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The Official Newsletter of the
Galileo Alumni Association

Clarity . . . Honesty . . . Integrity  

Serving the Galileo Alumni Community”

  Vol. XII, No. 4 ____________________ ­­­­­__October 2014

Today’s Students are Tomorrow’s Alumni…

Sports Hall of Fame Will Honor 12

The Galileo Sports Hall of Fame committee will induct eleven former athletes and one former coach at the annual dinner on Friday, October 17, at the S. F. Italian Athletic Club. Festivities start at 5:30 PM with no-host cocktails followed by dinner and the ceremony at 7:00 PM. This year’s honorees are:

Curt Decker (’55-’65) Coach Baseball & Soccer. Dexter Doss (’91) Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track. Danielle Fong (’07) Basketball, Softball. Gus Geraldi (’62) Baseball. Keith Hazell (‘78) Basketball, Track. Reggie Leipsic (’58) Baseball, Basketball, Football. Nolan McCoy (’78) Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Track, Wrestling, ROTC rifle team. Gon Yee Ng (’97) Tennis, Michelle Ng (‘97) Tennis, Richard Thompson (’64) Baseball, Track. Kenny Walls (’98) Basketball, Football. Lenny Walls (’97) Basketball, Football.
Send in your check and reservation form today. See attached form. Deadline is October 13th.

Join us this year for the 2014 Columbus/Italian Heritage Day Festivities on Saturday/Sunday October 11th & 12th in North Beach. Look for us in the Parade, the Galileo Alumni Association Float and the ROTC marching band.

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