The Man I killed

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Danielle Friedman, Theresa Gonzales, Star Peters

Title: “The Man I Killed” page 124

Significance: This chapter opens with a physical description of a man that Tim has just killed. It then goes in to what his life was like before the war and what he hoped to accomplish after. The Vietnamese man was not really interested in the war, in fact he wanted to be a math teacher. Tim stands at the dead man's body and Kiowa tries to get him to move along. Tim feels incredibly guilty for killing this innocent man who was just doing a duty for his country. He is caught up on the life that was just taken away and it is holding him back from moving on.

Silence- What do you say when you are at a loss for words?

Guilt - How do you deal with guilt?

1) Page 124. "His jaw was in his throat, his upper lip and teeth were gone, his one eye was shut, his other eye was a star-shaped hole, his eyebrows were thin and arched like a woman's, his nose was undamaged, there was a slight tear at the lobe of one ear, his clean black hair was swept upward into a cowlick at the rear of his skull, his forehead was lightly freckled, his fingernails were clean, the skin at his cheek was peeled back i three ragged strips, his right cheek was smooth and hairless, there was a butterfly on his chin, his neck was open to the spinal cord and the blood there was thick and shiny and it was the wound that had killed him .... the man i killed."

This quote relates to the theme of guilt. Throughout the chapter, lines from this passage of analysis are repeated in Tim's head. The repetition of these details infers that Tim is emotionally scared from what he has done, so he tries to relate to the life of the man he killed, which in turn only makes him feel more guilty for killing him.
2) Page 130. "Then later he said, 'Why not talk about it?' The he said, 'Come on man, talk.' He was a slim, dead, almost dainty young man of bout twenty. He lay with one ,eg bent beneath him, his jaw in his throat, his face neither expressive nor inexpressive. One eye was shut. The other wS. star-shaped hole. 'Talk,' Kiowa said."
This quote relates to the theme of silence, and the meaning behind a loss for all words. From the moment Tim killed this man he went silent. In his head he kept analyzing the man but never spoke allowed about it. Tim became numb to the world, his silence symbolizing his quilt.


1. a.Why does the author repeat the descriptions of the wounds of the young man?

b.How does this emphasis effect the impact the story has?

2. Kiowa is torn up inside after killing the young man but other men just laugh about it when they walk by. Why do you think people have such opposing emotions toward war?

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