The new frames of life campaign different eyes, different lives

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The moment before a ballet dancer enters the stage, tasting a new recipe, the search for the perfect wave, the last few moments before a competition or waiting behind a camera to capture the moment of a lifetime.

Suspense, which comes before important moments of great emotional intensity and heightened concentration, unites the stories of the five new stars featured in the Giorgio Armani Frames of Life 2016 campaign. Different looks, but real lives retold in all their uniqueness, framed by iconic Giorgio Armani glasses.

The experiences of the new characters are seemingly very distant, not only geographically, but also when it comes to interests and lifestyles, yet they are linked by their enormous passion for their professions.

Damiano is a young Italian ballet star with commitment and discipline, who is preparing for a theatrical performance by looking for inspiration in the Venetian streets. Mimì is a talented food blogger of Asian descent who opens the doors of her kitchen in the wonderful rural countryside of Medoc in France. Caner, a true free spirit, searches for inspiration in every angle of his city, Istanbul, demonstrating his talent with industrial design creations and looking for perfect equilibrium in yoga. Nicole is the charming Miss Rodeo Oregon who takes us inside her ranch with a completely feminine vision. Finally, Richard is an Austrian film director with a passion for nature and adventure, whose backpack is always ready for him to go in search of beautiful places and the perfect shot.
In all these stories, glasses in the Frames of Life collection prove to be inseparable companions, elements through which you can see the world with your own eyes and experience moments of real lives in all their emotion.

The Frames of Life collection is a perfect embodiment of Giorgio Armani style, representing the essence of the brand, reinterpreted and constructed with impeccable craftsmanship and uncompromising quality. The unique design features clean lines and extremely fine details with a sophisticated retro look, restyled in a contemporary way through the use of cutting-edge technology.

Further details and video content, including backstage footage and interviews, will be available on from April 2016.

AR 8076

These boxy, masculine sunglasses stand out for the rounded design of the metal detail engraved on the temple, a new feature that embellishes and defines a part of the collection, which is about to become a true must-have. Unique for its wearability and comfort, this detail highlights the essential balance between form, functionality and sublime elegance. The distinctive rivets on the temple tip make the brand immediately recognizable. The high-quality acetate frame front has a classic, timeless shape. Available in striped green and striped brown.

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