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Todd C. Snyder, DDS

25500 Rancho Niguel Road, Suite 230

Laguna Niguel, CA. 92677

(949) 643-6733

  • Holds

    • Means that when biting firmly in C.O. the shimstock cannot be pulled out

  • Drags

  • No Hold

    • There is no resistance what so ever when pulled between occluding teeth.

Indirect Restorations:

  • Shimstock-prior to prep

  • Preparation

  • Shimstock-checking bite

  • Wax bite registration (why?)

  • Shimstock-verifying wax bite is accurate

  • Impressions

  • Facebow

  • 2nd wax bite (why?)

  • Provisionals

  • Shimstock-check provisional and bite

  • Pouring models

  • Mount maxillary model to articulator

  • Articulator settings

  • Mount opposing mandibular model

  • Equilibrate

  • Lab Fabrication

  • Check Case

  • Try-in Case

  • Deliver Case

Demineralizing dentin is like opening the Pandora’s box, releasing endogenous enzymes

(Matrix Metalloproteinases - MMPs) that were trapped within the mineralized dentin matrix.

In the presence of water (such as that derived from water sorption or from adhesives, MMPs can breakdown collagen fibrils that are not protected by intrafibrillar minerals



Triple Tray

Quadrant Trays

Full Arch

Plastic Perforated

Metal Perforated


Polymer Anatomical

Heat Wave (Clinician’s Choice)


Triad (Dentsply)

Impression Materials:

Aquasil Cordless Impression Device and Materials

Laser: Dentsply/

+AMD PICASSO/Lite quick and portable


Cementation Systems

Glass Ionomers

Resin Modified Glass Ionomers

Self-Cured Resins

Dual-Cured Resins

Light-Cured Resins


Cementation for Posterior Porcelain Restorations

  • Check final restoration on model and evaluate etch.

  • Remove provisional

  • Clean tooth

    • Prophy jet (Bicarbonate spay)

    • Air abrasion on low power

    • Opticlean (Kerr)

  • Silanate restoration if appropriate and add heat for two minutes or more.

    • Not zirconia, COEJET or Rocatec 3M/ESPE

    • Z-Prime

  • Try in restoration. Check margin adaptation and interproximal contact.

  • Check occlusion on crowns only (NOT--INLAYS & ONLAYS)

    • Adjust with fine diamonds under water spray.

    • Upon completion the porcelain needs to be polished with a porcelain polishing kit or re-glazed.

  • Clean restoration (types)

    • Acid etch with phosphoric acid 15 seconds, rinse and dry

    • Steam clean

    • Alcohol or acetone in ziplock bag placed into ultrasonic bath for 2 minutes

    • Silane again?

  • Rubber Dam?

  • Total etch tooth with phosphoric acid for 10-15 seconds (if SE adhesive then just etch enamel)

  • Rinse and dry

  • Place chlorhexidine or Tublicid Red or Ultracid (leave damp)

  • Place adhesive (cure?)

  • Place dual cure resin luting agent

  • Seat restoration

  • Use dry brush and floss to clean off excess

    • Leave residual behind or

    • Spot tack in place for 15 seconds and remove all excess or gross excess? then glycerine on margins?

  • Light cure

  • Finish porcelain margins with fine diamond burs, remove excess resin with 12 & 30 fluted carbides or periodontal knives, gold foil knives, Tungsten Carbide carvers, scalpel.

  • Polish with various impregnated cups and points.

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