zirconia)(Lithium Disilicate) 8 days

E.max CAD (Cerec Connect File) 5 days

E.max CAD (with Impression) 5 days

BRUXZI Full Contour Zirconia 8 days

Diamond Crown 8 days

Full Cast Gold Crown 8 days

Captek Crown 10 days

Full Cast Coping 5 days

Image Temps 7 days

Diagnostic Wax- Up 6 days

Fixed Metal Framework/Try-In 4 days

Implants 8-10 day

Die Trim 2 days

** This is the minimum allowance of working days needed to complete each product. Please make all efforts to provide us with the adequate number of days. We understand there are exceptions, so please let us know if you need a case rushed. **

**Please do not count the day we receive your case or Fridays as a working days. **

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