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Amadis of Gaul: a New Translation

Susana Burgos

2nd Quarter 2009 (#170)

The Nun's Priest's Capul's Tale: Exegesis on a Lost Manuscript

Chiara di Montepulciano

Fall 2003 (#148)

The Squire's Tale

Batujin Ba-atur

Fall 2004 (#152)

Jests of Knighthood

Deirdre O'Siodhachain

Spring 1999 (#130)

A Medieval Reader

Michael Cole

Fall 1998 (#128)

The Portable Medieval Reader ed. James Bruce Ross and Mary Martin McLaughlin

Book review by Richard the Poor of Ely

Winter 1997 (#121)

History of the Kings of Britain by Geoffrey of Monmouth, trans. Louis Thorp

Book review by John Calador

Summer 1996 (#119)

Romances of Medieval Spain

Dietrich Wenceslas von Brandeis

Summer 1985 (#75)

Ten Medieval Classics

Nige of the Cleftlands

Summer 1982 (#63)

Kitab Alf Lailah wa Lailah: the Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, translated by Sir Richard F. Burton

Book review by ibn al-Raiis.

Winter 1979 (#49)


Pleasures and Pastimes in Medieval England by Compton Reeves

Book review by Rosamund Beauvisage

Winter 1999 (#129)

The Performance Magician Through the Ages

Fall 1996 (#120)

The European Witch Hunt, 1450-1650

Mairi Rhianna nam Beann

Winter 1990 (#93)

Dice Divination: A Translation of a Period Manuscript

Valmai Arcalien of Dernhealde

Winter 1984 (#73)

Cups and Balls

Masklyn of Magonegro

Fall 1975 (#36)

Where hast thou been, sister...?

Isaac de la Decapole D'Alsace

1972 (#22)


The Tollemaches in 1588; Real Lives from English Archives

Moira Coleman

2nd Quarter 2014 (#190)


The Work of Angels: The Design and Production of Hiberno-Saxon Manuscripts

Fræ Fitzalleyne

Fall 1997 (#124)

The Beasts of Durham

Éowyn Amberdrake

Fall 1988 (#88)

The James A de Rothschild Collection at Wadesdon Manor by L. M. J. Delaisse, James Morrow, and John de Wit

Book review by Maximilian von Wolfenberg

Fall 1987 (#84)

Eavesdropping on the Middle Ages (birchbark manuscript and letters from Russia)

Bogdan Borodets

Summer 1983 (#67)

On the Magna Carta and the SCA

Alianora da Lysharet

Summer 1982 (#63)


A Brief History of Cartography in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Geoffrey of Wroxeter

Summer 2005 (#155)


Medieval Uses of Arabic Numerals

Peter of the Golden Isles

Summer 1983 (#67)

Sir Francis Bacon and the Birth of the Binary Code

Arwen Evaine fert Rhys ap Gwynedd

Fall 1981 (#60)

Medieval Mathematics

Orrick of Romney

Fall 1980 (#56)

The Ptolemaic System and the Medieval Equatoriam

Patri du Chat Gris

Spring 1976 (#38)

Medieval Calculating Devices


Spring 1975 (#34)


The SCA Mercantile: Tips for Both Merchant & Consumer

Marian LoreSinger

Summer 1994 (#111)

What a Bargain! Haggling and Barter in the SCA

Rhys ap Bledri

Summer 1994 (#111)

Let the Buyer Beware, or How to Avoid Starving and Still Get What You Want

Rosalinde De Witte

Summer 1991 (#99)


Forging a Fork

Njal Olaf Hagerson

4th Quarter 2011 (#180)

Heraldic Plaque Belt: Plaque Belt Construction Using Soapstone Pewter Castings

Sabine du Bourbonnais

2nd Quarter 2009 (#170)

Forging a 12th C. Western European Prick Spur

Donwenna La Mareschale

4th Quarter 2008 (#168)

Basic Heat Treatment of Steel

Eadwynne of Runedun

Winter 1998 (#125)

Pens and Points: Medieval Copper Alloy Cones

Winter 1993 (#109)


Maritsa Milovich

Winter 1989 (#93)

The Complete Bladesmith (book review)

Spring 1989 (#90)

Damascus Steel: The Ancient, Magical Metal

Spring 1984 (#70)

Making Bronze Needles

Winter 1983 (#69)


Raven of Hiddensee

Fall 1981 (#60)

Books on Metalworking: On Divers Arts, by Theophilus and translated by Hawthorne and Smith; The Treatises of Benvenuto Cellini on Goldsmithing and Sculpture, by Benvenuto Cellini and translated by Ashbee; and Metalwork and Enamelling by Herbert and Maryon


Fall 1977 (#44)

Metal Forming Techniques

Michael the Black

Summer 1975 (#35)

Handbook of Railway Blacksmithing compiled by A.B. Clemens, F.W. Brady, Carl H. Beach, R.T. Strohm, and J.W. Marshall The Art of Blacksmithing by Alex W. Bealer

Book reviews by Harold Breakstone

1973 (#26)


Pleasures and Pastimes in Medieval England by Compton Reeves

Book review by Rosamund Beauvisage

Winter 1999 (#129)

Interlude: CD Reviews

Gwydion Gwirion and Goffrey Mathias

Winter 1995 (#113)

Sources of Authentic Music

Rosanore of Redthorn

Spring 1980 (#54)


Gregorian Chant: An Overview

Airleas of the Northern Gales

Spring 1985 (#74)

The Sung Mass in Medieval and Renaissance Music

Rigel Campion Wyndrose

Fall 1983 (#68)

Martin Luther's Christmas Carol

translated by Siegfried Kutin

1972 (#21)


Composing a Gymel: A 14th Century English Song Style

Arlis o Gordon

Fall 2003 (#148)

Balladry 101 or, How to Create Your Own Authentic-Sounding Ballad

Drea di Pellegrini

Winter 2001 (#137)


Sarra Graeham of Birnham

Spring 1994 (#110)


Roselyne d'Angleterre

Spring 1988 (#86)

Obscure Origins of Familiar Christmas Carols (humor)

Julia of the Forest and Keridwen of Montrose

Winter 1987 (#85)

Celtic Design Music

Summer 1987 (#83)

The Fourteenth Century Madrigal

Leah di Estera

Winter 1986 (#77)

Traditional Celtic Music

Patriag Mac Suibhne

Summer 1986 (#79)

Viking Musical Culture, Part II: Tvisongur: Primitive Harmonies of the North

Brynhildr Kormaksdottir

Fall 1983 (#68)

Danzleikar, or Egil Shakes a Leg (Scandinavian ballads)

Brynhildr Kormaksdottir

Fall 1982 (#64)

Elizabethan Vocal Music

Caitlin an Carrid

Spring 1982 (#62)

The Lady Troubadours

Mælan Azalais d'Beaucaire

Fall 1981 (#60)

Matonna Mia Cara: A New Translation (madrigal)

Renfield Wanderscribe

Summer 1981 (#59)

An Overview of the Minstrels, Saxon Period to 1500

Mairi Rhiannan nam Beanntan

Winter 1980 (#57)

A Source List of Music for Dance Classes

Jessica Llyrindi of Northmarch

Spring 1980 (#54)

Five Songs by Wernher von Hôhenberc

Translated by Bernger and Ursula von Petzenheim

Fall 1978 (#48)

La Castella, Reprise

Louis leBlanc

Summer 1977 (#43)

Medieval Music and Songs of the Troubadours

1971 (#18)

Dance Music of the Renaissance, Danzmusik Der Praetorius-Zeit, Renaissance Dances from the Fourteenth through Sixteenth Centuries, and Gothic and Renaissance Dances

music review by Signy Dimmridaela

1972 (#20)


Guitar in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Althea ni Cullaugh

Winter 1999 (#129)

The Pre-Seventeenth Century Highland Bagpipe

Garnish of Merionyth

Summer 1996 (#119)

Oliphants, Rommelpots, Racketts and Some Other Unusual Early Instruments

Gabriel du Renard

Fall 1989 (#92)

Ancestry of the Violin

Frederick von Wolkenstein

Winter 1987 (#85)

In Search of the Elusive Dulcimer

Selene of the Sky

Spring 1986 (#78)

Boing, Boing, Boing: The Jew's Harp

Francis of Saxony

Winter 1984 (#73)

Musical Instrument Book Reviews (general, lute & wind instruments)

Einar Lutemaker

Winter 1983 (#69)

Medieval Whistles

Michael Fenwick of Fotheringhay

Fall 1982 (#64)

The Medieval Hurdy-Gurdy

Willem Pijper

Winter 1981 (#61)

An Introduction to the Recorder

Jehanne de St. Brieuc

Fall 1981 (#60)

The Harp in the Middle Ages

Ommadonn ni Ghailleadhghear

Spring 1980 (#54)

A History of the Trumpet, its Use and Construction

Girolame de Firenze

Fall 1979 (#52)

A Playable Bb Baroque Trumpet

Alexandre sur le Mer

Summer 1978 (#47)

Making a Scheitholt

Einar Lutemaker

Summer 1977 (#43)

Luthier Than Thou, or, Pitfalls in Building a Lute Kitte


Fall 1974 (#32)

Lute Music in the Current Middle Ages

Inurion i Randebaron

1973 (#23)


Period Performance

John Lyttleton

Winter 1998 (#125)

Performing Medieval and Renaissance Music: An Introductory Guide by Elizabeth V. Phillips and John-Paul Christopher Jackson

Book review by Isaac de Hugo

Spring 1987 (#82)

Roundabout or Roundelay if You Get Lucky (bardic circles at SCA events)

Mairi-Kathleen nic Lauren

Fall 1986 (#80)


Avram of Mercia

Summer 1977 (#43)

To All Poets, Musicians, Bards, Scalds, Gleemen, Rhymers and the Like in All the Known World

Ioseph of Locksley

1972 (#21)

Pro Arte: The College of Bards, Beckoning the Poetic Spirit

Gwydion Pendderwen

1972 (#20)


Composing a Gymel: A 14th Century English Song Style

Arlis o Gordon

Fall 2003 (#148)

Sheep's Maggot

Marie Genevieve

Summer 1993 (#107)

A Song for the Twelfth Night Season

Vladislav the Purple

Winter 1993 (#105)

Coronation Pavane

Thomas of Dinbucyh

Fall 1989 (#92)

A Dance for the Current Middle Ages

Gwidia Arrowcastre

Fall 1987 (#84)

Taillefer's Song

Bertram of Bearington

Spring 1986 (#82)

Come Share the Dream

Sieglinde Syr and Iolo fitz Owen

Winter 1986 (#81)

Rowan-Tree Carol

Dorigen of the Grey Gate

Winter 1986 (#81)

The Seneschal's Song

Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn

Spring 1986 (#78)

The Horns of Hattin

Mairi Rhianna nam Beann

Winter 1986 (#77)

The Burden of the Crown (with verses 5&6)

Baldwin of Erebor

Winter 1981 (#61)

The Burden of the Crown

Baldwin of Erebor

Fall 1981 (#60)

Under the Greenwood Tree

Perygen Northhymbr

Summer 1979 (#51)

A Song of Balladry

Tsivia bas Tamara v'Amberview

Winter 1977 (#45)

Song: Up The Middle

Moonwulf of Rivenstar

Summer 1975 (#35)

Ballade Upon the Poets of Atenveldt

Thumas na Leabhar O'Conaire

1973 (#26)

Filksong: The Knight of the Shining Blade

Elfrida of Greenwalls


Weapons at the Door

Ioseph of Locksley

1972 (#22)

On Revels, and the Wearing of Weapons Thereat

Y Bardd Gwyn

1972 (#22)

Harvest Round Raven

Gwydion Pendderwen

1972 (#20)


Top Ten German Male Names From Das Hausbuch der Mendelschen

Negham "Kestral" MacLachlan

Summer 1997 (#123)

Researching and Selecting a Name in the SCA and Maximizing Your Chances for Registration

Da'ud ibn Auda

Spring 1992 (#102)

What Constitutes a Name

Summer 1991 (#99)

Choosing a Medieval Name

Arval Benicoeur

Fall 1990 (#96)

There Were No Elves, But There Were Elf-Names

Urien ap Medraut

Winter 1987 (#85)

A Good Mac is Hard to Find: Some Notes on Gælic Naming Conventions

Mairghread-Ros FitzGarret of Desmond

Summer 1986 (#79)

The Construction and Pronunciation of Authentic Irish Names

Caobhain O'Suilleabhain

Fall 1981 (#60)

The Archaic Touch: An Alternative in Name-Choosing

Brynhilde Kormacsdottir

Spring 1978 (#46)

Mh is V, Unless It's W

Deirdre Muldomhnaigh

Spring 1976 (#38)

Latin Names

Däwyd Suomalainen von Markheim

Fall 1975 (#36)

What's in a Name? (ladies' names)

1972 (#22)
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