Toss-ups this band formed in 1975 with a name partially derived from a section of the Alexandre Dumas work

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Bayou-A-Drank 2012

Round 10

Questions by the Tulane University Krewe of Quiz Bowl

1. This band formed in 1975 with a name partially derived from a section of the Alexandre Dumas work The Vicomte de Bragelonne. Lyrics from one of this band’s hits state, “the horse he sweats with fear we break to run, the mighty roar of the Russian guns” as well as describing how “my body’s numb and my throat is dry”. Originally described as “zombie-like”, this band’s mascot appears on almost all of their album covers and in their merchandise; that mascot’s name is Eddie the Head. This band is responsible for such songs as “Flight of Icarus” and “Aces High”, the latter of which appeared on its 1984 album, Powerslave. Fronted by Steve Harris this is, FTP, what heavy metal band responsible for hits such as “The Number of the Beast” and “Run to the Hills”?

ANSWER: Iron Maiden
2. Jason Alexander, who directed two episodes of this show, appeared on it as the principal of Corleone Junior High School. Other characters on this show include the Todd Bridges-played Monk, a Vietnam veteran who works in Doc’s grocery store, and Kill Moves, a homeless millionaire who practices karate in the streets of Bedford-Stuyvesant. The final episode of this show focused on the title character’s attempt to obtain his GED, but ends on a Sopranos-esque cliffhanger after his father Julius, played by Terry Crews, arrives at the restaurant. Starring Tyler James Williams as the namesake stand-up comedian as a teenager, this is, FTP, what former UPN and CW series?

ANSWER: Everybody Hates Chris

3. A U-14 third baseman used Twitter to convince this player to come to one of his team’s games in May 2011. This player has a sister who plays for the WNBA’s San Antonio Silver Stars, and he turned down a scholarship from the University of Georgia after being drafted by a National League East team in 1999. From there he was traded with three other players for Tim Drew and a pitcher who would later win a Cy Young with the Angels; that pitcher was Bartolo Colon. After spending four seasons with the Indians he was again traded to his current team, where players currently behind him on the depth chart include Miguel Cairo and Wilson Valdez. Tony La Russa did not initially select this player to the 2012 NL All Star roster, possibly because he and teammate Johnny Cueto were in the middle of a 2010 brawl with the Cardinals. FTP, who is this second baseman for the Cincinnati Reds?
ANSWER: Brandon Phillips
4. Little is known about this character’s personal life or background. In the first film in which he appears, he reveals that his wife was killed by a drunk driver. It is hinted that in his younger years he served in the U.S. Marine Corps. In the final film in which he appears, his testimony against kingpin Lou Janero causes the gangster to frequently send men to kill him. The climax of one film that features this character involves his dispatching of terrorists on Alcatraz Island after they kidnap the city’s mayor. In his first film appearance his partner Chico is shot by the deranged killer known as Scorpio. Although weapons he has used include a Winchester rifle, a switchblade, a harpoon, and a rocket launcher, his weapon of choice is a .44 Magnum revolver. FTP who is this San Francisco police detective played by Clint Eastwood, famous for lines such as, “Go ahead, make my day”?

ANSWER: “Dirty” Harry Callahan (accept either underlined answer)

5. Non-playable characters in this class include Grif Wildheart in Kharanos and Lanka Farshot in Camp Narache. In addition to being able to set traps such as the Immolation and Frost Traps, members of this class excel at tracking and can learn aspects, including the Aspect of the Monkey, increasing their chance to dodge, and the Aspect of the Hawk, which aids with ranged attacks. Those ranged attacks are especially important to this class, particularly with the crossbow, gun, and bow, all of which can use powerful stings and shots. Also important to this class are controllable creatures known as pets, which they can mend, feed, and use to add to their damage per second. Known for their prowess in the wild and strong relationship with the natural world, these are, FTP, what class from the World of Warcraft?

ANSWER: hunter

6. One song from this artist states, “and everything is plastic, and everyone’s sarcastic, and all your food is frozen, it needs to be defrosted.” Another song by this musician claims that “history books forgot about us, and the Bible didn’t mention us” after the titular figure “ate a slice of Wonderbread and went right back to bed.” That song was off this artist’s 2006 album Begin to Hope. Also on this album were the songs “Us” and “Better,” the latter song asking “If I kiss you where it’s sore, will you feel better… will you feel anything at all?” The cover for this artist’s 2004 album featured the singer holding a bottle of liquor while dressed in a uniform reminiscent of the USSR; that album was Soviet Kitsch. FTP, who is this Russian-born singer, responsible for such hits as “Fidelity” and “Dance Anthem of the 80s”?
ANSWER: Regina Spektor
7. In the opening credits of the television series Charmed, Alyssa Milano is seen carrying one of these animals into her house, and in the opening credits of Bewitched one of these turns into Samantha while Darrin holds it. An animated one of these often runs into trouble with a father and son duo named Spike and Tyke, while in another animated series a woman named Eleanor Abernathy collects these and is often seen throwing them at passersby. In one television series, an attempt to take over the world by a warlock with the surname Saberhagen results in his transformation into one of these, and in another franchise a wizard named Gargamel lives with one of these. FTP, what are these animals, represented by the characters Azrael on The Smurfs and Salem on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch?
ANSWER: cats
8. This actor made his film debut in the 1980 teen comedy Up the Academy and gained recognition for his recurring role as Jeremy Andretti in television’s Eight is Enough. More recently he has been on TV shows such as Psych, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and Ugly Betty. In an episode of Entourage, Johnny Drama asks this man (appearing as himself) to take the blame with Hugh Hefner for “free[ing] the monkeys,” only to find that although he is a family man, he doesn’t want to give up the mansion.  In one of his more famous movie roles, he has lines such as “I shot the clerk?” and “my Cousin Vinny!” While it is argued his breakthrough role was Johnny Cade in The Outsiders, his most famous role is surely as Daniel LaRusso, the beneficiary of the classic line, “Wax on, wax off.” FTP, who is this star of the Karate Kid?

ANSWER: Ralph Macchio

9. Three of this team’s starters made cameo appearances in the third installment of the Air Bud series.  In 2007, one of these players was involved in a controversy that many claim led to that year’s team’s big loss against Brazil, in which coach Greg Ryan started that player over the team’s younger keeper.  Another one of these players was involved with a controversy with the same young keeper, Hope Solo, who called out her announcing skills on Twitter during the 2012 Olympic games.  That same player, after scoring this team’s winning goal in a penalty shootout, became famous for her post-goal celebration in which she removed her jersey, revealing her sports bra.  For ten points, what is this soccer team who beat China in the FIFA championship game, featuring Briana Scurry, Brandi Chastain, and Mia Hamm?

ANSWER: 1999 U.S. Women’s Soccer team

10. The song “He’s So Unusual” is heard in the opening of the music video for this song, and the singer is seen dancing down the street while her mother cracks eggs into a bowl. That video was produced for less than $35,000, in part due to the cast largely consisting of volunteers. Featured in the video are the singer’s mother, brother, and manager, as well as former professional wrestler Lou Albano as a disapproving father. At one point Albano is seen lip-synching the line “what you gonna do with your life” to which the singer responds, “oh daddy dear, you know you’re still number one” before repeating the title line. The album on which this song appears was released in 1983 and was the first to have four top-five singles by a female artist, including the songs “All Through the Night” and “She Bop.” FTP, what is this song, Cyndi Lauper’s breakthrough hit about female camaraderie?

ANSWER: Girls Just Want to Have Fun

11. Some of the lesser-known members of this family include Septimus and Nicholas. Until the passing of an international statute of secrecy in 1692, this family integrated with England’s highest classes, and was given their Manor in Wiltshire by William the Conqueror for questionable services performed by family patriarch Armand. The youngest member of this clan to date is Scorpius, who first attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry in 2017. This family was heavily involved in the two Wizarding Wars as a result of their belief in preserving blood purity, even going so far as to offer their home as the base of operations for the Dark Lord; however, they evaded punishment by defecting at the Battle of Hogwarts. FTP, who is this pure blood wizarding family of which Harry Potter’s nemesis, Draco, is a member?
ANSWER: Malfoy family
12. A native of Long Beach who played at Leuzinger High School, this man spent his first year in college backing up a player who would be drafted by New Orleans in the first round of the 2009 NBA Draft. His team reached the Final Four in both of his seasons; he then declared for the NBA draft and was picked 4th overall in 2008. He has yet to miss a game in his NBA career, and in the 2011-12 season he was named an All-Star and a member of the All-NBA second team. Despite averaging more than 20 points per game for each of the last two seasons, he has sometimes been criticized for ball-hogging and keeping the ball away from his more famous teammate. FTP, who is this man who likes wearing lensless glasses and not passing the ball to Kevin Durant, a former UCLA Bruin and current member of the Oklahoma City Thunder?

ANSWER: Russell Westbrook

13. One episode of the show on which this character appears sees him irritated after being served either fish or liver and onions for eleven days straight. A graduate of Androscoggin College, he was raised in Crabapple Cove, Maine, and completed his residency in Boston. His schemes have included obtaining a former player for the San Francisco 49ers, sending the camp latrine across enemy lines, and trading Lieutenant Colonel Blake’s antique desk on the black market, and he is often at odds with Frank Burns, Charles Winchester, and Hot Lips Houlihan. The tent-mate of B.J. Hunnicutt and Trapper John McIntyre, this is, FTP, what Donald Sutherland and Alan Alda-portrayed character from M*A*S*H?

ANSWER: Captain Hawkeye Pierce (accept either underlined answer)

14. One member of this man’s family can be seen in an episode of Seinfeld portraying a car thief and serial killer, while another can be seen playing a naiad named Story in a 2006 film. He himself can be heard singing his praises of a Midwestern city in a 1962 musical, but has more recently gained success behind the camera. His directorial debut was with the film Grand Theft Auto, but he did not have his big break until 1982 with the release of Night Shift. Since then he has directed films such as Backdraft and Splash. In 2001 this man directed a biographical drama centering on the life of mathematician and paranoid schizophrenic John Nash, as played by Russell Crowe. That film was A Beautiful Mind and it earned him an Academy Award for best director. FTP, who is this former child star, the director of such films as Cocoon, Apollo 13, and The Da Vinci Code?

ANSWER: Ron Howard

15. After six years of silence, this band finally started producing their sixth album in a solar powered studio they funded themselves; that album featured their single “Sick of You”. Their first single asks “how much did you spend on your black leather jacket” and is called “Rock and Rock Lifestyle”. This band’s second album included covers of Willie Nelson’s “Sad Songs and Waltzes” and Doris Day’s “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps.” Another one of their singles states that the singer wants a “a girl with good dividends; at Citibank we will meet accidentally, we’ll start to talk when she borrows my pen.” Probably most famous for 1996’s Fashion Nugget, FTP, who is this rock band known for the “The Distance” and “Short Skirt/Long Jacket”?
16. This team entered NCAA Division I relevance in 1983 when it hired a coach from Iowa who after one year began a streak of twenty-three straight tournament appearances before his retirement.  They won the NCAA championship once during this span in the late 1990s.  The award for the best non-freshman player in NCAA Division 1 basketball is named for the aforementioned coach.  The second overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft became the highest draft pick ever for a player from this program, along with Mike Bibby in 1998.  That player for this team was Derrick Williams.  FTP, what is this Pac-12 team, currently coached by Sean Miller and previously coached by Lute Olson, nicknamed “Point Guard U” for its history of producing prolific guards?

ANSWER: University of Arizona Wildcats (accept either underlined answer)
17. Trail’s End, the final issue in this series, will be released this September. While there are some white and black characters in this series, including the conman Wesley Willeford and the crooked agent Baylis Earl Nitz, most of its characters belong to a specific ethnic group whose home at Prairie Rose is being infiltrated by the FBI. That setting for this comic, known alternately as “the Rez,” was the site of the murder of two FBI agents by Catcher, whose crimes were later used to imprison fellow Dog Soldier Lawrence Belcourt. Granny Poor Bear and Officer Falls Down are two of the more upright characters in this series, contrasting with the main character who at one point slowly murders the partially-Kickapoo Diesel Engine. FTP, what is this comic series about Dash Bad Horse and the criminal underworld of his Indian reservation?

ANSWER: Scalped

18. Lesser-known roles for this actress include Margaret Reynolds, a neglected housewife who fantasizes about blowing up the Statue of Liberty, and Daisy Gamble, who discovers that she is the reincarnation of someone from the 19th-century. In addition to Up the Sandbox and On a Clear Day You Can See Forever, she has starred in The Mirror Has Two Faces, The Way We Were, and a film that saw her sing “Papa, Can You Hear Me?” In recent years, her name has been invoked as a powerful curse word in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut and she has been nominated for a Razzie for her role as Roz Focker. FTP, who is this EGOT-winning star of Funny Girl and The Prince of Tides?

ANSWER: Barbra Streisand

19. This man's rise to prominence occurred at the university where he would later become the head coach. He coached tight ends and wide receivers before becoming offensive coordinator; notable players he coached in that position included Keary Colbert and Mike Williams. In a somewhat surprising move, he then became head coach of an NFL team, though he coached just twenty games before being fired “for cause.” He then moved back to the college ranks, spending one season in the SEC, where he accused Urban Meyer of rule violations, and stirring up even more controversy when he left to return to the site of his earlier success. FTP, who is this man who has been head coach of the Oakland Raiders, the Tennessee Volunteers, and now the USC Trojans?

ANSWER: Lane Kiffin

20. An episode of Tim and Eric Awesome Show features a fake trailer for a movie about a miniature version of this man, while an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm titled after this man and his wife features the couple going on a disastrous double date with Larry and Cheryl to a bowling alley. On the show on which he currently appears this man’s character recently relocated from Seattle to Las Vegas, where he took over a position once held by Catherine Willows. This man also appears in an episode of Frasier in which he reprises the role for which he is most famous. That episode was titled “The Show Where Sam Shows Up,” referring to this man’s character, Sam Malone. FTP, who is this current star of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, a past star of the shows Becker and Cheers?
  ANSWER: Ted Danson


1. He dropped the name “the Night Tripper” following the release of his 1968 album Gris-Gris. FTPE:

1) Born in New Orleans’s Third Ward, this musician took his stage name from a 19th century voodoo personality. His songs include “I Walk on Guilded Splinters” and “Right Place Wrong Time.”

ANSWER: Dr. John or Mac Rebennack, Jr.

2) In addition to the theme songs to Curious George and K-Ville, Dr. John also recorded “My Opinionation,” the theme song of this ‘90s sitcom. It notably had some “very special episodes.”

ANSWER: Blossom

3) Dr. John collaborated with this musician to produce the critically successful album Locked Down in 2012. He has been the guitarist and vocalist for The Black Keys since 2001.

ANSWER: Dan Auerbach

2. This man was fictionalized as Coach Cotton in the 2009 film The Blind Side. FTPE:

1) This real-life high school coach of Michael Oher left his job at Arkansas State in 2011 to become the head coach at Ole Miss. In his one year at Arkansas State he went 10-2 and won the Sunbelt Conference title.

ANSWER: Hugh Freeze

2) Freeze replaced this coach, who resigned under pressure in 2011. Prior to coaching at Ole Miss, he coached Razorbacks such as Darren McFadden at Arkansas from 1997 to 2007.

ANSWER: Houston Nutt

3) Joining Freeze and Nutt on the coaching carousel was this former head coach of the Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks. He worked as an NFL analyst before being named the head coach of UCLA.

ANSWER: Jim Mora, Jr.
3. Answer these questions about an award-winning author, FTPE:
1) In 2006, this author published a fictionalized account of a Sudanese refugee’s life story called What is the What: The Autobiography of Valentino Achak Deng. He also wrote about a Syrian immigrant in New Orleans who was arrested after Hurricane Katrina in 2009’s Zeitoun.
ANSWER: Dave Eggers
2) Eggers’ first and most famous work, however, is this lightly fictionalized memoir published in 2000, which chronicles the stewardship of younger brother Christopher “Toph” Eggers following the cancer-related deaths of their parents.
ANSWER: A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
3) Eggers also co-wrote this 2009 film starring John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph. In this movie expecting parents Burt and Verona travel the country looking for the perfect place to raise a child before deciding that they should live in Verona’s childhood home.
ANSWER: Away We Go
4. Answer these questions about a 1999 mockumentary, FTPE:

1) This dark comedy follows the contestants in the much-sabotaged Sarah Rose Cosmetics Mount Rose American Teen Princess Pageant. The fiercest competition exists between the wealthy Rebecca Leeman and poor Amber Atkins, as played by Denise Richards and Kirsten Dunst, respectively.

ANSWER: Drop Dead Gorgeous

2) This “fat actress” portrayed the murderous Gladys Leeman in Drop Dead Gorgeous, however she is better known for her role as Rebecca Howe on the television series Cheers.

ANSWER: Kirstie Alley

3) Drop Dead Gorgeous also marks the screen debut of this three-time Academy Award nominee. Her nominations would come later in her career for her roles in films such as Junebug and Doubt.

ANSWER: Amy Adams
5. Identify these things related to Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle, FTPE:

1) The Celtics drafted Carlisle in the third round of the 1970 NBA Draft out of this East Coast school. Other notable players from this school have included Mustapha Farrakhan and a center who won three straight Naismith Awards in the early ‘80s.

ANSWER: University of Virginia or UVA

2) Carlisle’s Mavericks lost in the first round to this team in the 2012 postseason, one year after defeating them in the Western Conference Finals.

ANSWER: Oklahoma City Thunder (accept either underlined answer)

3) Carlisle’s last coaching job before being hired by Dallas was with this Eastern Conference team. After leaving this team in 2007 he was replaced by Jim O’Brien, who was himself replaced by Frank Vogel in 2011.

ANSWER: Indiana Pacers (accept either underlined answer)
6. Superman constructed a miniature version of this city after the colonization of the new planet Rokyn. FTPE:

1) This city had previously been shrunk down years earlier and had been kept in a bottle in the Fortress of Solitude. Superman occasionally shrunk himself to help with various civic duties here.

ANSWER: Kandor

2) Kandor was the capital city of this planet, Superman’s birthplace. Green ore from this planet is one of Superman’s only weaknesses.

ANSWER: Krypton

3) This villain was responsible for shrinking Kandor and removing it from Krypton shortly before the planet was destroyed. He is usually depicted as bald with a network of diodes on his head.

ANSWER: Brainiac
7. Answer these questions about a television personality, FTPE:
1) This comedienne started her career as a guest host for Johnny Carson in 1983.  Known for her plastic surgeries, she is currently a commentator on E!’s Fashion Police.
  ANSWER: Joan Rivers
2) When interviewing celebrities on the red carpet Rivers usually asks this fashion-conscious question.  Answers to this question vary from Oscar de la Renta to Versace to Alexander McQueen.
  ANSWER: Who are you wearing?
3) This woman is also a commentator on Fashion Police with Rivers, but her most recent project is a reality show chronicling her and her husband’s attempts to have a child that eventually leads to them selecting a surrogate. She is perhaps better known as an anchor for E! News.
  ANSWER: Guiliana Rancic
8. She won an Emmy for her portrayal of autistic horse trainer Temple Grandin. FTPE:
1) This actress’s first major role came as Angela Chase in the short-lived television series My So-Called Life, a role for which she won a Golden Globe. Her first major film role was as Juliet in Baz Luhrman’s Romeo + Juliet.
ANSWER: Claire Danes,
2) Danes also played Cosette, the daughter of Fantine the prostitute in a 1998 film adaptation of this Victor Hugo novel. A film based on the musical of the same name is set to be released in 2012.
Answer: Les Miserables
3) This Australian actor plays Police Inspector Javert in the 1998 film adaptation of Les Miserables. His voice acting roles have included the pelican Nigel in Finding Nemo and Lyze of Kiel in Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole.
ANSWER: Geoffrey Rush
9. Answer these question about an actor who played the “Trinity Killer,” FTPE:
1) This American actor has appeared in films such as The World According to Garp and Terms of Endearment, for which he earned an Academy Award nomination. He also voiced Lord Farquaad in the animated film Shrek.
ANSWER: John Lithgow
2) Lithgow’s television career includes a stint as this man on the NBC series 3rd Rock from the Sun. This character is an alien High Commander disguised as a professor of physics at Pendelton State University.
ANSWER: Dick Solomon (accept either underlined answer)
3) Lithgow also appeared with Michael Caine and Bob Hoskins in the 1994 TV movie When Lions Roared as this US president. Ed Begley, Jr. also appears in that movie as this man’s advisor Harry Hopkins.

ANSWER: Franklin Delano Roosevelt (accept “FDR,” prompt on “Roosevelt”)

10. Wale appears at the beginning of one version of this song, which also includes a group of women mimicking Amy Winehouse. FTPE:

1) That version of this song by Mark Ronson was featured on the 2007 covers album Version as well as in the movie 27 Dresses. It asks the titular woman, “won’t you come on over and stop making a fool out of me?”

ANSWER: “Valerie

2) This English band originally released “Valerie” as a track on their 2006 album Tired of Hanging Around. Other songs by this band include “You Can Do Anything,” “Why Won’t You Give Me Your Love?” and “Pressure Point.”

ANSWER: The Zutons

3) At the beginning of the Mark Ronson version of “Valerie” Amy Winehouse can be heard saying, “I’m sorry…I was having too much fun” to this comedian. The quote comes from a Chappelle’s Show sketch that features an overexcited Rick James as a part of his “True Hollywood Stories.”

ANSWER: Charlie Murphy
11. Don't lose your head over these questions! FTPE:
1) This Showtime series centered on the life and wives of King Henry the VIII of England. It was the perfect combination of English history and lots of doing-it.
ANSWER: The Tudors
2) This singer-songwriter played Anne of Cleves, Henry's queen in season three. She's better known for her soul music work, though, with albums such as "The Soul Sessions", "Mind Body and Soul" and "Colour Me Free!"
ANSWER: Joss Stone
3) Henry Cavill starred as Charles Brandon, a member of Henry's royal court throughout the series. Cavill also recently starred in this 2011 movie as Theseus and went on to slay the Minotaur.
ANSWER: Immortals
12. This group’s hits included “Liquid Dreams” and “We Fit Together.” FTPE:

1) Finding the most success with 2001’s “All or Nothing,” this boy band’s formation and subsequent career were chronicled on the TV series Making the Band. Apparently they reunited in 2011 without Ashley Parker Angel.


2) This producer and convicted conman was one of the judges on Making the Band and briefly worked as O-Town’s manager. He has since been sued by *NYSNC, the Backstreet Boys, and Aaron Carter and is currently serving a 25 year prison sentence.

ANSWER: Lou Pearlman

3) Pearlman also played a major role in the formation of this group that found success with songs such as “Every Other Time” and “Girl on TV.” They had a number-one hit in 1999 with a song about people who wear Abercrombie and Fitch.

ANSWER: LFO or Lyte Funky Ones
13. Name these things related to a 2008 movie, FTPE:
1) This movie’s all-female cast features Debra Messing, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Eva Mendes. Meg Ryan stars as a slighted character seeking revenge on her husband’s mistress.
  ANSWER: The Women
2) This actress also stars in The Women as the power-hungry Sylvie. She was nominated for an Academy Award in 2010 for her role in The Kids Are All Right, and she is married to Warren Beatty.
  ANSWER: Annette Bening
3) This woman has a small role in The Women as Eva Mendes’s coworker Pat.  She currently stars as Sheila Shay on the sitcom Suburgatory and appeared in Mean Girls as Cady’s mother Betsy.
  ANSWER: Anna Gasteyer
14. Answer some questions about an LPGA great, FTPE:

1) This Swede is considered to be one of the best golfers of all time, amassing 10 Major Championships, and winning 72 LPGA tournaments. She retired in December 2008.

ANSWER: Annika Sörenstam

2) When Sörenstam abruptly retired this woman became the first Mexican golfer, male or female, to be ranked number one in the world. Like Sörenstam she retired unexpectedly in 2010.

ANSWER: Lorena Ochoa

3) Sörenstam has been very critical of this female golfer, known for playing in men’s events and for being the youngest person to qualify for an LPGA tour event, and controversially slamming her club into the ground.

ANSWER: Michelle Wie
15. Answer some questions about the catchiest song to come out of Summer 2012, FTPE:
1) Most recently covered by the US Olympic Swim Team, this tune by Carly Rae Jepsen states “So I just met you, and this is crazy” before offering the listener her number.
  ANSWER: Call Me Maybe
2) A Youtube video featuring “Call me Maybe” was uploaded in May 2012 that features athletes from this school lipsyncing to the song while driving in a van.
  ANSWER: Harvard’s baseball team
3) Another popular YouTube cover of “Call Me Maybe” features this breed of dog in the role of lovesick Carly Rae. This Internet darling is known for its short legs and stocky body.
  ANSWER: Welsh Corgi
16. This show received 98 Emmy nominations during its seven-year run. FTPE:

1) Airing from 1981 to 1987, this NBC series documented the lives of the staff of a police precinct in an unnamed city. It is credited as being one of the first police dramas to use handhelds instead of studio cameras.

ANSWER: Hill Street Blues

2) Along with Michael Kozoll, this writer and producer created Hill Street Blues. Other TV shows he has developed include L.A. Law, NYPD Blue, and Raising the Bar.

ANSWER: Steven Bochco

3) This actress played Gina Srignoli on two seasons of Hill Street Blues. She may be better known for playing Samantha Cole in Liar Liar and for her career as a poker player.

ANSWER: Jennifer Tilly
17. Although bands usually get all of the credit, many albums gain much of their strength through the actions of effective producers. Identify the producers of some classic albums, FTPE:

1) This founder of Def Jam Records and co-president of Columbia Records produced such famous albums as Licensed to Ill and It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back.

ANSWER: Rick Rubin

2) This producer is also a prominent musician and played keyboard in the band Roxy Music. He produced the albums Remain in Light and Achtung Baby, among others.

ANSWER: Brian Eno

3) This producer was very influential on the early grunge scene. He produced such albums as Smashing Pumpkins’ Gish and Nirvana’s Nevermind.

ANSWER: Butch Vig
18. Not unlike the character she portrays in her breakout role, this actress seems to have an affinity for musicians. FTPE:

1) Name this woman, fiancé of Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy and ex-wife of The Black Crows frontman Chris Robinson. She came to prominence playing Penny Lane in the 2001 film Almost Famous.

ANSWER: Kate Hudson

2) Hudson also starred in this 2005 horror movie, in which she played a hospice nurse at a bayou plantation. Along with Peter Sarsgaard, she becomes wrapped up in mystery involving Louisiana hoodoo.

ANSWER: The Skeleton Key

3) In 2009, Hudson starred along with this actress in the romantic comedy Bride Wars. More recently, this starlet donned a leather cat suit in The Dark Knight Rises as Selina Kyle.

ANSWER: Anne Hathaway
19. Since they came into existence, the Seattle Mariners have completed 287 trades with other Major League teams. Identify some of the pitchers involved in these trades, FTPE:

1) In July 1997, the Red Sox traded Heathcliff Slocumb to Seattle for Jason Varitek and this right-handed pitcher. He has since pitched for the Dodgers, Braves, Indians, and Yankees.

ANSWER: Derek Lowe

2) In July 1998, the Mariners traded this pitcher to the Astros for Carlos Guillen, Freddy Garcia, and John Halama. A 300 game-winner, he was nicknamed “The Big Unit.”

ANSWER: Randy Johnson

3) Seattle received Johermyn Chavez and this eventual closer in a trade with the Blue Jays in 2009. He accumulated 37 saves in 2011 after taking over for the injured David Aardsma, and was traded to the Dodgers this July.

ANSWER: Brandon League
20. Answer these questions about video games that have a strong Lovecraftian influence, FTPE:

1) This horror game for the Gamecube was the first game published directly by Nintendo to have an M rating. Its “sanity meter” causes strange in-game effects, including the game appearing to turn down the volume of the TV and a fake “blue screen of death”.

ANSWER: Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

2) This 2010 Swedish horror game also utilizes a sanity meter, which drains as the player spends time hiding from monsters in the dark or witnesses "unsettling" events. This game does not allow the player to pick up weapons, leaving flight as the only available course of action when confronted with monsters.

ANSWER: Amnesia: The Dark Descent

3) A 2001 game with this title, subtitled “The Gateway to Beyond,” derives its name from a fictional book first mentioned in Lovecraft’s “The Hound”. It plays a significant role in the Evil Dead series where it is responsible for the creation of the “Deadites”.

ANSWER: The Necronomicon or Necronomicon Ex-Mortis

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