The Hairdressing Industry and Hepatitis B

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The Hairdressing Industry and Hepatitis B

Information Booklet

Patient UK adapted by Paul Desmond HBV Foundation

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About The Hair Dressing Industry and Hepatitis B Vaccination

With ever more people dying with Hepatitis B and with approximately 80% of the infected being undiagnosed, Tattooists and Body Piercers are at increasing risk and have to be on their guard against hepatitis B infection. Trainees and short term staff are a key concern.

Vaccination Requirements

  • All staff who may come into contact with blood and contaminated equipment, need vaccination and certificate of immunity before workng to be safe.

  • The employer is responsible for the paid staff vaccination cost

  • The employer is also responsible to ensure the staffs safety

  • A Course of three injections should be administered, Boosted after 5 years

Key Risks

  • Shaving and Hair Removal is a high risk transmission procedure by its very nature

  • Many Staff are unvaccinated, even among national organisations

  • HBV Testing and booster jab usage among staff is poor

  • HBV Testing of Anti body levels is often poor, leaving 10-20% at risk

  • HBV lives in spilt blood for between 7 – 20 days

  • HBV can contaminate areas and utensils in common use

  • Staff are often unaware of the prevalance (up to 1 in 50 in some areas)

  • Staff are often unaware it is a decimating carcinogen (1 in 10 undiagnosed die)

Blood Hygiene Requirements

  • Plaster all staff gateway wounds also

  • Bleach kill with heat all blood spill areas

  • Study cross contamination opportunities (hand to tool, tool to desk etc)

  • Use strict sharps hygiene and sterilisation structures

Safety Testing Requirements

  • Many staff have been working unvaccinated and neglectregular safety testing

  • If antibody levels have dropped over time, any client blood risk involving a staff wound or a sissor injury needs testing

  • Late diagnosis features in most deaths

  • Early diagnosis of Hepatitis B allows life saving treatment

  • For Hepatitis C which has no vaccine, there is a cure

Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) Involves giving hepatitis B vaccine and possibly immunoglobulin too if required, even if the exposed person has received vaccine previously.

Many large scale employers can bulk buy vaccine

  • To drive down costs

  • To speed deployment

  • To create counseling and advice points

  • Utiliising “in house” skills

  • Smaller concerns can club together or unions can buy

  • Colleges can buy

  • Councils and

  • Nationals can all buy direct

There are opportunities to buy vaccines direct from

  • Many pharmaceuticals selling various volumes

  • Costs can be far less, best to shop around

  • Sanofi Pasteur MSD

  • Glaxo Welcome

Some companies specialise in deployment of vaccines to

  • Residential Units

  • Schools

  • Prisons

  • Annual Company or Union Meetings

  • Remote Location Staff

Some organisations can advise you on Staff Vaccination

  • The Hepatitis B Foundation - 08000 46 1911

  • The British Liver Trust


Publications from the Department of Health

  • The Department of Health Green Book HBV Vaccination Guide

  • The Department of Health Olive Book HBV Exposure Guide

There follows 3 posters, the first poster highlights the basics of Blood Hygiene. The second Vaccination Schedules and the third the non occupational risk test chart for everyone. There is a Just Diagnosed Booklet for the infections that usually emerge when larger staff vaccinations/screenings happen. The GP Vaccination Request Letter, Risk Assessment Form and Professions at Risk Poster are on under resources.

STOP 40 million people have HIV

350 million have inherited HBV 210 million have transfusion HCV


Can live in spilt blood

And infect via contact

With an open wound

USE ”Premiership Blood Hygiene”

Active plastering of all wound Gateways using gloves, then

Bleach Kill the Spill & Virus

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