Thematic plan of selflearning work on Prosthetic Dentistry

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Prof. Rostyslav Stupnytskyy

Chairman, Department of Prosthetic dentistry

Thematic plan of selflearning work on Prosthetic Dentistry ( 2nd year, 55 a. h)

3rd term (33 hours)

  1. History of Prosthetic dentistry. Lviv school of Prosthetic Dentistry. Participation of Ukrainian dentists in development of Prosthetic Dentistry.( 3)

  2. Draw anatomical structure of upper and lower jaws.(3)

  3. Draw masticatory system of a man. Explain masticatory motions.(3)

  4. Draw structure of TMJ. Explain motions of TMJ.(3)

  5. Motions of mandible. Transversal motions of mandible.(3)

  6. Imprints practice.(12)

  7. Models obtaining practice(6)

4th term (22 hours)

  1. Clinical examination of Prosthetic patients. Anaesthesia during teeth preparation for fixed partial dentures.(3)

  2. Crowns swaging methods(2)

  3. Modelling of tooth reproduction for cast and combined crowns.(2)

  4. Physical and chemical properties of materials used in cast crowns fabrication.(3)

  5. Clinical and laboratory stages of soldered fixed partial dentures fabrication. Rules of modeling pontic unit of fixed partial denture. Types of pontic unit. Soldering technology.(3)

  6. Casting technology.(3)

  7. Temporary crowns fabrication technologies.(3)

  8. Clasps fabrication technologies(3)

Directory: uploads -> repository
repository -> 1. An 11-year-old child complains about missing crown of the 12 tooth as a result of a trauma. The tooth root is well treated. What prosthetic construction is indicated for elimination of this defect? A
repository -> Thematic plan of the practical lessons
repository -> Хірургічна стоматологія
repository -> 1. What is the direction of saliva effluence in the case of salivary fistula?
repository -> Module control №3 (base)
repository -> Modul 2 a 32-years-old patient appealed to the oral surgeon concerning rehabilitation of the oral cavity. Durinп еру examination the doctor found that the crown of the 25 tooth is broken. The root is stable, percussion is painless
repository -> A. Septic bacterial endocarditis
repository -> Central Nervous System
repository -> Physiology of sensory system

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