Tuesday 7 February 2006 Conference Room 4, 9: 30am to 6: 00pm Civil Society Forum

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Forty-Fourth Session of the Commission for Social Development, New York, 8 February to17 February 2006

Tentative List of side-events (1:15pm to 2:45pm, unless otherwise specified)*

Tuesday 7 February 2006

Conference Room 4, 9:30am to 6:00pm

Civil Society Forum

By: The NGO Committee on Social Development; Friedrich Ebert Foundation; and co-sponsored by the Division for Social Policy and Development

Wednesday 8 February

1. Conference Room: A

By: International Association of Schools of Social Work

Theme: Workshop on Poverty and Disaster Relief: The Social Work Role

Speakers: MC "Terry" Hokenstad, Jr.

2. Conference Room: A


Theme: International Efforts to Address Poverty Among Older Persons.
Speakers: Representative of International Association of Gerontology; Representative of Rotary International; and Robert Venne, Division for Social Policy and Development
Thursday 9 February

3. Conference Room: 8

By: Permanent Mission of Finland to the United Nations
Theme: Socially Sustainable Policies and their Implementation

Speakers: The meeting will be opened by Ms Liisa HYSSÄLÄ, Minister of Health and Social Services of Finland; and chaired by Ms Aino-Inkeri HANSSON, Director-General

4. Conference Room: A

By: Family NGO Committee

Theme: Caucus on Addressing the extreme poverty: what works for the family

Speakers: Djankou Ndjonkou, International Labor Organization; Vicki Soanes, Fourth World Movement; Anna Krawczuk, Ukrainan National Women’s League of America

5. Conference Room: B

By: Division for Social Policy and Development, DESA

Theme: Inclusive policy processes: An approach toward social integration

Friday 10 February

6. Conference Room: B

By: Triglav Circle

Theme: Panel discussion on Many Facets to Poverty

Speakers: Barbara Baudot, Peter Marris, Saad Nagi, Jacques Baudot, and Gustavo Alf

7. Conference Room: 8

By: DESA; DFID; UNDP; and HelpAge International

Theme: Not just a numbers game; ensuring the excluded get counted in poverty monitoring

Speakers: Fiona Clark, HelpAge International Latin America Regional Office: Bolivia case study on disaggregation of census and household survey data to analyse social inclusion and poverty of older persons; Lynn Bennet, World Bank: Nepal – data on social exclusion; Candace Miller, Consultant: Data gaps and research recommendations for information on caregivers of people living with HIV/AIDS and orphans and vulnerable children; and Jose Antonio Mejia, IADB: presentation of disaggregated data sets for poverty and social inclusion monitoring

8. Conference Room: A

By: AARP; and International Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (IAHSA)

Theme: Panel discussion on Quality of Care, Economic Development, and the International Migration of Long-Term Care Workers

Speakers: Robyn Robyn I. Stone, Dr. PH, Director Better Jobs Better Care Program

Institute for the Future of Aging Services; Donald L. Redfoot, Ph.D. Senior Policy Advisor, AARP Public Policy Institute; Freek Lapre, Partner, Com4Life; Hank, ZG, The Netherlands; Additional Speaker to be confirmed.

9. Conference Room: 4

By: World Bank

Theme: New Frontiers of Social Policy: Development in a globalized world

Monday 13 February

10. Conference Room: D (9:30am to 1pm)

By: HelpAge International; and Global Action on Aging

Theme: Older Persons in Emergencies: Examining the Response to the 2004 Tsunami

11. Conference Room: A

By: UNANIMA International

Theme: Caucus discussion on Poverty eradication: Has it happened at the community level?
Speakers: Celerina Estacio (Philippines), worked with squatter settlements in Bataan; Jesusa Gamboa, a young girl who lives in poverty in the Philippines; Marcellina Aguiar who works in a centre for street girls in Mumbai, India; Atif Jamil, Assistant Director for the Centre for Human Development in Toba Teka Singh a region hit by the earthquake in Pakistan.

12. Conference Room: D

By: UNDP; and Division for Social Policy and Development/UNDESA

Theme: Caucus on Dialogue in the social integration process

13. Conference Room: 9

By: The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur

Theme: Workshop on Homeless Seniors Pursuing Economic Human Rights

Speakers: Rosie Kreidler, Husayn Sayfuddiyn, and Carol Johnson

Tuesday 14 February

14. Conference Room: A

By: Help Age International; and Global Action on Aging

Theme: Roundtable discussion on older persons in the 2004 Tsunami

Speakers: Mark Bowden, Director of Policy Branch, UNOCHA; Thelma Kay, Director Emerging Social Issues Division, UNESCAP; Mathew Cherian, Chief Executive Help Age International India; Sarah Martin, Advocate, Refugees International; Susanne Loos-Jayawickreme, Vice-Chairperson, Jayawickreme Foundation, Sri Lanka; Others to be confirmed.

15. Conference Room: D

By: World Youth Alliance

Theme: Fair Trade and Labour Rights
Speakers: from the following organizations: National Labour Committee, Christian Labor Association of Canada, World Youth Alliance, Oxfam and Global Youth Action Network
Wednesday 15 February

16. Conference Room: D (3pm)

By: Friedrich Ebert Foundation; Global Policy Forum; and International Confederation Free Trade Union

Theme: Towards a consensus in shaping UN reform and greater NGO participation

17. Conference Room: A

By: National Coalition for Haitian Rights (NCHR)

Theme: Panel discussion on Haiti After the February 7 Elections: An analysis of the elections, and the prospects for democratic progress.

Speakers: Jocelyn McCalla, and Tamara Thompson

Thursday 16 February

18. Conference Room: A

By: National Coalition for Haitian Rights (NCHR)

Theme: Child Slavery in Haiti

Speakers: Jocelyn McCalla, and Tamara Thompson

19. Conference Room: D

By: NGO Committee on Children's Rights; Co-Sponsors: Sub-Committee for the Elimination of Racism of the International NGO Committee on Human Rights; American Psychological Association; Child Welfare League of America; International Union of Anthropological & Ethnological Sciences; Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues; andSOS Kinderdorf International
Theme: Panel Integrating Excluded, Marginalized and Invisible Children and Their Families As Key To The Eradication Of Poverty
Speakers: H. E. Fermin Toro, Ambassador, Permanent Mission of Venezuela to the UN – Invited; Kadiatou Magassa, TRUCE, a program of the Harlem Children's Zone; Daba Diakhate, TRUCE, a program of the Harlem Children's Zone; Ms. Alexandra Yuster, Senior Advisor, Child Protection Unit, UNICEF, NY; Mr. Joseph C. Donnelly, Caritas Internationalis – Invited; Moderators: Corann Okorodudu, Co-Chair, NGO Committee on Children's Rights, NGO Representative of the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues & the American Psychological Association; Professor of Psychology, Rowan University; Cristina Blanc, Co-Chair, NGO Committee on Children's Rights, NGO Representative of the International Union of Anthropological & Ethnological Sciences & the International Women's Anthropology Conference

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