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Georgia Coroner’s Association

Annual Meeting Saturday, September 12, 2015

Macon Marriott City Center

Time: 10:00

Invocation: Hon. Connie Kitchen-Jackson

Hon. Ralph Wilson with door prizes and recognized the vendors: Recipients of door prizes are as follows:

Bio Hazard Services: Hon. Freeman Worthy, Hon. Ron Fortner

Air Port Mortuary: Hon, Vanita Hullander, Nathan Stanley, Larry Brown, Paul Pannell, Hon. Mike Adams.

Vision Medical: Hon. Sonny Wilson, Hon. Earl Darby

Southern Bio: Hon. Tommy Flanders, Hon. Mark Bowman, Hon. Gary McElhenney, Hon. LW Bruce, Hon. Kevin Roper, Hon. Richard Stanley

Bio Care: Hon. Ed Carson, Robert Parker

Life Link: Hon. Randy Daniel, Hon. David Exley,

Georgia Eye Bank: Hon. Chris Stephens

Hon Ted Bearden: Fay McGahee

Vital Records: Luther Beason

Presidents Report: Augusta class was great; there were 25 students, new instructor Jason Jones. Hon. David Excley thanked Hon. Reginald Pierce and Hon. Ralph Wilson for all their help.

Secretary Report: Members read hard copy of the report Hon. Sonny Wilson made motion to except minutes as read 2nd by Hon. Bill Wessinger. Motion carried.

Treasures Report: As of August 28, 2015 all bills and invoices were paid with the exception of those associated with the annual meeting, a balance of $73,067.74 in the GCA account. As of August 28, 2015 GCA has 1075. 02 in the accounts receivable file. This is sales from the store. There were 6 counties that did not join the GCA they are, Hall, Evans, Charlton, Hancock, Troup and Twiggs Counties. There were 2 Counties where the Deputies joined but the Coroner did not, Washington and Franklin Counties. A motion was made by Hon. Ed Carson and 2nd by Hon. Vanita Hullander, motion carried.

Legislative report: Hon. Richard Stanley nothing to report

Website: Hon. Mike Adams Please go on the website and add or take off addresses etc. Also talked about Hon. Becky Callihan having access to the Coroner’s website to keep up with the Coroner’s and Deputy Coroner’s to keep information updated.

Media: Hon. Ted Bearden nothing to report, but did state that if anyone needed help with media to please call him.

Bylaw: Hon. LW Bruce nothing to report

Awards: Harry Pippin award: Richard Stanley

AR King: Hon. Reginald Pierce

Leroy Simms: Hon. Ralph Wilson

Nominating Committee: Hon. Janice Brown is 2nd Vice President, Hon. Ed Carson made motion to except with LW Bruce 2nd, motion carried.

Hon. LW Bruce made motion to adjourn, 2nd by Paul Pannell. Motion carried.


Hon. Susan Salemi of Burke County, President,

Hon. Christopher Stephens of Stephens County 1st Vice President

Hon. Janice Brown of Wilcox County 2nd Vice President

Hon. Gary McElhenney of Putnam County Treasurer

Hon. Rebecca Callihan of Fannin County Secretary

Hon. Connie Kitchens-Jackson of Glascock County Chaplin

Hon. Edgar Perry of Turner County as Training Council Chairman

Hon. Mike Adams of Hart County as Director at Large

Hon. Ted Bearden of Dawson County as Director of District one

Hon. Mark Bowen of Richmond County as Director of District two

Hon. Kathie Buchanan of Heard County as Director of District three

Tommy Flanders of Bryan County as Director of District four

Hon. Sam Brown of Thomas County Director of District five.

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