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St. John Ship Arrivals 1900-1909 – Finding Aid (J. Frank)

The extraction of Halifax arrivals by George Dorscher is an invaluable aid to genealogical research. However, it is not very easy to search for families because of spelling variations and errors. Using your browser search function may find your family but you may also miss some important connections because of these spelling problems. Trying to browse manually through over 200 pages of entries may also result in missing important clues. For example, if you are searching for any Gottschalk entries, you might miss the Gottschaulk spelling which occurs in a couple of places.

This alphabetical listing of names is intended as a TOOL to be used in conjunction with the Dorscher list. It does NOT include every individual but rather only those who are the head of household or single people traveling alone or with others where a surname is shown.
It will assist you in finding alternate surname spellings which you can then use within your browser search function to find the entry and subsequent ship info on the Dorscher list. I have also browsed through the list and, where I have noted a major inconsistency, I have added a note for considering an alternate. For example, someone looking for the Filman / Fielmann family at Rosenfeld should look at the Tilman spelling in this list.
Even with a list like this, you may still miss certain spelling problems. Be sure to include variations you have already encountered in your research and consider transliteration problems with old script such as, to name just a few:

  • mistaking S for L or vice versa

  • T for F or vice versa

  • M for N or vice versa

  • P for R or vice versa


  • m for n for u

  • s for f

  • l for t

  • i for e


(N?)isch, Franz 55 Winnipeg, MB
Ahlbach, Alfred 27 Lincoln, NE

Alsberg, Kristoph 23 ____ ND

Altergott, Gottfried 27 Caro, MI

Amend, Conrad 25 McCook, NE

Amend, Georgina 26 Lincoln, NE

Andreas, Heinrich 15 St. John, NB

Andreas, Jacob 20 Grenfell, MB

Arndt, F. 37 Odessa, WA

Arnst, Gottlieb 36

Arnst, Johann 48 Caro, MI

Assman, Johann 20 Rosthern, (SK)

Assman, Karl 25 Rosthern, (SK)

Auchenbrenner, Kath 19 Qu' Apelle, (SK)

Aultman, Peter 26 Winnipeg,MB

Aurich, Adam 39 Chicago, IL
Bauch, C. 29 Kulm, ND

Bauer, Georg 46 Norfolk, NE

Bauer, Jacob 47 Caro, MI

Baum, B (male) 50 Portland, ?

Becker, August 46 Edmonton,AB

Becker, Gustav 19 St. John, NB

Becker, Heinrich 39 Winnipeg, MB

Becker, Jacob 19 Grand Forks, ND

Befus, I. 31 Calgary, AB

Befus, Peter 26 Calgary, (AB)

Beier, Christina 34 St. John, NB

Belligmeier, Friedrich 21 Annamoose, ND

Benner, Jacob 28 Lincoln, NE

Bens, H. 33 Winnipeg, MB

Bergman, Edmund 42 Winnipeg, MB

Bergman, Edmund 42 Winnipeg, MB

Bernhard, Eliz 24 Anamoose, ND

Bernhardt, Katarina18

Bishof, Johann 39 Sugar City, CO

Blum, David 33 Hastings, NE

Blum, Wilhelm 28 Winnipeg, MB

Bochmann, Marie 58

Boger, Jacob 39 Kulm, ND

Bohn, Amelia 24 Winnipeg, MB

Bohn, Jacob 20 Linton, ND

Bolher, Johann 37 Caro, MI

Borchert, Robert 19 Beaver Dam, WI

Borchert, Robert 19 Beaver Dam, WI

Boriul, August 26 Beaver Dam, WI

Borscheck, T 40 Rosthern, SK

Bosh, Frans 18

Bostek, Johannes 56 Rosthern, (SK)

Bowe, Sabastian 42 Qu'Appelle,SK

Bozmier, Wendelin 17 Aberdeen, SD

Brachmeyer, Maria 28 Winnipeg, MB

Brand, Wilhelmina 37 Edmonton, AB

Bratmayer, Maria 51 Mandan, ND

Brauer, Wilhelmina 24 Regina, (SK)

Braun, Michael 55 Winkler, MB

Brecht, Johann 39 Humbolt, SK

Bruckner, Dominik 57 Regina, SK

Buchmeier, Alton 53 Winnipeg, MB

Buchmeier, Anton 53 Winnipeg, MB

Buckel, Joseph 43 Winnipeg, MB

Buerske, Wilhlem 27 Winnipeg, MB

Buller, Abram 32 Winnipeg, MB

Bundeman, A. 44 Winnipeg, MB

Burbach, Heinrich 27 Lincoln, NE

Burgart, Wendolin 21 Winnipeg, MB

Burghard, Adam 40 Winnipeg, MB

Burgsheim, Augusta 32 Taber, AB

Busch, H. 23 St. John, NB

Busch, Konrad 43 ?
Christman, Joseph 27 Dickenson, ND
Debus, Jacob 33 Lincoln, NE

Dederer, Adolf 21 Winnipeg, MB

Degenstein, Conrad 38 Anamoose, ND

Diefenbach, Rosina 23 Qu'Appelle, (SK)

Dieffenbach, Rosina 23 "

Dietz, Heinrich 59 Winnipeg, MB

Dietz, Johann 30 Lincoln, NE

Dietz, Johann 30 Lincoln, NE

Dietz, Johann 40 Lincoln, NE

Dieval, Anna 20 ____, WA

Dippel, Georg 29 Oshkosh, WI

Doberstein, Gustav 22 Winnipeg, MB

Dormart, Jacob 23 Greenfield, ON

Dorn, Georg 40 Lincoln, NE

Dorn, George 40 Lincoln, NE

Dresler, Anton 22 Napoleon, ND

Ducher, Ludwig 42 Duluth, MN

Dyck, Peter 40 Winnipeg, MB

Eckert, Johann 27 Milwaukee

Eckhardt, Anton 63 Bismarck, ND

Eckland, George 28 Lincoln, NE

Ehlke, Edwin 26 Plumas, MB

Eikhardt, Henry 20 Culbertson,NE

Eisenbaum, Adam 65 Tripp, SD

Eisenzimmer, Andreas 27 Winnipeg, MB

Eittel, Jacob 18 Caro, MI

Eittel, Jacob 18 Caro, MI

Elberg, Heinrich 33 Chicago. IL

Elberg, Joseph 45 Chicago, IL

Elsinger, Conrad 26 Winnipeg, MB

Elsinger, Maurad 35 Winnipeg, MB

Engle, Joachim 28 Napoleon, ND

Engleman, George 18 Sioux City, IA

Enquist, Karl 35 Lincoln, NE

Eresman, Elizabeth 20 Aberdeen, SD

Erhard, F. 36 Winnipeg, MB

Fabs, Carl 34 Hamilton, ND

Falk, Josef 41 ___, ND

Fast, Dietrich 58 Gretna, MB

Faust, Gottfried 30 Winnipeg, MB

Faust, Gottfried 30 Winnipeg, MB

Fedich, Josephine 20 Aberdeen, SD

Fenderer, George 61 USA

Ferderer, Paul 27 Mandan, ND

Ferdman, Rubin 24 Winnipeg, MB

Fernes, Rochus 38

Fetter, Lukas 39 Regina, SK

Fettig, Marianna 60 Winnipeg, MB

Finzler, Adolf 28 Winnipeg, MB

Fischer, Adam 44 Oshkosh, WI

Fischer, Heinrich 36 Mordan, MB

Fischer, Johann 37 Winnipeg, MB

Fischer, Peter 25 Hamilton, ND

Fitzler, G. 69 Lincoln, NE

Flat, Jan 29 Winnipeg, MB

Flath, Jacob 31 Kulm, lND

Fleng, Katherina 23 Selby, SD

Folmer, Philip 58 Broken Bow, NE

Fordan, Philipp 28 Winnipeg, MB

Frank, C. 23 Winnipeg, MB

Frank, Magdalena 42 Harvey, ND

Fransheiser, Alex 26 Lincoln, NE

Friedrich, Martin 36 Mandan, ND

Fritz, Daniel 18 Ritzville, WA

Fritz, David 18 Ritzville, WA

Froelich, Mathilde 22 Winnipeg, MB

Frolick, Johann 54 Winnipeg,MB

Fruhling, Andreas 38 Winnipeg, MB

Funk, Peter 44 Winnipeg, MB
Garte, Heinrich 48 Caro, MI

Gartner, Julianna 56 Balgonie, (SK)

Gaub, Martin 24 Aberdeen, SD

Geist, Jacob 37 Lehigh, KS

Gerea, Jacob 27 Winnipeg, MB

Gerhard, Karl 22 ?

Geringer, Philipp 34 Lincoln, NE

Gesik, Conrad 37 Lincoln, NE

Gier, Jacob 52 Lincoln, NE

Gil--er, Adam 32 St. John, NB

Gisik, Christian 30 Lincoln, NE

Gisik, Jacob 26 Lincoln, NE

Giz, Jacob 29 Irvine, AB

Goetz, Johann 38 Winnipeg, MB

Goosburg, Daniel 42 Lincoln, NE

Gottenaum, Johann 40 Winnipeg, MB

Gottfried, Johann 25 Topeka, KS

Graft, Alex 19 Lincoln, NE

Gres, Jacob 35 Lincoln, NE

Grindmann, Emanual 33 Winnipeg, MB

Grundmann, Carl 16 Munstor, SK

Gundron, Adolph 43 Winnipeg, MB

Gurski, Jacob 23 Humbolt, SK

Gurski, Michael 19 Humbolt, SK

Haberlock, Heinrich 25 Winnipeg, MB

Halfeld, Emil 53 Winnipeg, MB

Hallenburg, Rudolf 35 Wetaskawin, (AB)

Halzer, Anton 34 Winnipeg, MB

Ham, Jacob 29 Lincoln, NE

Hardt, Heinrich 34 Chicago, IL

Harkenstein, Peter 41 Winkler, MB

Harnung, Magdalena 18 Kulm, ND

Hartmann, Lorenz 50 Buffalo Park, KS

Hartmann, Thomas 25 Buffalo Park, KS

Harwick, Heinrich 30 New ------, ND

Hauf, Georg 28 Lincoln, NE

Hauk, Simon 15 Harvey, ND

Hauk, Simon 15 Harvey, ND

Haupt, Adam 25 Winnipeg, MB

Heide, Christian 38 Winnipeg, MB

Heil, Peter 30 Lincoln, NE

Heilman, Andreas 41 Wishek, ND

Hein, David 34 Lincoln, NE

Heinrich, Adam 20 Winnipeg, MB

Heinrich, Dore 50 Grand Island, NE

Heinrich, George 27 Portland, ?

Heinrich, Johann 20 Arcola (SK)

Heinrich, Ludwig 41 Irvine, AB

Heintenreder, Heinrich 24 Lincoln, NE

Heiser, Alexander 26 Winnipeg, MB

Heizel, Anna 44 Lincoln, NE

Helm, Karl 25

Hengell, Johann 27 Lemberg, SK

Henne, Christian 34 Kulm, ND

Hergert, G. 34 Calgary, (AB)

Herman, Heinrich 36 Waubesa, WI

Herman, Johann 27 Winnipeg, MB

Herman, Johann 55 Winnipeg, MB

Herman, Johannes 55 Winnipeg, MB

Herman, Maria 18 Winnipeg, MB

Herman, Rose 52 Cleveland, OH

Herman, Rose 52 Cleveland, OH

Herzof, Peter 20 Lincoln, NE

Hildebrandt, Heinrich 20 Winkler, MB

Hilgenberg, Ed 31 Cartwright, MB

Hirsch, Gustav 34 Castle Mt. (AB)

Hirsch, Joseph 29 Winnipeg, MB

Hirt, Ignatius 28 Winnipeg, MB

Hirt, Ignatz 28 Winnipeg, MB

Hiser, Eliz 24 ______, NE

Hoffer, Jacob 31 Harvey, ND

Hoffman, John 12 Mandan, ND

Hoffman, Maria 26 Lincoln, NE

Holzwart, Jacob 44

Holzwart, Jacob 44 Caro, MI

Horn, Adolf 16 Winnipeg, MB

Horn, Randolph 36 Winnipeg, MB

Huger, Moritz 56 St. John, NB

Hukart, A. 34 Calgary, (AB)
Johannes, Peter 44 Lincoln, NE

Jund, Johann 33 Winnipeg, MB

Jund, Johannes 33 Winnipeg, MB

Jungman, Johannes 24 Strathcona, (AB)

Junt, Anton 20 Aberdeen, SD

Jurk, Friedrich 33 Winnipeg, MB

Kaiser, Peter 38 Walla Walla, WA

Kaizer, Friedel 25 St. Louis, MO

Kambeitz, George 31 Regina, SK

Karch, David 26 Winnipeg, MB

Katherine 9

Katz, August 23 Winnipeg, MB

Kaufman, Heinrich 38 Lincoln, NE

Keffke, Gottfried 34 Odessa, WA

Kein, Edward 23 Winnipeg, MB

Keller, Anna 37 Grenfell, MB

Keller, Joseph 65 Lincoln, NE

Kelm, A. 35 Odessa, WA

Kelm, Emanuel 26 Odessa, WA

Kelsch, Johann ? Battleford, SK

Kemp, Christian 50 Kulm, ND

Kessel, Martin 38 Gretna, MB

Kind, Leonard 19 Blue Grass, ND

Kindel, Johann 24 Winnipeg, MB

Kindel, Johannes 30 Winnipeg, MB

Kindel, Rudolf 27

Kiset, Peter 51 Lincoln, NE

Kissel, Anna 18 Salt Lake City, UT

Klassen, Jacob 19 Lincoln, NE

Klaus, Conrad 30 Sioux City, IA

Klein, Emilia 28 Gretna, MB

Klein, Freidrich 34 Washburn, ND

Klein, Gottlieb 60 Gretna, MB

Klein, Gottlieb 60 Gretna, MB

Klein, Peter 22 St. John, NB

Knaup, G. 27 Winnipeg, MB

Knopp, Daniel 34 Odessa, WA

Koble, Jacob 43 Winnipeg,MB

Koch, Albert 16 Winnipeg, MB

Koch, Jacob 37 Winnipeg, MB

Koch, Wilhelm 50 Campbell, NE

Koeln, Adam 17 Winnipeg, MB

Koeln, Johann 32 Winnipeg, MB

Koenig, Simon 33 Odessa, WA

Kohler, Magdalena 42 Lincoln, NE

Kohn, Abram 23 Lincoln, NE

Kopp, L 56 Napoleon, ND

Kopp, Margaret 23 Napoleon, ND

Kraft, Daniel 18

Kraft, Daniel 18 Ritzville, WA

Kraft, Gustav 23 Winnipeg,MB

Kraft, Jean 29 Toronto,ON

Kraft, L 24 Regina, SK

Kraft, Veronica 58 Toronto, ON

Krause, Christof 40 Yorkton, (SK)

Krausher, Freidrich 55

Kreiger, Johann 26 Lincoln, NE

Krem, Jacob 42 Lincoln, NE

Kries, G. 55 Kalamazoo, MI

Kroh, Heinrich 26 Winnipeg, MB

Krom, Philipp 20 Winnipeg, MB

Kron, Karl 50 Red Deer, (AB)

Kruger, Catherina 58 Winnipeg, MB

Kruger, Catherina 58 Winnipeg, MB

Kruger, Johann 26 Lincoln, NE

Kruger, Moritz 56 Lincoln, Ne

Kukls, Heinrich 22 Sioux City IA

Kunart, Johann 26 Gretna, MB

Kunders, Henrich 50 Irvine, AB

Kuntz, Martin 41 Napoleon, ND

Kuntz, Mathias 20 Napoleon, ND

Kuntz, Paul 28 Napoleon, ND

Kunz, Peter 33 ?
Labgan, Josef 30 ____, WI

Lambert, Heinrich 44 Aberdeen, SD

Laschilke, Simon 35 Winnipeg, MB

Laubhaum, Johann 43 to US

Lefler, Heinrich 28 Chicago, IL

Lehr, Christian 38 Winnipeg, MB

Leib, Gustav 14 Rosthern, SK

Leinweber, Adam 46 Calgary, (AB)

Leinweber, Conrad 17 Oshkosh, WI

Leinweber, Conrad 38 Oshkosh, WI

Leiss, Katherina 18 Winnipeg, MB

Leiss, Katherina 18 Winnipeg, MB

Leonhard, Conrad 28 McCook, NE

Leonhard, Johann 44 Lincoln, NE

Leonhardt, Eliz 55 ___. WI

Leopoldus, Andreas 32 Winnipeg, MB

Lesser, George 28 Lincoln, NE

Lesser, Kenneth 39 Ridgeville,WA

Leter, Susanna 37 Montreal,QC

Limberg, John 39 Winnipeg, MB

Linker, Adam 30 Lincoln, NE

Linker, Christian 27 Lincoln, NE

Linker, Heinrich 30 Lincoln, NE

Lippert, Catherina 44 Hosmer, SD

Lirsch, Karl 51 Winnipeg, MB

Lochert, Joseph 24 Hague, ND

Lochert, Sebastian 51 Aberdeen, SD

Loewen, Jacob 56 Osler, (SK)

Lubsack, Katherina 17 Lincoln, NE

Lubsack, Maria 46 Lincoln, NE

Ludke, Carl 20
M__?feld, Ida 26 Duluth, MN

Mai, Heinrich 18 Winnipeg, MB

Malzan, Heinrich 26 Winnipeg, MB

Margareth 52

Markus, Conrad 31 Lincoln, NE

Marquart, Agnesia 17 Winnipeg, MB

Marthowski, Emilie 3 Cass Lake, MN

Martin, Jacob 25 Bowdon, ND

Martin, Jacob 25 Bowdon, ND

Martin, Jacob 35

Martin, Samual 50 Bowdon, ND

Martin, Samuel 50 Bowdon, ND

Martz, __ 28 Alexandria, MN

Marz, Anna 20 Winnipeg, MB

Marz, M. 61 Winnipeg, MB

Mastel, Nicholas 52 Qu'Appelle, SK

Mathern, Andreas 24 Winnipeg, MB

Mayer, Joseph 19 Pueblo, CA

Meichel, Alexander 26 Mandan, ND

Meier, A 25

Meier, Conrad 30 Lincoln, NE

Meier, Heinrich 21 Campbell, Neb

Meier, Heinrich 26 Lincoln, NE

Mekling, Adam 35 Winnipeg, MB

Mekling, Adam 35 Winnipeg, MB

Merdian, Balthazar 26 Hosmer, SD

Merkel, Adam 39 Oshkosh, WI

Mertz, George 28 Lincoln, Neb

Merz, Jacob 26 Caro, MI

Metzger, Conrad 49 "

Metzger, Conrad 49 Cartwright, MB

Metzler, Johann 24 Edmonton, AB

Metzler, Michael 28 Gretna, MB

Meyer, Adolf 20 St. John,NB

Meyer, Anna 38 Lincoln, NE

Miller, Barneth 27 Milwaukee, WI

Miller, Leopold 28 Aberdeen, SD

Miller, Peter 28 Lincoln, NE

Milniczak, Tekla 20 Winnipeg, MB

Mlller, Lorenza 37 Winnipeg, MB

Moor, Louise 28 Caro, MI

Morash, C. 30 Calgary, (AB)

Moser, George 43 Sioux City, IA

Moser, Lorenz 53 Winnipeg, MB

Moser, Mathias 36 Winnipeg, MB

Moser, Rudolf 29 Winnipeg, MB

Muller, Anton 56 Aberdeen, SD

Muller, C. 48 Chester, _?_

Muller, Katherine 18 Lincoln, NE

Must, Johann 30 Winnipeg, MB

NAGEl, Ernst 23 Winnipeg,MB

Nessman, Ferdinand 36

Nessman, Ferdinand 40 Odessa,WA

Neuchert, Martin 23 Winnipeg, MB

Neuman, Michael 20 Montreal, QC

Neuwart, Johann 29 Caro, MI

Newman, Gustav 30 Beausejour, SK

Nicholas, G. 37 Winnipeg, MB

Nuss, Jacob 57 Winnipeg, MB

Nuss, Johann 30 Winnipeg, MB

Olbert, Julius 46 St. John, NB

Orich, Eduard 33 Irvine, AB

Osterhohn, Adela 19 Denver, CO

Osterman, Johann 19 Ashland, OR

Ostwald, J. 37 Winnipeg, MB

Ostwald, Johann 29 Walla Walla, WA

Ott, Philip 45 Calgary, (AB)
Pater, Adela 28 Cleveland,ND

Peats, Fredrich 25 Winnipeg, MB

Peter, Sebastian 29 Regina, SK

Pfeifer, Franz 40 Winnipeg, MB

Pfeifer, Peter 44 Aberdeen, SD

Povisch, Henry 26 Lincoln, NE

R___ , Johann 45 Fairfax, SD

Ratz, Katherina Winnipeg, MB

Raxhaus, George 37 Winnipeg, MB

Redcop, Heinrich 48 Winnipeg, MB

Reichert, Paul 25 Gretna, MB

Reimer, F. 44 Winklar, MB

Reimer, Ida 16 Winnipeg, MB

Reinhadt, Jacob 17 Caro, MI

Reinhardt, Jacob 34 Sheboygan, WI

Reinich, Gustav 46 Winnipeg, MB

Rempel, Heinrich 49 Mordan, MB

Rempel, Jacob 26 Gretna, MB

Repp, Anna 53 Calgary, (AB)

Resler, August 22 Winnipeg, MB

Richler, Jacob 28 Winnipeg, MB

Rindsknecht, Josef 43 Battleford, SK

Risgar, Mathias 41 ___ , SD

Risling, Richard 28 Qu'Appelle, SK

Rok, Marianna 45 Taber, AB

Romer, Maria 32

Rosen, C. 26

Rosen, Josef 35 Gretna,MB

Rosenow, Friedrich 35 Winnipeg, MB

Roth, Eduard 15 Lincoln, NE

Roth, Gabriel 31 Winnipeg, MB

Roth, Georg 23 Lincoln, NE

Rotle, Heinrich 47 Lincoln, NE

Rotle, Jacob 29 Lincoln, NE

Ruch, Friedrich 40 Ashley, SD

Rudolf, Adam 18 Winnipeg, MB

Ruf, Bernhard 31 Winnipeg, MB

Ruff, Johann 38 Delmont, SD

Ruffer, Johann 30 Winnipeg, MB

Ruhl, Gottlieb 34 Lincoln, NE

Ruppel, Johann 28 Caro, MI

Ruppel, Johann 28 Caro, MI

Sadle, J. 36 Kulm, ND

Saul, ____ 26 St. John, NB

Sauter, Johann 19 Gretna, MB

Schaal, Jacob 57 Winnipeg, MB

Schabler, Christian 49 Fairfax, SD

Schaefer, Christian 32 Mandan, ND

Schafer, George 18 Winnipeg, MB

Schatz, P. 36 Winnipeg, MB

Scheidmuller, Heinrich 28 Calgary

Scheidt, George 34 Marion, SD

Scheldenhof, Jacob 34 Gretna, MB

Schell, Andres 36 Qu'Appelle,SK

Schelreff, Heinrich66 to US

Schelreff, Jacob 21 to US

Schemenuer, Reinhard 38 Mountain Lake,MN

Schick, Francis 36 Chicago, IL

Schifer, Heinrich 38 to US

Schifer, Peter 28 to US

Schild, Robert 18 Harvey, ND

Schilling, Johann 47 Winnipeg, MB

Schinske, Amelia 20 Edmonton, AB

Schlegel, C. 40 Winnipeg, MB

Schlinker, Johann 16 Kulm, ND

Schlinker, Johann 37 Kulm, ND

Schlosser, Kasper 49 Strathcona, (AB)

Schlosser, Michael 36 Kansas City, MO

Schlosser, Michael 36 Kansas City. KS

Schlosser, Walberga 31 Kansas City,KS

Schlothamer, Fried. 39 Winnipeg, MB

Schma ?, Jacob 32 Winnipeg, MB

Schmidke, Daniel 36 Kulm, ND

Schmidt, Barbara 57 Grenfell, MB

Schmidt, Conrad 26 Lincoln, NE

Schmidt, Daniel 20 Winnipeg, MB

Schmidt, Daniel 50 Roscoe, SD

Schmidt, George 45 Winnipeg, MB

Schmidt, Heinrich 36 Grenfell, MB

Schmidt, Jacob 19 Grenfell, MB

Schmidt, Johann 50 Lincoln, NE

Schmidt, John, 32 Winnipeg, MB

Schmidt, Karl 30 Gretna, MB

Schmidt, Katherina inf Rosthern, (SK)

Schmidt, Ludwig 35 Winnipeg,MB

Schmidt, Magdalena 57 Gretna, MB

Schneider, Balthasar 19 Lincoln, NE

Schneider, Philip 49 Winnipeg, MB

Schneider, Philipp 49 Winnipeg, MB

Schneider, Sebastian 20 Winnipeg, MB

Scho AGEr, Maria 21 Milwaukee

Schossler, Kasper 49 Strathcona, (AB)

Schreier, Adam 26 Winnipeg, MB

Schreiner, Johann 27 Winnipeg, MB

Schreiner, Johannes 28 Calgary, (AB)

Schroeder, August 26 Winnipeg, MB

Schroeder, August 26 Winnipeg, MB

Schuck, Heinrich 27 Grand Island,NE

Schultz, Bertha 25 Cass Lake, MN

Schultz, Julius 41 Bar Harbor, MI

Schumacher, Jacob 43 Battleford, SK

Schumacher, Veronika 7

Schwan, Brigetta 23 Winnipeg, MB

Schwartz, F 22 Winnipeg,MB

Schwartz, Jacob 26 Chicago, IL

Schwartz, Ludwig 44 Jamestown, ND

Schwatz, Christina 60 Winnipeg, MB

Schwengler, Josef 35 Qu' Appelle, SK

Schwiterck, Reinhold 17 Winnipeg, MB

Seiler, Louise 17 Winnipeg, MB

Selick, Johann 32 Winnipeg,MB

Senger, Paul 25 Winnipeg, MB

Serla, Ludwig 26 Edmonton

Shelenberg, Gustav Winnipeg, MB

Siben, Peter 20 Battleford, SK

Siebart, Edward 25 Winnipeg,MB

Siebert, George 33

Siemans, Peter 62 Altona, MB

Siewert, Anna 63 Kulm, ND

Sitel, Luise 25 Lincoln, NE

Sneider, Phillip 70 Lemberg, SK

Speitel, Johann 70 Gretna, MB

Sperling, Felix 26 Battleford, SK

Spindler, Jacob 36 Caro, MI

Spitzel, Johann 24 Yorkton, (SK)

Spoecher, Jacob 38 Winnipeg, MB

Spoust, Ino 20 Lincoln, NE

Sprechen, Jacob 38 Winnipeg, MB

Stang, Jacob 30 Winnipeg,MB

Stang, Philip Calgary, (AB)

Starke., Jacob 51 Lincoln, NE

Statz, Jacob 33 Anamoose, ND

Stebner, August 1

Steinger, Heinrich 21 Lincoln, NE

Stelrich, Julius 54 Winnipeg, MB

Stelsich, Julius 54 Winnipeg, MB

Step, Leonhard 54 Alameda, (SK)

Step, Mathias 30 Winnipeg, MB

Stephan, Jan 26 Rhinelander, WI

Stochbein, George 17 Lincoln, Neb

Streib, George 22 Grenfell, MB

Streifel, Anton 23 Winnipeg, MB

Stroh, Anna 20 Lincoln, NE

Stroh, Jacob 29

Struss, Marianna 32 Grand Rapids,MI

Stumff, Philip 20 Winnipeg, MB

Swengler, Melcher 22 Aberdeen, SD

Szeut, Franz 29 Mandan, ND

Teissen, Abram 43 Winnipeg, MB

Teissen, Jacob 34 Winnipeg, MB

Teissen, Peter 31 Winnipeg, MB

Theisen, I 30 Winnipeg, MB

Thiel, Jacob 37 Hastings, NE

Thiessen, D. 28 Rosthern, (SK)

Tolbert, Anton 18 Aberdeen, SD

Tollmann, Johann 3 Battleford,SK

Torscher, Stephen 29 Aberdeen, SD

Tuchscherer, Jacob 32 Winnipeg, MB

Turk, Kasper 36 _____, MI
Ulmer, Heinrich 34 Regina, SK

Ulmer, Wilhelm 38 Regina, SK

Unterbec, Albert 25 Hebron, ND

Urich, George 17 ____, NE

Volk, Anton 26 Winnipeg, MB

Volk, Ivan 35 Winnipeg, MB

Volk, Johann 26 Winnipeg, MB

Volk, Nicolaus 31 St. John, NB

Voss, Jacob 18 Yorkton, (SK)

Voss, Johan 24 Yorkton, (SK)

Wacker, Anna 17 Portland, OR

Wagner, Carl 18 Duluth, MN

Wagner, Franz 43 Winnipeg, MB

Wagner, Georg Winnipeg, MB

Wagner, George 21 Winnipeg, MB

Wagner, Johannes 32 "

Wagner, Johannes 32 Winnipeg, MB

Wagner, Josef 32 Winnipeg,MB

Wagner, Philip 24 Winnipeg, MB

Wagner, Philipp 24 Winnipeg, MB

Wagner, Samuel 30 Caro, MI

Wagner, Susanna 64 Calgary, (AB)

Waldt, Anna 25 Aberdeen, SD

Walker, Christian 27 Irvine, AB

Walker, Heinrich 32 Portland, OR

Walter, Christian 23 Lincoln, NE

Walton, Peter 32 Lincoln, NE

Wangler, Barbara 20 Grand Forks,ND

Weigel, Anna 44 Lincoln, NE

Weiss, Johann Jacob 57 Winnipeg, MB

Weissenburger, Jacob 26 Underwood, MN

Weitzel, Johannes 48 Lincoln, NE

Welke, Adolf 19 Winnipeg, MB

Weller, David 31 Winnipeg, MB

Weller, Jacob 14 Winnipeg, MB

Wens, Alexandra 27 Ontario

Wentz, George 19 Lincoln, NE

Wentz, Johann 19 Fessenden, ND

Wiebe, Peter 32 Osler, (SK)

Wiebe, Wilhelm 48 Gretna, MB

Wiede, Conrad 45 Grand Island, NE

Wiegand, Carl 33 Winnipeg, MB

Wiegand, Ferdinald 20 Winnipeg, MB

Wiegand, Ferdinand 61 Winnipeg, MB

Wilhelm, Conrad 42 Winnipeg, MB

Wilhelm, Conrad 42 Winnipeg, MB

Wingert, Jacob 39 Alameda, (SK)

Wingert, Joseph 32 Pueblo, CA

Winter, Eva 22

Wirtz, George 19 Lincoln, Neb.

Wolen, Johann 42 Winnipeg, MB

Wolter, Ivan 29

Zacharius, Adam 28 Russel, MB

Zauermilch, David 30

Zauermilch, Heinrich 52 Lincoln, NE

Zeibart, Gottlieb 42 St. John, NB

Zeiber, Conrad 59 Odessa, WA

Zeisler, Daniel 17 Battleford, SK

Zeller, Jacob 34 Kulm, ND

Zentner, Joseph 26 Winnipeg, MB

Zentner, Sebastian 21 Winnipeg, MB

Zergile, Jacob 17 Artas, SD

Zinzman, Heinrich 26 Lincoln, NE

Zorn, Rudolph 36 Winnipeg, MB

Zulks, Theodor 34 Winnipeg, MB

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