Title: Community Engagement Supervisor

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LHS Position Description

Title: Community Engagement Supervisor

Reports To: Shelter Manager

Hours: Full-time
Job summary: Oversees the adoptions, volunteers, children’s programs and pet help area. Overall responsibility for the daily operation of the adoption and front desk operations to ensure a pleasant and positive experience is had by the general public, visitors and volunteers. Ensures standards and procedures are followed and resources are available on a daily basis.

  • Is responsible for the hiring, supervision, training, and discipline of front desk and pet help staff providing regular, on-going positive and negative feedback and timely evaluations. Monitors safety compliance of staff and volunteers. Keeps shelter manager abreast of any staffing, major facility or animal care issues.

  • Ensures that all adoption and front desk, pet help staff are properly trained in positive customer service interactions, in the philosophies and adoption guidelines of the Lynchburg Humane Society.

  • Implements effective communication practices with all staff and volunteers to foster mutual understanding and teamwork.

  • Responsible for ensuring that all animals up for adoption have proper animal write ups, photos and marketing materials to help promote their adoption. Including videos and reduction of prices and aggressive marketing plans.

  • Oversees the social media posts to ensure they are being done daily and promotes the programs, pets and adoption promotions of the center.

  • Ensures that all areas of the Adoption Center and front lobby are maintained in a manner that provides staff, volunteers, clients and animals an environment that is safe, healthy, clean, attractive and uncluttered.

  • Make sure that the Pittsylvania Pet Center’s adoption and volunteer departments are in compliance with all animal welfare requirements including maintaining and filing proper paper documentations, database management and other items associated with the animal welfare functions.

  • Work with the other departments to ensure that the right animal is placed in the right place in the adoption center for their mental well-being and marketing benefits.

  • Ensures that cash outs and money handling is done efficiently, honestly and on time.

  • Promotes savings, material donations and monetary donations.

  • Ensures that staff knows how to implement their role as fundraisers in Adoption Center activities and off site events.

  • Trains, oversees and manages the foster and shelter volunteers. Grows the foster program as needed.

  • Develops and maintains cooperative work relationships with other community agencies, animal control workers and animal organizations, including rescues, veterinarians and other animal service workers. Contacts rescues for assistance when needed.

  • Other tasks as assigned by the Shelter Manager and Director of Operations

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