Traumatic Oesophageal Perforation: An Unusual Complication Following Endotracheal Intubation

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Traumatic Oesophageal Perforation:

An Unusual Complication Following Endotracheal Intubation

M. Amin, H. Rowley

Children’s University Hospital, Temple Street

Iatrogenic perforation of the cervical oesophageal is an uncommon but serious complication which can easily be overlooked leading to catastrophic events.

Case History

An eight month old baby boy presented to his local general hospital with respiratory difficulty due to an undiagnosed retropharyngeal abscess and underwent difficult endotracheal intubation with a resultant oesophageal perforation which went undetected for three days.

Clinical Significance

This case highlights the need for anaesthetists to acquire skills in paediatric intubation even if not practising paediatric anaesthesia in order to avoid such devastating complications.
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