The Organ of Hearing (Nice Model)

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The Organ of Hearing (Nice Model)

External Ear

I. Auricle

  1. Helix

  2. Scaphoid fossa

  3. Antihelix

  4. Crura of the antihelix

  5. Triangular fossa

  6. Tragus

  7. Antitragus

  8. Intertragical notch

  9. Lobule of auricle

  10. External auditory meatus

  11. Tympanic membrane

  12. Tympanic annulus

  13. Tympanic artery branches

(of the deep auricular artery)

Surface of the Petrous part of Temporal bone

  1. Arcuate eminence

  2. Pyramid

  3. Internal carotid artery in the carotid canal

  4. Internal auditory meatus

  5. Stylomastoid foramen

  6. Styloid process of temporal bone

  7. Jugular fossa

  8. Internal carotid artery in lower orifice of carotid canal

Middle Ear

  1. Tympanic cavity

  2. Bony part of pharyngeotympanic tube

  3. Pharyngeotympanic (auditory) tube

(also Eustachian tube)

  1. Malleus

25a. Head of malleus

25b. Manubrium

25c. Lateral process

  1. Incus

26a. Short crus

26b. Long crus

  1. Stapes

27a. Head of stapes

27b. Crura of stapes

27c. Base of stapes

27d. Stapedius muscle

  1. Lentiform nodule of incus

  2. Chorda tympani nerve

  3. Tensor tympani muscle

Inner Ear

  1. Vestibule

  2. Oval window (vestibular)

  3. Promontory

  4. Round window (cochlear)

  5. Lateral semicircular canal

35a. Ampulla

  1. Anterior semicircular canal

36a. Ampulla

  1. Posterior semicircular canal

37a. Ampulla

  1. Cochlea

    1. Base of cochlea

    2. 2nd turn of cochlea

    3. Apex of cochlea

  2. Osseous spiral lamina

  3. Scala tympani

  4. Scala vestibuli

  5. Saccule

  6. Utricle

  7. Semicircular ducts

  8. Vestibulocochlear nerve (CN VIII)

  9. Vestibular nerve

  10. Cochlear nerve

  11. F
    acial nerve (CN VII)

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