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Golden luxury

Noble snack! Indulge yourself with a combination of red caviar, creamy oil, a lemon and greens.

30/20 250-00 10 min
Sandwich with red caviar

The fresh rich roll with a thin layer of the most gentle butter is covered by a layer of red caviar. Enjoy a classical sandwich!

65 170-00 10 min
Fish assortment

Fillet of a salmon and the trout of cold smoking flavoured with olives, a lemon and greens.

80/40 270-00 15 min
Home herring

It is prepared in best traditions: a herring special salting with boiled potatoes, a marinaded onions and olive oil.

100/160 80-00 10 min

Jerked sausage from a horse-flesh in a natural cover is cut and served with a lemon, olives and greens.

100/20 280-00 10 min
Output, gr The price, rbl. The time of preparation

"Butcher's shop"

Appetizing cutting from three sorts of fragrant smoked products: a nut meat, a boiled pork and a beef in a European way, flavored with gherkins, olives, lemon and greens.

120/40 170-00 15 min

Spoke much - in an oven has been taken

Boiled tongue is served with peas preserved, gherkins, fresh tomatoes and a sharp horse-radish.

80/110 170-00 10 min

Vegetable assortment

Fresh juicy vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, Bulgarian pepper are laid on leaves of salad and decorated by the rose from marinaded onions.

315 150-00 15 min
«A cheese bench»

Noble sorts of cheese "Kamamber", "Radamer", "Tilziter" and "Olterman" are served with juicy grapes, walnuts and fresh greens.

140/45 250-00 15 min
Cheese assortment

Sorts of cheese "Kamamber", "Dor Blju", "Olterman" and "Radamer" are served with grapes, walnuts and greens.

180/45 400-00 15 min
«Home cellar»

Traditional marinaded vegetables: cabbage (prepared in the special way), gherkins, tomatoes «cherry», and also marinaded mushroons with garlic.

305 140-00 15 min
Output, gr The price, rbl. The time of preparation
Salad "Caesar" with tiger shrimps

The fried tiger shrimps, juicy salad and the Peking cabbage, crackers with garlick taste and delightful cheese "Parmesan". This salad with our sauce "Caesar" will please any gourmet.

205 280-00 20 min
Salad "Ocean"

Smart combination of red caviar, squids, shrimps, juicy Bulgarian pepper, onions and eggs. Salad is dressed with mayonnaise.

200 450-00 15 mines
Salad "Coral"

The delightful mix of the fried shrimps, fresh tomatoes, the Peking cabbage, sheet salad, fried onions and egg will impress the Neptune. And red caviar only will pick out "sea" taste. Salad is dressed with mayonnaise.

215 320-00 15 mines
Salad of "Elfs"

The fried shrimps, a gentle boiled chicken fillet, a juicy apple, Bulgarian pepper and a fragrant pear – all these are dressed with the "magic" sauce which recipe has been brought on the wings of elfs.

240 260-00 15 min
"Olivier's" salad in an ancient way

According to old recipes our cooks have mixed the fried shrimps, boiled beef tongue, a chicken fillet, a potato, an egg; and fresh apples, Bulgarian pepper, cucumbers, and all these are dressed with mayonnaise. We suggest you to taste this salad, and to realize that «new is well forgotten old».

200 250-00 15 min

Output, gr The price, rbl. The time of preparation
Salad – "Sea Fusion"

Original combination of the fried seafood , salad and the Peking cabbage under juicy sauce. Olives and olive-green will give "the Mediterranean" taste to the given salad.

195 250-00 15 min
Salad "Caesar" with a salmon

Little-salt salmon, juicy salad and the Peking cabbage, rusks with garlick taste and cheese "the Parmesan", dressed with our sauce "Caesar". Try a new taste of traditional salad!

215 250-00 20 min
Salad po-Milanski

Let inhabitants of Milan forgive us! But the salad from boiledsalmon and rice; fresh cucumbers and tomatoes; an apple, an onion, dressed with olive oil, remembers us this part of Italy.

240 200-00 20 mines
Salad "Ljubava"

Refined salad – a cocktail from slices of boiled beef, gentle rice, marinaded onions. It is dressed with sauce in which there is mayonnaise, tinned gherkins and dried peels of lemon . Fresh cucumbers and tomatoes will give tendernesses, and eggs will enrich the taste of the salad.

215 140-00 15 min
Salad "Celebratory"

The most popular salad of our restaurant! Boiled beef, fresh vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper; grated cheese and mayonnaise. It is rather light and substantial at the same time.

200 140-00 15 min
Salad "Iraq"

Enjoy spicy food? Then this salad is to your taste. Boiled beef, Bulgarian pepper, juicy tomatoes and red onions under mustard dressing.

210 170-00 15min

Output,, gr The Price, rbl. The time of preparation

Salad "Caprice"

Substantial sorts of meat: a ham, beef tongue, chicken fillet with marinaded mushrooms, tinned gherkins, onions and mustard dressing.

200 130-00 15 min
Salad "Caesar" with chicken

Classical salad in our execution! Fried chicken breast, salad, Peking cabbage, rusks with garlick taste, cheese "the Parmesan" and our sauce "Caesar".

235 180-00 20 min
Salad "East"

For fine judges of eastern kitchen! An unusual combination of boiled chicken breast, rice, Bulgarian pepper with perfect raisins and fried walnuts. Garlic will give spicy taste, and mayonnaise will put a final note.

225 150-00 15 min
Salad "Shanghai"

The slices of a boiled chicken, tinned pineapples and fried mushrooms are dressed with gentle creamy sauce.

200 160-00 15 min
Salad "Greek"

We can consider this salad as a pantry of vitamins! Vegetables of big cut: tomatoes, cucumbers, Bulgarian pepper; juicy salad, olives, marinaded onions and the major component is gentle cheese "Brynza". Salad is dressed with the "Greek" pouring. And our "Greek" pouring consists of precise proportions of olive oil, juice of a lemon, garlic and seasonings.

220 170-00 15 min
Exit, г The price, rbl. The time of preparation
Pancakes with caviar

Red caviar with gentle pancakes-indulge yourself!

160 300-00 20 min
Shrimps for the Queen

We will open to you a secret of special taste of this dish: tiger shrimps are poured with lemon and soya sauce and are fried with small cut garlic.

140 430-00 20 min
Set from seafood

This dish is from the best gifts of the sea: salmons, shrimps, squids, mussels and octopuses in creamy sauce under a cheese crust.

125 300-00 25 min
Shrimps with a lemon

This dish is for fans of shrimps. We have simply boiled for you fresh, juicy shrimps and have dressed with lemon, black olives and green olives. Enjoy this favourite taste!

190 110-00 20 min
Salmon in creamy-caviar sauce

Noble fish under refined sauce will reduce your expectation before the main dish is served or will simply replace it! All depends only on your desire.

100/50/20 350-00 20 min
Jul’en from tongue

The gentle tongue baked in creamy sauce under a cheese crust.

120 130-00 25 min

Jul’en with champignons

We should include in our menu this dish which was prepared by cooks of imperial Russia! Taste one of the most popular hot snacks performed by cooks of our restaurant.

120 120-00 25 min
Wings “Tobasko”

The chicken wings preliminary marinated and fried to a crisp. Served with a spicyt sauce.

210 170-00 25 min
Hot salad “Zarina”

Slices of a chicken fillet are fried together with mushrooms and marinated onions, then mixed up with slices of fresh tomatoes. All these are dressed with mayonnaise, nut and fresh greens. Pleasant taste, it is impossible to resist.

280 200-00 20 min
Hot salad “Bohemia”

Fresh vegetables: eggplants, Bulgarian pepper, tomatoes and onions are fried with addition of soya sauce and garlic. All these things are served on a plate dressed with walnuts. Not much greens and "ordinary" vegetable salad give a new unique taste!

205 170-00 20 min

Exit, г The price, rbl. The time of preparation
Solyanka of fish

The unusual feature of this soup is replacement of a traditional set of meat products with a tasty and useful fish fillet of a salmon.

440 220-00 30 min
Fish soup from salmon

Classical soup from salmon with potatoes, onions, tomatoes and carrots. Avery tasty and useful soup! By the way, vodka is used in cooking.

400/20 200-00 30 min
French soup

Dish of the present French kings! An amazing combination of house noodles with a fillet of a salmon, juicy shrimps and onions. Soup is served with olives, a slice of a lemon and greens.

400 200-00 30 min
Meat dumplings in bouillon

Small meat dumplings which are cooked by hands, are boied in a lchicken broth with fresh greens. Sour cream is served in a special pot.

430 120-00 30 min
Solyanka of meat

It is prepared on the beef bouillon with addition of only fresh high-quality products :tongue of beef, boiled porks, and european beef.To give the soup spicy-sour taste marinated cucumbers are added. It is served with sour cream, olives, fresh greens and lemon segments.

440 180-00 30 min

Solyanka of mushrooms

Let's replace meat products to aromatic mushrooms and you will receive soup with a new gentle taste.

440 180-00 30 min
The second course

Fish dishes

Exit, г The price, rbl. The time of preparation
Royal meal”

Indulge yourself and feel like a king! Fillets of salmon is poured with white wine and lemon and bakde in a foil with tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper and onions. It is served in a foil with lemon and greens.

180/10 300-00 40 min
Sea pearl”

About this dish it is possible to tell: «beauty in simplicity»! The fried fillet of a salmon with our creamy sauce "Ljaprans" is served on a leaf of salad with lemon ,black olives, green olives and greens.

110/50/30 320-00 40 min
Salmon “Butterfly”

Taste this dish and you feel a butterfly appear on your plate! The fried gentle fillet of a salmon in the form of wings of the butterfly with creamy sauce "Ljaprans" and with red caviar on a salad leaf.

180/50/65 510-00 40 min
Shashlik from salmon

Remind yourself pleasant meetings with your friends outside! Marinated in white wine with spicy slices of a salmon are served on a skewer.

110/30 300-00 30 min
Sunny coast

Fillets of a salmon marinated in white wine with addition of juice of lemon. A trout is stuffed with a marinaded salmon and baked. A marvellous combination of different sorts of fish! We recommend you to taste!

220/50/105 520-00 40 min

Exit, г The price, rbl. The time of preparation
Golden trout

The trout is baked to golden crust and is served on a salad leaf with lemon and fresh greens.

130/70 300-00 30 min
Royal fish”

The trout is stuffed with the cut mushrooms and baked untillr a cheese crust. It is served on salad leaf wit lemon and fresh greens – the present imperial taste!

190/45 400-00 40 min
Tenderness of the seas queen

The gentle fillet of sea tongue in sesame-papaverous scampi is baked until a crust. The dish is served together with baked magic vegetable shashlik: eggplants, vegetable marrows and Bulgarian pepper marinated in white wine with soya sauce and juice of lemon . It is delicious!

170/120/45 300-00 40 min

Our small present for those who like river fish! We represent to your attention a dish from a pike perch which is caught in the rivers of our republic. The pike perch is cut on a fillet and is baked under vegetables, mushrooms and cheese. It is served on a salad leaf with greens.

225/80 350-00 40 min


Exit, g The price, rbl. The time of preparation
Entrecote “Gavaiyski”

We advise to taste this dish if you would like something unusual! Undercut beef is baked under the layer of sweet tinned pineapples, spicy olives and aromatic cheese. This combination of ingredients will leave an unforgettable effect!

175/105 330-00 40 min
Beef “Pikantnayawith garnish

Appetizing beef undercut is served under spicy dressing with fried potatoes. Simple and tasty!

100/150/50/90 390-00 40 min
Beef “Festively”

One of the best banquet dishes! Beef undercut is baked with egg-plants, tomatoes and garlic, and served with fresh vegetables and olives.

160/90 300-00 40 min
Well – done steak

The American classic dish in our way! Beef undercut is baked and served with creamy sauce “La Praunce” and sour – sweet dressing.

120/100/20 350-00 40 min

If you don’t have a possibility to go out for a picnic, come to usand try our shashlik of three sorts of meat (beef, pork, chicken). It is served with sour cream and sweet dressing.

210/60/10 380-00 40 min
Mister Magnificent”

The magnificent dish for magnificent guests by magnificent cooks! Marinated pork undercut is turned up in bacon and baked untill a crust.

150/100/60 350-00 40 min
Pork “Appetizing”

Do you like to eat tasty? Do you have a good appetite? Then you should choose this dish. Pork undercut is baked in cheese with mushrooms and walnuts.

180/55 300-00 40 min

In our basket from pork neck there are fried mushrooms and vegetables: bulgarian pepper, tomatoes, garlic. Everything is eatable both a basket and its content.

140/140/30 330-00 40 min
Grilled pork neck

The name of dish speaks for itself! We just want to say that meat turns out to be juicy and tasty!

140/55 210-00 30 min
Brisket of pork on bone

Please, stop your choice on this dish and you’ll understand that pork may be so chic! Brisket is stuffed by agarics, cheese and baked. It’s served with olives, greens and marinated tomatoes cherry.

120/40/55 250-00 40 min

Pork on-kupecheski

What dishes in imperial Russia were on a table of merchants? We offer you our version. Pork is stuffed with mushrooms and vegetables: tomatoes, onions and garlic and is also baked under a cheese crust

250/100 380-00 40 min
Pork chop with nuts

Slices of a pork cut are chopped carefully and fried on strong fire. Soft, juicy meat inside, a crisp outside – such combination gives you true pleasure. And what meat without sauce? Creamy sauce with walnuts and a cognac note will only enrich taste of this dish.
140/60/105 400-00 40 min


Between two thin slice of porks there is a toast. The toast dilute the meat taste of this dish and do it more nourishing/
160/105 310-00 40 min

«Pork on-bavarski»

Cooks of our restaurant will prepare for you one of the most most popular dishes of a German cuisine. We recommend you to taste! Pork is served with marinaded cabbage and a horse-radish.

580/90 650-00 40 min
Mutton "Lux"

Mutton is boiled with spices and vegetables: tomatoes, pepper Bulgarian, onions and garlic, to gentle spiciness.

200/40/50 550-00 55 min
Tongue ”Kavkazsky”

Taste this dish! Probably, on the Caucasus the present long-livers prefer it! Boiled tongue is cooked with addition of mushrooms, onions, garlic, аджики, sour creams, walnuts and burning spices. And all this magnificence will appear on your plate on a leaf of juicy salad!

150/120/10 320-00 35 min
Chicken bust “Eskiz” with garnish

We recommend this dish to those who like chicken. The gentle chicken fillet in grated cheese is fried to a golden crust. It is served with potato-po-derevensky which is fried with addition of spices and garlic. As a final stroke our sauce "Caesar" is applied to a dish.

170/150/60/90 330-00 40 min

Chicken with white souce

The fried chicken fillet is served on a salad leaf under slivochno-cheese sauce. For sauce our cooks use cheese "Brynza" which is famous for its taste.

150/50/60 250-00 35 min
Duck with fruits

For gourmets! Duck breasts are soaked in sweet marinade from honey, orange juice, a dried peel of a lemon, soya sauce and spices and baked to a golden crust. The fried circles of an orange and an apple will add to a "sugar" duck even more delicious taste.
120/80/20 650-00 50 min

Exit, g The price, rbl. The time of treparation

Sauce “Tatar”

Our special sauce with mayonnaise, ketchup, garlic and greenery

100 20-00 10 min
Sauce “La Praunce”

Delicate mix with cream, bulgarian pepper and onion

50 35-00 10 min
Sauce “Tartar”

The dressing’s basis are sour cream, mayonnaise and piquant red sauce. We add fine chopped egg, thinly sliced gherkins and the sauce gets its excellent taste
50 20-00 10 min
Sauce “Soyevy”

Asian traditional sauce

50 15-00 5 min
Sauce “Heintz”

Piquant red sauce

50 35-00 5 min
Olive oil

50 50-00 5 min
Horse – radish

50 30-00 5 min

50 20-00 5 min

  1. 15-00 5 min

Sour cream

100 25-00 5 min
Output, gr. The price, rbl. The time of preparation
Vegetables steam

Such vegetable as cauliflower, broccoli cabbage, Brussels sprouts and a string bean are boiled in order they have kept all valuable and useful properties. For brighter taste mix of fragrant seasonings and a slice of a gentle butter is added.

180 70-00 20 min
Vegetable “ratatuj”

The fresh largely cut vegetables: eggplants, pepper Bulgarian, tomatoes and onions are fried with addition of soya sauce and garlic.

170 140-00 20 min
Cauliflower in crisps

Cauliflow in crackers are baked in hot fan to golden colour.

150/90 100-00 20 min
Potato spicy

Baked potato to a gentle crust is filled with a mix from white wine and spices and cooke on slow fire for giving special aroms.

200/80 100-00 20 min
Potato baked with cheese

Potato under a ruddy crust with cheese with soft creamy taste.

180/110 100-00 20 min

The potato is fried in hot fan.

150/60 100-00 20 min
Potato with sauce "Heinz"

Probably, this is the most popular dish in the world! Taste it:

potato slices are fried in hot fan to a golden ruddy crust and served with a red piquant sauce.

100/30 70-00 20 min

Output, gr. The price, rbl. The time of preparation
Potato balls

Extraordinary tasty, beautiful small "balls" from mashed potatoes in crackers also fry in hot fan. Indulge yourself!

150 80-00 20 min
Rice on-gavajski

Boiled rice familiar to all of us has got its new bright taste thanks to the fried vegetables added in it: carrots, onions and Bulgarian pepper.

180/110 100-00 20 min
Spaghetti with cheese

Indulge yourself withItalian spaghettis strewed by grated cheese of noble sorts.

200/110 120-00 20 min
Mushrooms fried

Everything is simple! Fragrant mushrooms are fried with onions and served with fresh vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers and Bulgarian pepper.

100/110 170-00 20 min

Output, gr. The price, rbl. The time of preparation

Pineapples in test

Juicy slices of tinned pineapples in a ruddy crust from the gentle test.

150 60-00 20 min
Dessert “Afrodita”

Fruit barbecue from kiwi, tinned pineapples and the apricots, decorated with whipped cream and walnuts.

250 190-00 30 min
Salad «the beloved note»

Fruit salad from oranges, pears, apples, grapes and the tinned pineapples, filled with creamy yoghurt and strewed by a chocolate crumb.

290 100-00 20 min
Shtrudel” with pears

Flaky pastry with a stuffing from walnuts, gentle raisin and "a sugar" pear.

175 100-00 30 min
Shtrudel” with apples

175 100-00 30 min
Ice-cream in assortment

We offer ice-cream with various tastes.

50 65-00 15 min
Ice-cream "Baylis"

Classical ice-cream "Ice cream" with creamy liquor "Baylis" and a chocolate crumb.

150/45 130-00 15 min
Cake «Almondy»

It’s a cake from a well-known confectionary firm.

75/100 120-00/140-00 15 min

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