These two men both at one time employed real estate investor Arthur Brisbane

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1. These two men both at one time employed real estate investor Arthur Brisbane. Albert, the brother of one of these men, sold an institution to the other. One of these men alleged that the other stole the services of Richard Outcault, the creator of a feature starring a bald, smocked kid. One of these men was the inspiration for film character Charles Foster Kane, while the other is the namesake of prizes handed out by Columbia University. These two men's feud while owning the Journal and the World led to many displays of "yellow journalism." For the point, name these two feuding New York newspaper publishers.

ANSWER: Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst [need both answers, accept Pulitzer Jozsef for Pulitzer] {III}

2. Aaron Copland’s Fanfare of the Common Man was inspired by a speech given him. He’s not Theodore Roosevelt nor Robert M. La Follotte Jr. but this politician ran under the Progressive Party ticket in an election year that saw Strom Thurmond run with the Dixiecrats. He had earlier replaced John Garner as Vice President for one election. For ten points name this politician who was Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s first Secretary of Agriculture.

Answer: Henry Wallace
3. The Chernigov Regiment uprising was part of this larger revolt which saw the murder of Mikhail Miloradovich. One side in this revolt was said to chant “Constantine and Constitution” in support of a monarch whose brother signed the Treaty of Tilsit. For ten points, name this Russian revolt after the death of Alexander I which is named after a certain month.

Answer: Decembrist Revolt

4. The Huang Chao Rebellion led to the fall of this Chinese dynasty. Papermaking was spread to the Middle East after this dynasty lost to the Abbasid Caliphate at the Battle of Talas River. Sogdian general An Lushan led a rebellion against this dynasty which sponsored many poets such as Du Fu and Li Po. For ten points, name this dynasty which succeeded the Sui Dynasty and once led by Empress Wu.

Answer: Tang Dynasty

5. This basketball player once trained with Arnold Schwarzenegger and was featured in one of Schwarzenegger’s movies, Conan the Destroyer. He once broke the toe of Johnny Kerr with a slam dunk. His greatest rival, Bill Russell, won 11 NBA Championships while this player only won two. His most famous accomplishment came in Hershey Sports Arena against the New York Knicks; this was this player’s 100-point game. For 10 points, name this legendary NBA center who played for both the Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia Warriors, nicknamed “the Stilt.”

ANSWER: Wilt Chamberlain [accept either]

6. This man captured Witiges and his wife and deposed the short-lived Pope Silverius during his siege of Rome. This man defeated Gelimer ten miles south of Carthage in the Battle of Ad Decimum and later destroyed the Vandal kingdom at the Battle of Tricamarum. According to legend, this man was blinded and was reduced to begging for alms after he fell from favor. Along with an eunuch rival of his, this man helped to suppress a riot between the Blues and the Greens, the Nika riots. For 10 points, name this rival of Narses and general under Justinian the Great.

ANSWER: Flavius Belisarius

7. The Loyal Parliament took place during this monarch’s reign, and the Bloody Assizes were conducted by Judge Jeffreys after the Battle of Sedgemoor to punish one rebellion against this man. The Immortal Seven were a group of men who wrote a letter encouraging the overthrown of this man, who was overthrown in the Glorious Revolution. For ten points, name this final Stuart ruler of England who succeeded Charles II.
ANSWER: King James II of England (prompt on James)
8. The namesake of this region rebuilt Negro Fort following its 1816 destruction in battle. This region shared its initial purpose with the Mesilla Valley, which John Bartlett did not try to obtain. The acquisition of this region allowed the completion of Asa Whitney's southern transcontinental railroad. The northern boundary of this region is marked by the Gila River. This region comprised the last territorial gains in the continental United States. For the point, name this piece of land that now comprises the southern portions of Arizona and New Mexico.

ANSWER: Gadsden Purchase {III}

9. This leader supported Italian unification after meeting the Count of Cavour at Plombieres. This man rose to power after defeating Alexandre Auguste Ledru-Rollin and Louis-Eugene Cavaignac in an election. The Church of Saint Augustine was built during Baron Haussmann's renovation of this leader’s capital city. He was captured by German forces at the Battle of Sedan during the Franco-Prussian War. For ten points, name this leader of the Second French Empire.

Answer: Napoleon III

10. Eugen Fischer performed eugenic experiments with human skulls at Shark Island during this event. The perpetrator of this event claimed that he “wiped out rebellious tribes with streams of blood and money” and issued an ultimatum threatening to kill every member of this event’s namesake tribe if they did not vacate. That man won the Battle of Waterberg in this event, causing many to die fleeing through the Omaheke Desert. For 10 points, name this attempt by Lothar von Trotha to exterminate the namesake tribe in German Southwest Africa.

ANSWER: Herero Genocide


1. Titian painted the winning commander of a battle that was a decisive defeat for this group on horseback emerging from a forest with a spear. The leaders of this group were included in a predecessor to this group, the League of Torgau. This group’s name came from a town in the province of Thuringia. This group lost thousands of soldiers in the Battle of Muhlberg, which saw Spanish Imperial forces under Charles V crush this group. This group was established by John Frederick I of Saxony and Philip of Hesse. For 10 points, name this defensive alliance of Lutheran princes after the Protestant Reformation.

ANSWER: Schmalkaldic League [or Schmalkaldischer Bund]

BONUS: What agreement between Charles V and the Schmalkaldic League contained the principle of cuius region, eius religio, which allowed for rulers to choose the religion in their territories?

ANSWER: Peace of Augsburg [accept Augsburg Settlement]
2. An early success in this conflict for one side was the capture of Carlisle. The mathematician Colin MacLaurin helped organize one city’s defenses during this war. Early in this conflict, one side was commanded by Lord Murray, who defeated John Cope at the Battle of Prestonpans. This conflict, which was coterminous with the War of the Austrian Succession, destroyed the clan system. The Duke of Cumberland managed to defeat a Highland charge at the decisive battle of this conflict, the Battle of Culloden Moor. For 10 points, name this conflict which sought to bring the Old Pretender Bonnie Prince Charlie to power for the second time.

ANSWER: Second Jacobite Uprising [or Jacobite Uprising of 1745; or just the ‘45; accept just Jacobite Uprising after “second,” but prompt on it before]

BONUS: The 45 Guards killed the Duke of Guise, one of the men who fought in what war that ended with the ascension of the First Bourbon monarch?

ANSWER: War of the Three Henrys [prompt on French Wars of Religion]

3. Though this man opposed the entry of the United States into World War I saying, “the entire nation should not be asked to suffer” for the sinking of the Lusitania, he served as Alien Property Custodian once war was declared. Clarence Darrow mocked this man’s warnings about terrorism, calling it his “May Day Scare.” Luigi Galleani mailed a bomb to this man, who was known as the “Fighting Quaker.” This man deported Alexander Berkman and Emma Goldman among others on the Buford, which was nicknamed the “Soviet Ark.” For 10 points, name this Attorney General who deported radicals during the First Red Scare in his namesake “raids.”

ANSWER: Alexander Mitchell Palmer

BONUS: Palmer ordered an injunction against a strike of what industry in 1919, whose workers were unionized in a union led by John L. Lewis?

ANSWER: coal mining (accept just “coal”)
4. A portion of these texts, the Codex Leicester, was purchased by Bill Gates and is displayed publicly once a year. The author of these texts left it to Francesco Melzi for publication, a feat Melzi never completed due to these works’ extensiveness. These works contain over 240 detailed drawings on anatomy, a feat its author accomplished after being allowed into Florence hospitals to dissect human corpses. The writing in these objects was also notably written in a mirror image style. For 10 points, name these texts written by a certain Renaissance man.

ANSWER: notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci [accept equivalents]

BONUS: The da Vinci’s notebooks contained what drawing of a naked man inscribed within a circle and square?

ANSWER: Vitruvian man

5. This speech compares one territory to a galleon being raided by pirates. One politician is compared to Don Quixote in this speech, which declares that that politician “has chosen a mistress to whom he has made his vows, and who, though ugly to others, is always lovely to him.” This speech called a particular practice “a harlot” and insulted Senator Andrew Butler, for which the speaker was beaten on the Senate floor with a cane. For 10 points, name this speech made in response to violence between Border Ruffians and Free Soilers in a namesake “Bleeding” territory, by Charles Sumner.

ANSWER: “The Crime Against Kansas

BONUS: What Kentucky Senator, who would later author a last-minute compromise that failed to prevent the Civil War, attempted to stop the beating of Sumner?

ANSWER: John Jordan Crittenden

6. During this man’s rule, one country issued the “Letter of the Two Sorries” in response to a mid-air collision off his country’s southern coast. This man was known as a “flowerpot” during his tenure as Mayor of Shanghai because of his perceived uselessness. The 610 Office was established by this man to suppress a religion founded by Li Hongzhi. This man’s Party Constitution includes his “Three Represents” theory. This man succeeded the Eight Elders. For 10 points, name this fourth-generation paramount leader of China, the successor of Deng Xiaoping.

ANSWER: Jiang Zemin

BONUS: During the leadership of Jiang Zemin, the United States bombed the Chinese embassy in what city during Operation Allied Force?

ANSWER: Belgrade

7. This man suppressed a rebellion by John Okello by slaughtering thousands of Arabs. Though this man stepped down as president in 1985, he served as president of his political party, the Chama Cha Mapinduzi, for five additional years. After an invasion of his country’s Kagera region, this man overthrew a neighboring dictator. Operation Vijiji helped carry out this man’s villagization plan based on an ideology called ujamaa. This man advocated socialism and Pan-Africanism in his Arusha Declaration and oversaw the union of Zanzibar and Tanganyika. For 10 points, name this first president of an independent Tanzania.

ANSWER: Julius Nyerere

BONUS: Nyerere overthrew what dictator who invaded the Kagera region, who himself had overthrown Milton Obote in a coup?

ANSWER: Idi Amin

8. Before this conflict, a rumor went around that the governor was planning to burn down the city, leading to local militia occupying Fort James. The patroon Nicholas Bayard fled to Albany to avoid getting killed during this conflict. This conflict was ended when Henry Sloughter captured the leader of this rebellion, who created New Rochelle as a Huguenot settlement. That leader overthrew Lieutenant Governor Francis Nicholson. For 10 points, name this rebellion after the Glorious Revolution against the Dominion of New England, led by its namesake German colonist.

ANSWER: Leisler’s Rebellion

BONUS: At the time of Leisler’s Rebellion, the Dominion of New England was led by what unpopular governor?

ANSWER: Edmund Andros



Name the state on whose present-day territory…

1. The British won the battle of Alligator Bridge north of Saint Augustine

ANSWER: Florida

2. the British won a pyrrhic victory at Fort Montgomery, which delayed their reinforcement of Burgoyne to the north

ANSWER: New York

3. the Battle of Short Hills was fought near the later encampment site at Jockey Hollow

ANSWER: New Jersey

4. Nathaniel Greene led the American assault on Ninety-Six and at the Battle of Eutaw Springs.
ANSWER: South Carolina

5. Saw the Continental Army defeated at Paoli and Brandywine

ANSWER: Pennsylvania

6. Saw Paul Revere oversee a disastrous American naval defeat at Penobscot Bay.



In the history of the Philippines what…

1. Colonizing power won the battle of Manila Bay and faced the Philippine Insurrection?

ANSWER: United States of America

2. Dictator was overthrown in the People Power Revolution and whose wife owned more than a thousand pairs of shoes?

ANSWER: Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos

3. Powerful political family included assassinated politician Benigno and president Corazon?

ANSWER: Aquino

4. Infamous war crime did the Japanese commit after the surrender of the last American troops in the Philippines?

ANSWER: Bataan Death March

5. 1934 act set a date of independence for the Philippines?

ANSWER: Tydings-McDuffie Act

6. First president of the post-independence Philippines gives his name to the largest city in the Philippines?

ANSWER: Manuel Luis Quezon y Molina

7. Author of Noli me Tangere and El Filibusterismo was executed in 1896?

ANSWER: Jose Rizal

8. Rebellion of Muslims was partly suppressed by John Pershing?

ANSWER: Moro Rebellion
Egyptian Pharaohs

Which Egyptian pharaoh...

1. Defeated the Hittites at Kadesh, and was the husband of Nefertari?

ANSWER: Ramesses II or Ramesses the Great

2. Was buried in the Great Pyramid at Giza?

ANSWER: Khufu or Cheops

3. Moved the capital to Amarna, and attempted to replace the traditional gods with Aten?

ANSWER: Akhenaten or Amenhotep IV

4. Was the son of Akhenaten, and his tomb was discovered by Howard Carter?

ANSWER: Tutankhamun or Tutankhaten

5. Was depicted on a namesake palette uniting Upper and Lower Egypt?

ANSWER: Narmer

6. Was buried at the first pyramid, built at Saqqara?

ANSWER: Djoser or Tosorthros or Sesorthos

7. Was the father of Akhenaten, and constructed the Colossi of Memnon?

ANSWER: Amenhotep III

8. Oversaw an expedition to Punt and built a vast mortuary temple called Djeser-Djeseru?

ANSWER: Hatshepsut


1. This writer discussed the end of the Brooklyn Dodgers era in the memoir Wait Till Next Year. This writer discussed the lives of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt during World War II in the Pulitzer winning No Ordinary Time. She lost her spot as a regular commentator on PBS News Hour after a plagiarism scandal. Her most popular book chronicles the selection of Edward Bates, Gideon Welles, Salmon P. Chase and other members of Abraham Lincoln’s often tempestuous cabinet. For the point, name this historian who wrote Team of Rivals.

ANSWER: Doris Kearns Goodwin {III}

2. One battle between this kingdom and the Medes was interrupted by a solar eclipse that was predicted ahead of time by Thales of Miletus. Solon told one ruler of this kingdom that Tellus, Cleobis, and Biton were people happier than he was. That ruler of this kingdom was told by the Oracle of Delphi that if he invaded Persia, that “a great kingdom would be destroyed,” which came true when his kingdom was defeated by Cyrus the Great at the Battle of Thymbra. According to Herodotus, this kingdom was the first to use objects made of the alloy electrum. For 10 points, name this Anatolian kingdom ruled by Croesus, which supposedly was the birthplace of coinage.


3. This man bet $1000 that no one could build a motor less than 1/64 of an inch on a side, but lost the bet when Bill McClellan actually succeeded. This man discussed the possibilities of nanotechnology in his lecture “There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom.” In one demonstration, this scientist dropped an O-ring into a glass of ice-cold water as part of the Rogers Commission in order to prove the cause of the Challenger disaster. His namesake diagrams include squiggly lines and represent interactions between subatomic particles. For 10 points, name this Caltech physicist whose exploits are detailed in a book whose title begins “Surely You’re Joking.”

ANSWER: Richard Feynman

4. One monument from this polity was displayed at the Porta Capena as a spoil of war. Saint Frumentius is credited with Christianizing this polity, which accepted Muslim refugees in the First Hijrah. A major expansion of this empire occurred after it conquered the Himyarite Kingdom under Kaleb. This empire was conquered by Gudit, who established the Zagwe dynasty. The Ark of the Covenant was supposedly brought to the capital city of this polity, though more real artifacts of this empire include many stone stelae. For 10 points, name this early empire in what is now Ethiopia.

ANSWER: Axumite Kingdom [or Aksumite Kingdom; accept empire for kingdom]

5. Henry Pelham created an iconic depiction of this event, which was later closely copied and distributed by another man. By one party, this event was known as the “Incident on King Street.” Possibly due to the deathbed testimony of one of this event’s victims, this event’s perpetrators were not harshly punished. This victim Patrick Carr, the fifth and final victim of this event, was buried one week after the other victims. Benefit of the clergy was claimed by one side after this event; this was the defense of Captain Preston and his soldiers, argued for by John Adams. For 10 points, name this event where British soldiers fired upon a mob of American colonists.

ANSWER: Boston Massacre
6. Along with Sir Humphrey Davy, this man founded the London Zoo. The re-discovery of the world’s largest Buddhist temple at Borobudur is usually credited to this man while he was serving as Lieutenant Governor of Java after its capture by the British. This man detailed the cannibalistic practices of the Batak people while he was Governor-General of Bencoolen. This man negotiated a treaty with Hussein Shah of Johor that allowed him to establish a trading post that later became part of the Straits Settlements. For 10 points, name this man who founded Singapore.

ANSWER: Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles
7. This ruler once boasted that he drove out invaders of his country with “pate, venison, and good wine”. One treaty signed by this man with Edward IV led to the marriage of Elizabeth of York to this ruler’s future son, who was nicknamed “the Affable”. This signer of the Treaty of Picquigny witnessed the massacre of the city of Liege’s inhabitants by his most prominent rival. That rival was killed at the Battle ofNancy and was Charles the Bold. For 10 points, name this Valois monarch of France, whose nickname derives from his extensive web of diplomacy.
ANSWER: Louis XI (accept the Spider before read, accept Louis the Prudent)

  1. 8. During this battle, P.G.T Beauregard led attacks on Corinth Road. Benjamin Prentiss and W.H.L. Wallace defended one location in this battle, and the author of Ben Hur, Lew Wallace, commanded a division in this battle that showed up at the very end of the first day. Albert Sidney Johnston was killed during this battle, which saw heavy fighting around a Union redoubt known as the “Hornet’s Nest”. For ten points, name this 1862 Civil War battle, where Ulysses S. Grant won a victory in Tennessee.
    ANSWER: Battle of Shiloh (accept Battle of Pittsburgh Landing)


This country's first attempt at multi-party elections ended with the Halloween Massacre before a 1992 presidential runoff could be held. In this country, Jack Abramoff organized a 1985 meeting of worldwide anti-Communist rebels at Jamba, the city in which UNITA was based. UNITA was fighting against the MPLA of Jose Eduardo dos Santos in a civil war that saw direct Cuban and South African intervention in this country. For the point, a ceasefire in what country’s civil war was tied to the independence of its southern neighbor, Namibia?

ANSWER: Republic of Angola [or Republica de Angola] {III}

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