The first link in the middle column should read Tube packaging line program

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  1. The first link in the middle column should read – Tube packaging line program

  2. The 3rd link should read – Cartoners for many other products - visit our subsidiary Vectacraft.

  3. In the line table, for now let's put up to SL300 only (not SL 375 and SL 420). We will put this up when actually manufactured. We have done only 300 up till now.

  4. In the line table, LIMBUS 100 is not clearly visible. It is hidden by the arrow.

  5. In the individual line details, we should start off first by giving the layout drawing, pdf brochure and video (the photo is already there) of the line rather than the individual machines. Individual should come next, as is there already. Hence, please put links or above.

  6. the words 'layout drawing; should be replaced with 'Footprint' for individual machines.

  7. Please check the spelling of 'LIMBUS' everywhere.

  8. The individual photos seems very dark. Please check.

  9. We are not providing details of individual machines on the site. We need to have a link for this.

     Maybe we can provide a 'know more..'  or 'click for more details..' link. We can still have the footprint, pdf brochure and video link but after it.

    So if someone wants a pdf directly without checking out details, they can do it. Also, these 3 links should also be there in the page where the info on the machine is given.

We will then show the break-up of the line in the form of individual machines.

But instead of a row each for each of the machines, one row with 4 columns would be a better option and a short one.

It should look something like this –


                                                             SL 100 line


Tube filler





























Pdf brochure

Pdf brochure

Pdf brochure

Pdf brochure






Note: both the model name as well as picture above should have hyperlinks to the individual machine page. And the footprint, pdf brochure and video link should be there in the individual machine page also, as we have followed in the past. Here, above, it is just a quick link for say people who want to directly see the video of a LIMBUS 100 and so on.

The links for the layout drawing, pdf brochure and video of the line is not shown next to the line photo.

Like I said first we give the visitor the option of exploring the line.

Then if he needs to know the details on each of the machines in the line, he will click on the table we have provided below.

Again this table will come after the description of the line, which I have not sent yet. I will be sending this soon.


Put a note below the individual machines table as follows –

Note: The links in the above table give details of the individual/standalone machines only.

The content for matter under the line picture (in this case SL 150) is as follows –



The SL 150 is a medium/fast speed tube packaging line producing about 50,000 to 55,000 tubes per shift.

The LIMBUS 150 twin-head tube filler fills the product into the tube and then closes it depending on the type of tube.

Metal tubes are crimped whereas plastic/laminate tubes are sealed.


Once closed, the tube is ejected out of the tube filler onto a two-lane tube transfer system which flaps the tube exactly into the product conveyor pocket of the MERLIN 180XC horizontal cartoner.

Here, first a pre-folded leaflet is picked up by a rotary pick-up device and fed to the pincer on the leaflet chain. Then, a carton is picked up from the stack by a rotary pick-up device, prefolded and then loaded into the carton chain. The tube is inserted into the carton and it is closed on both sides either by tuck-in or gluing, as the case maybe.


The carton the travels from here to the in-feed conveyor of the OSPREY 18V where they are first collated in a desired matrix.

The required length of BOPP film is then brought down from the roll and the bunch is wrapped with the film and pushed to the sealing station.

Here, first the main overlapped film is sealed and then the two sides of the bunch are sealed to create a sturdy multipack.


The multipacks then travel to the KESTREL 6s casepacker where they are collated in a required configuration and then pushed into a case, which has been opened and kept ready earlier.

The case is then taped or glue-sealed.


Hence, the first machine takes in the empty tubes and the product to be filled and the last machine produces a packed case, ready to be shipped out of the customer's factory.


  1. The matter for tube filler has to be as given below after the letter. Please follow styling as current site (& page). Follow small photo on page also but put caption ‘Top view of LIMBUS 150’ for that.

  2. The machines beyond 300 are still not removed from the table in line. If you need Mandar’s assistance please get it done from him.

  3. Footprint should be written as one word.

  4. All model names are in all caps for eg. LIMBUS 150.

  5. LIMBUS 70 and LIMBUS 100 have to be shown as 2 separate machines. Table can contain both in one but links for both to be separate.

  6. Matter for overview page of ‘Tube fillers’ given below. 70 and 100 to be separated, Matter for 70 is given. Matter for 100 will be – Fastest tube filler in single-head models. Matter for CONDOR 225 and 300 also put. Use a small picture of CONDOR 300 as thumbnail for these two. Please note again styling has to be as per current site for all pages except where I have specifically asked to change.

Tube fillers overview page


Tube Fillers

The LIMBUS series of Tube Fillers are available in speeds ranging from 35 to 150 tubes/min. They can handle metal, laminate and plastic tubes. Four models in capacities ranging from 35 to 150 tubes/min. are available to meet today's packaging demands. Viscous and semi-viscous products that can be handled are ointments, cosmetics, toothpaste, shaving creams, adhesives, silicon sealants, wall fillers, ketchup/sauce and many more.

Limbus 35

Slowest model with speeds up to 35 tubes/min. All options as faster machines available.


Medium speed model catering to small and medium enterprises.


A Tube filler for medium to high speeds. Capacity up to 140 tubes/min.



First model in linear design tube fillers. High speed working guaranteed for faster productivity




Fastest tube filler from Subnil.

LIMBUS 150 page

Product Overview

The LIMBUS 150 is a twin-head tube filler with a capacity to produce up to 140 tubes/min.  Although compact in size, the machine has been ergonomically designed to ensure that working areas are easily accessible for setting, changeover and maintenance. The quick, easy & efficient changeover is the leading attribute of this tube filler, which helps in responding to the faster-time-to-market age we live in. All tube fillers conform to cGMP standards.

Technical Specifications


  • The pump unit has a vertical dosing system, which aids in easy suction

  • Bottom-up filling coupled with shut-off nozzle ensures accurate & clean fill without air entrapment

  • Indexer is absolutely smooth. The rotary turret adds to the rigidity and helps in maintaining equal level of tube at the various working stations

  • Tool-less adjustments coupled with faster reproduction of settings (aided by position indicators and tri-clover fittings) make changeover effortless.

        Bulk of the changeover is done by adjusting the turret


Optional equipment

* Tube cleaning  * Agitator  * Saddle-fold  * Additional ejector  * Centralised lubrication system  * Multicolour filling  * Gas flushing before & after filling

* Profiled seals  * Servo motor options in various stations

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