The Helena Education Foundation congratulates the 2015 Distinguished Students and Distinguished Educators Distinguished Achievers: Distinguished Educators

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The Helena Education Foundation congratulates the 2015

Distinguished Students and Distinguished Educators

Distinguished Achievers: Distinguished Educators:
Travis Ball, Capital High Becca Leaphart, Capital High

Ashley Battershell-Corson, Helena High Manny Garza, Helena High

Chance Bright, Project for Alternative Learning Kathy Collins, Project for Alternative Learning

Cassidy Burk, Capital High Donald Foucar, Capital High

Gus Chancy, Capital High Walt Chancy, Capital High

Isabella Clinch, Capital High Debra Dorrance, Capital High

Nolan Davis, Helena High Kelle McMahon, Helena Middle School

Harley Didriksen, Helena High Jonna Schwartz, Helena High

Joshua Egan, Helena High Cynthia Galbavy, Helena High

Olivia Haider, Capital High James Murray, Capital High

Justin Keith Johnson, Capital High Nancy Peterson, Kessler Elementary

Sydney Ladas, Capital High Amanda Plona, Capital High

Samantha Martin, Capital High Marilyn Barta, Broadwater Elementary

Caitlyn Murphy, Helena High Collette Ozburn, Helena High

Kirsten Opp, Capital High Genevieve Anderson, Capital High

Alex Price, Capital High Derik Reed, Capital High

Trevor Raulston, Project for Alternative Learning Greg Wald, Project for Alternative Learning

Cassidy Robo, Capital High Gary Long, Capital High

Alejandra Rosales, Helena High Jason Murgel, Helena High

Evan Sampson, Capital High Michael Weller, C R Anderson Middle School

Tyzer Smith, Helena High Tyler Hollow, Helena High

Rachael Amanda Sullivan, Helena High Tony Arnston, Capital High


Distinguished Scholars: Distinguished Educators:
Josh Barrows, Helena High Karl Wolf, Retired

Colton Bauer, Helena High Sandy Wardell, Retired

Aloise Bell, Helena High Robert Holter, Helena High

Alice Butler, Helena High Geoff Proctor, Helena High

Darcie Jane Caldwell, Helena High Leslie Donahue, Clancy School

Rosie Costain, Helena High Lindsey Barnes, Helena High

Justin Dingman, Capital High Rich Wirak, Retired

Emily Felde, Capital High Marianne Schadt, Capital High

Ian FitzGerald, Helena High Lee Holmes, Helena High

Briann Hicks, Helena High Kelley Edwards, Helena High

Ethan Charles Hills, Helena High Don Pogreba, Helena High

Sophia Mary Bridges Holter, Helena High Collin Salisbury, Helena High

Jordan Jakovac, Helena High Julie Ladd, Helena High

Margo La Clair, Helena High Julieta Pederson, Helena High

Kirsten Marble, Helena High Darlene Chamberlin, Helena High

Anna Maronick, Helena High Ryan Schulte, Helena High

Cole Peterson, Capital High Dennis Peterson, Capital High

Hamilton Platt , Helena High Rob Loveridge, Helena High

Mo Shea, Helena High Debbra Klein, Helena High

Ellie Snyder, Helena High Susan Bartels, Helena High

John Southworth, Capital High Patrick Murphy, Capital High

Becca Speranza, Capital High Duane Zehr, Capital High

Carrie Stine, Helena High Denise Thomas, Helena High

Mariah Swenson, Capital High Matt Lyng, Capital High

Scotty Tilton, Capital High Tom Pederson, Capital High

Emily Walborn, Helena High Jesse Franzen, Helena Middle School

Erica Zarling, Helena High Missy Sampson, Helena High

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