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Incredible Westward Movement
This list will give you details and ideas for the costumes and props needed for child, for the production of, “ The Incredible Westward Movement” play on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 in Room RST at 8:30am. Please find your child’s name and character, and the description of recommended clothing.
Delivery Girl (Samantha & Maya): White T-shirts that say “ Delivery Girl “ or; delivery/postal or courier costume outfit.
Daniel Boone (Victor): Coonskin cap
The Explorers (Jonah, Daphne, & Lauren): Cargo pants, brown t-shirts, boots, and binoculars
Porter (Ella): Business suit: skirt & blouse with glasses
James Monroe (Brian): Black pants and white shirt, and black jacket; powdered wig,

“ President’s wig “

Thomas Jefferson (Zavion): Black pants and white shirt, and black jacket; powdered wig,

“ President’s wig “

St. Louis Man (Jonah): “ Old Man” disguise, beard.
Sacajawea (Cierra): “ Native American” costume or oufit; headband “ regal looking”
Cherokees (Tori & Natalia): “Native American” outifit or costume
Wagon Family (Alia, Peyton, Jack): Jack: Overalls, cowboy hat;

Alia: Western farm girl outfit jeans and shirt, frying pan;

Peyton: Western farm girl outfit, basket with beans and/or loaf of bread or lantern
49ers (Cole & Johnny): Jeans & plaid shirt, boots with pocket pulled inside out, showing that they are “empty and broke “
Prairie Child (Autumn): Farm prairie girl outfit , like “ Heidi “ ; 2 pigtails or braids, small shovel, and/or bucket; shovel will become the microphone to perform with.

Wrapped Packages: that say who they are addressed to:

  1. To: Daniel Boone

  2. To: James Monroe

  3. Meriwether Lewis

  4. Parker Family

  5. Mr. Patrick McShane

  6. Box painted gold that says “ Golden Spike “

Bowling Ball, Golden Bowling Ball

Frying Pan



Loaf of Bread

Binoculars (3)


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