Thompson Veterinary Clinic 440 Chippewa Avenue ~ Manistique, mi 49854 ~ 906-341-2813

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Thompson Veterinary Clinic

440 Chippewa Avenue ~ Manistique, MI 49854 ~ 906-341-2813

G. Hoholik, DVM ~ T. Gustafson, DVM ~ J. Columbus, DVM ~ H. Way, DVM ~ R. Coyer, DVM

“Perio” means around, “dontal” means tooth:  Periodontal disease is disease around the outside of the tooth.

The Tooth, the Whole Tooth and Nothing but the Tooth
In this picture we see the crown of the tooth (the part we see when looking in the mouth), the root of the tooth (the part we do not see), and the attachment of the tooth to the bone. The tooth sits in a socket and is held there by periodontal ligaments. The tooth receives nutrients from blood vessels inside the pulp chamber of the tooth. Periodontal disease takes place inside the socket in which the tooth is seated.

Out of all the members of your family, the chances are it will not be difficult to guess who has the worst dental hygiene: the pets. They do not brush their teeth nor do they floss and this goes on for years. If you are ever curious as to what happens if teeth go for years without brushing (or you want to show your children what will become of their teeth should they fail to brush regularly), you have only to look at your pet’s teeth and smell your pet’s breath.

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