Title: National Smile month Summary

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National Smile month


Oral health is an extremely important local health priority with the upcoming National Smile month a great opportunity to address this and promote oral health within different settings.

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Lucy Hawkin







25 April 2016

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National Smile Month is fast approaching spanning from the 16th May - 16th June 2016. This month aims to promote and raise awareness of Oral Health and the importance of developing and maintaining a healthy mouth, in particular transmitting three key messages:

  • Brush your teeth last thing at night and on at least one other

occasion with a fluoride toothpaste.

  • Cut down on how often you have sugary foods and drinks.

Tooth decay is an extremely important public health problem locally with just over ¼ (28.4%) of 5 year olds in H&F having at least one decayed/missing/filled tooth, which is higher than the average across England at 27.9%.  Dental decay is also the top cause of hospital admissions for children aged 1-18 years across all three boroughs, and accounts for around ¼ of admissions in 5-9 year olds in H&F. Affected children suffer pain, infection, and discomfort causing sleepless nights, inability to concentrate in school and school absence, alongside emotional implications. This evidence highlights the real importance of addressing and promoting oral health, with National Smile month providing an excellent opportunity to do so within your setting. In order to assist you in doing this the Public Health Team will be sending out resource packs to Nurseries, Children Centres and Schools, incorporating a range of activities and promotional resources and are excited to see what steps you take to promote National Smile Month.

Please contact CLCH at ohp@clch.nhs.uk or Gabriella Mitchell at gmitchell@westminster.gov.uk if you would like any further support or ideas around how to implement National Smile Month within your setting. Further information or ideas can be found here: www.nationalsmilemonth.org

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