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The lunch line opens about 11:45 a.m. and you are always assured of a tasty $6 lunch, warm ecumenical fellowship and a thoughtful program designed to enrich your life mentally, physically, spiritually and socially. The parking is free in the Pine Street lot north of the church from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. No reservations are necessary, but a call to Gwen, at 570-322-1110, if you are not a regular attender, will help the caterer, Heidi Potter, know how much food to prepare. Laity, clergy and people of all ages are welcome!

January 6

Dr. J. Morris Smith; Shepherd of the Streets

January 13

Rev. Cynthia Dallas-Kirk; Pastor of Bethel AME Church

January 20

Rev. Gwen Bernstein; United Churches

January 27

Mrs. Pat Wittig, Mrs. Barbara Allen, Mrs. Velma Grimes; Church Women United Ecumenical Action

Melissa Magargle, Executive Director

Families we are serving:

Mom, 2 yr. old daughter

Dad, Mom, 3 sons

Dad, Mom, 5 yr. old son, 3 mo. old daughter

Mom, 2 yr. old daughter

Dad, 14 yr. old daughter

We are collecting Labels for Education that can be found on items such as General Mills products, Betty Crocker products, Campbell’s soups, Bic pens and GLAD storage containers, just to name a few
Of all the attributes of God, it is interesting that one in particular has become the standard of the Christmas season. Love, Light, Peace, Joy, etc., are all acknowledged during this celebration, but it is Mercy that becomes most evidenced in behavior. People will give time, talent, and treasure extraordinarily, seek to serve in some capacity that satisfies this divine inclination. Serving the poor, especially the homeless, and most especially children comes to the fore during this season. Even unbelievers feel this stirring within. No wonder commercialism of such a holy season has proliferated to the chagrin and embarrassment of most of us, for such does not represent true mercy, but most often self desire and/or resentment. No wonder the image of the jolly elf who brings toys and technology has taken the place of the Holy Babe, swaddled and lying in a manger, who brings rebirth and divine potential to all born of natural generation.
Mercy sees beyond rules of conduct and bits of character to intent and consequence and emits a purpose rather than judgment, a passion for deliverance and reconciliation. Mercy is not ruled by fairness, but by favor (grace) which is attributable to God alone, extending grace that is beyond human perception, refrains from demanding a return, but rather forbears in charity and compassion ever ready to forgive.
Mercy can make final judgment on no one, but mercy and justice must entwine with hope, making a three-fold cord strong and able to bundle God’s grace with man’s faith, anticipating the better with an optimism that provides peace presentiment of heaven.
Thank you for your contributions of hygiene items, baby needs, and bedding. We appreciate your continued support.

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