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Large Caul Pattern to Crochet (snood)

Camilla de la Reynarde

Summer 1997 (#123)


In the Style of the Oxburgh Hangings

Karen Larsdatter

3rd Quarter 2009 (#171)

Opus Inglicanum

Rhichenda Elizabeth Coffin

3rd Quarter 2008 (167)

The Embroideries at Hardwick Hall: a Catalogue by Santina M. Levey

Reviewed by Johhnae Llyn Lewis

1st Quarter 2008 (#165)

How to Build a 'Slate' Embroidery Frame


Winter 2007 (#161)

In Search of the Period Embroidery Frame

Alianora da Lyshâret McDaniel

Winter 2007 (#161)

Mounting Needlework for Framing or Display

Gabrielle Chasseresse de Chevreuil

Fall 1999 (#132)

Cross Stitch Embroidery in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Karen Larsdatter

Summer 1998 (#127)

Simply Embroidery

Siban nî Sheaghdha

Fall 1995 (#116)

Sixteenth Century Turkish Light Embroidery: Pattern Darning

Deonora Ridenow

Summer 1994 (#111)

A Fifteenth Century Embroidered Bag

Richard Wymarc

Summer 1993 (#107)

Transfer Ink for Embroidery

Leonie de Grey

Summer 1990 (#95)

A Blackwork Cap

Eowyn of Kincora

Summer 1990 (#95)

Opus Anglicanum

Cateline de la Mor

Winter 1989 (#93)

Some 16th Century Border Patterns for Blackwork Embroidery

Brighid ni Chiarain of Tethba

Fall 1989 (#92)

Queen Jane's Cuffs

Ciorstan MacAmhlaidh

Summer 1987 (#83)

Medieval and Renaissance Lace and Embroidery Patterns and Pattern Books

Airmid Godwin

Fall 1985 (#76)

A Needlemade Oriental Rug of the Renaissance

Airmid Godwin

Summer 1984 (#71)

A Catalog of Medieval Embroidery Stitches

Airmid Godwin

Winter 1983 (#69)

Motifs for Trim

Kathryn Goodwyn

Winter 1980 (#57)

How to Embroider Mail

Marynel of Darkhaven


100 Embroidery Stitches

Book review by Marynel of Darkhaven



Medieval Knitting

Christian de Holacombe

1st Quarter 2008 (#165)

Knitting Eleanora of Toledo's Stockings

Camilla de la Reynarde

Spring 1998 (#126)

The Age of Knitting

Elspeth of Oakwood Court

Summer 1996 (#119)


A 16th-Century Style Knit Purse

Veronica McNulty

Winter 2004 (#149)


Newcomer Camping

Bridget Lucia MacKenzie

3rd Quarter 2009 (#171)

Help Newcomers Directory

Ælflæd of Duckford

4th Quarter (#164) 2007

A Dozen Do's and Don'ts for Newcomers, Plus Two for Parents

Alys Katharine

Winter 1997 (#121)

For Love of the Arts

Marian Loresinger

Fall 1994 (#112)

Welcome to the SCA

Haldana Jensdottir

Fall 1991 (#100)

Advice to Newcomers/Advice to Established Members

Alys Katherine

Summer 1990 (#95)

What the Handbooks Don't Tell You

Arvad Wendall

Spring 1988 (#86)

Beginning Anachronism

William Arkham

Summer 1986 (#79)

How to Get What You Want Out of the SCA

Alura the Twinn

Summer 1982 (#63)


Sex, Lies, and Old Newsletters

Nicolaa de Bracton and Hector of the Black Height

Summer 1996 (#119)

The Care and Feeding of a Local Newsletter

Nicolaa de Bracton

Spring 1994 (#110)

Creating the Special-Interest Newsletter

Alison MacDermot

Summer 1991 (#99)


A Verse to Learn Ogam/Ogham

Éowyn Amberdrake

Summer 2003(#147)


Gift of the Body

Mark Calderwood

Winter (2007) (#161)

The Lady in the Loggia, Part II

Mark Calderwood

Summer 2006 (#159)

The Lady in the Loggia, Part I

Mark Calderwood

Spring 2006 (#158)

A Short Treatise on the Art of Limning and Other Diverse Related Arts

Wolfgang von Roessler

Summer 1998 (#127)

The Norwegian Origin of Oil Painting

Achren of the Debatable Lands

Spring 1998 (#126)

The Small Art of Limning

Enriqueta Isabel de Reyes y Mora

Fall 1986 (#80)

Approximating a Period Oil Palette

Katja Hjalmarsdatter

Spring 1984 (#70)


Marbled Paper

Oswald von dem Grunwald

Summer 1992 (#103)

Fermented Flax Paper

Thomann Shadan Secarius

Fall 1989 (#92)

A Fifteenth Century Gift Box

Clare de Crecy

Winter 1988 (#89)


The Privilege of Peerage: Adapting the 11/12th Century Welsh 'Breint Teilo' as an SCA Scroll Text

Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn

Spring 1999 (#130)

A Period Laurel Ceremony

Deirdre O'Siodhachain

Winter 1998 (#125)

Peers Errant

Cariadoc of the Bow

Winter 1992 (#105)

A Mirror of Knighthood

College of Sciences, Caid

Spring 1979 (#50)

The First Order of the Laurel

Frederic Feolildwyn

Winter 1977 (#45)

Incipit: Criteria for Knighthood

Jon de Cles

1973 (#23)

To Be A Peer of the Realm

1972 (#22)


It Takes a Village

Alysoun de Ros and Isabel Moundoghter

Spring 2002 (#142)

On Teaching in Persona

Agnes de Lanvallei

Winter 1996 (#117)

The Terrors of Arts Displays in Persona and How to Overcome Them

Elfwyn de Barfleur

Winter 1996 (#117)

Four Easy Steps to Persona Development

William the Heretic

Spring 1994 (#110)

Know Thyself

Fall 1993 (#108)

Concerning Consistency, or Ignorance Is Bliss

Cariadoc of the Bow

Winter 1991 (#101)

Some Thoughts on Staying in Persona

Daibhid "Ruadh" MacLachlan

Spring 1991 (#98)

Choosing A Persona

Elstrid of Ironhold

Fall 1979 (#52)


The Muddle of the Woad

Maria Theresa Ipeñarrieta

Spring 1998 (#126)

Will the Real Massicot Please Stand Up!

Fall 1996 (#120)

In Search of Lost Pigments

Megan ní Laine de Belle Rive

Summer 1988 (#87)

Eight Gills of Galls: Being a Chronicle of the Alchemical Manufacture of Ink

Atanielle Unesse

Winter 1985 (#77)


Recreating a Medieval Garden

Donna Mitchell

Winter 2003(#145)

Growing Flax at Home

Barbara atte Dragon

Winter 2001 (#137)

The Carolingian Garden

Raisya Khorivovna

Spring 2000 (#134)

The Medieval Garden by Sylvia Landsberg

Book review by Ingvild Josefsdatter

Summer 1999 (#131)

Pleasures and Pastimes in Medieval England by Compton Reeves

Book review by Rosamund Beauvisage

Winter 1999 (#129)

Plants and People: Economic Botany in Northern Europe AD 800-1800 by J.H. Dickson and R.R. Mill

Book review by Ingvild Josefsdatter

Summer 1997 (#123)

Sources for Medieval Gardens

Book reviews by Yseult of Broceliande

Summer 1997 (#123)

Medieval and Renaissance Roses

Yseult of Broceliande

Spring 1996 (#118)

Sweet Summer's Roses (how to make rosary beads, rose honey, rose vinegar, etc.)


Summer 1990 (#95)

Living History on the Endangered List

Helmut of Greenland

Spring 1989 (#90)

Perfumes and Fragrances, or the Power of a Flower

Allen MacMillan

Winter 1982 (#65)

Concerning Trees and their Fruit

Cariadoc of the Bow

Winter 1980 (#57)

The Love That Dares Not Speak its Name: Medieval Flower-Language

Durnhardt of Altenau

Spring 1980 (#54)

Medieval "Mary's Gardens"

Bjo of Griffin

Spring 1980 (#54)

Roses on a Bed of Lilies (cosmetics)

Katherine Marlowe Nic Luirain

Summer 1977 (#43)

Gilly and Other Edible Flowers

Sumer Redmaene

Summer 1975 (#35)

An Aromatic Garden, Part 2

Maire Aislinge na Slighe Mor

Fall 1974 (#32)

Preparing Your Own Home Grown Herbes

Linda-Muireall von Katzenbrasse

Fall 1974 (#32)

An Aromatic Garden, Part I

Maire Aislinge na Slighe Mor

Summer 1974 (#31)

Roses as Food


1973 (#26)

Dear Sylvanus (more medieval remedies/cosmetic preparations)

Sylvanus Andere


The Accomplish'd Lady's Delight: Cosmetic Preparations

Sylvanus Andere


The Vertues: A period treatise by John Parkinson, Apothecarye of London from his booke Theatrum Botanicum: The Theater of Plantes or An Universall and Complete Herball, printed by Thos Cotes in London anno. 1640, on the "Seede of Fenugreeke"

June 1968 (#7)



Fionnabhair Kyrieth Inghean ui Neill

1st Quarter 2012 (#181)

Villanelle: On War

Fionnabhair Kyriath Inghean ui Neall

4th Quarter 2011 (#180)

Garments and Armor in the Canterbury Tales

Karen Larsdatter

Summer 2006 (#159)

Sestina: the Wall

Janet Cooley Anderson

Summer 2003 (#147)

A Verse to Learn Ogam/Ogham

Melinda Sherbring

Summer 2003 (#147)


Byzantine Poetry in English

Robert Smith

Winter 2005 (#153)


An Old English Chronicle Praise Poem

Ana Areces

Winter 2006 (#157)

Sestina II – Legacy of Henry the VIII

Ana Areces

Spring 2005 (#154)

The Squire's Tale

Batujin Ba'atur

Fall 2004 (#152)

a Linguistic Exercise: an English Sonnet and Its Spanish Translation

Ana Areces

Summer 2004 (#151)

Timeless Beauty

Brian Martin

Spring 2004 (#150)

Völuspá: The Sybil's Prophecy

translated by Dafydd of the Glens

Summer 2002 (#143)

The Wife's Lament

Translated with an introduction by Isolde de la Ramée

Spring 2000 (#134)

On Penning Sonnets in the Fashion of Shakespeare

Gwendolyn merch Llewelyn

Spring 1998 (#126)

Rune Songs

Éowyn Amberdrake

Summer 1997 (#123)

An Anglo-Saxon Praise Poem

Siobhán ni héodhusa

Fall 1994 (#112)

Writing Traditionally Styled Ballads

Deirdre O'Siodhachain

Winter 1991 (#101)

Cyning, Cwenec Scop, and Thegn: Poetical Views of Anglo-Saxon Society

Dietrich Wenceslas von Brandeis

Summer 1987 (#83)

The Lyric Poems of Gil Vicente

Dietrich Wencelas von Brandeis

Spring 1986 (#78)

The Ballad and the Ballade

Summer 1984 (#71)

On Writing Chaucerian Poetry

Jacques Dirlonde of Outremer

Summer 1983 (#67)

On Writing Middle English Alliterative Verse

Malkin Grey

Fall 1982 (#64)

Notes on Forms for Humorous Medieval Verse

Ruth of the Far North

Summer 1976

Vestrrikis Drapa: Skaldic Poetry Class

University of Ithra

Winter 1976 (#41)

Composing Skaldic Poetry in English

Geirr Bassi Haraldsson

Spring 1976 (#38)

Pro Arte: On Poets

Rima of Rockridge


Poetry in Medieval Wales

Gwydion Pendderwen


Courtly Poetry

John the Lion, Hermit



Heian Poetry Jam: the Poetic and Social History of Waka

Lisa A. Joseph

Winter 2005 (#153)

Japanese Poetry for the Long-Nosed Barbarian, or The Tanka is Not a Wain

Yaroslav the Persistent

Fall 1984 (#72)
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