The Ear Matching Exercises anatomical terms

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Medical Terminology

The Ear

Matching Exercises

1. pinna

2. utricle

3. labyrinth

4. cerumen

5. stapes

6. mastoid process

7. endolymph

8. cochlea

9. malleus

10. incus

11. vestibule

12. Eustachian tube

a. a series of intricate passages within the inner ear containing receptors for hearing and equilibrium

b. the anvil; second ossicle in the middle ear

c. breast-like downward projection of the temporal bone

d. the hammer-like 1st ossicle in the middle ear

e. the stirrup-shaped 3rd ossicle in the middle ear

f. transparent fluid within the membranous labyrinth

g. one of the two little sacks in the vestibule (little leather bag)

h. cavity at the entrance to the semicircular canals, containing saccules

i. auricle (fleshy part of the outer ear)

j. earwax secreted by glands in the outer ear canal

k. otopharyngeal auditory tube

l. winding snail-like portion of the inner ear

a. perilymph

b. tympanum

c. saccule

d. labyrinth

e. oval window

1. membrane covering opening between middle and inner ear

2. smaller of two vestibule sacs

3. maze consisting of bony and membranous passageways

4. fluid that flows through the outer bony labyrinth

5. eardrum

Symptomatic and Diagnostic TERMS

1. aerotitis

2 presbyacusis

3. ceruminosis

4. paracusis

5. myringitis

6. otitis media

7. myringomycosis

8. otosclerosis

9. stapediovestibular

10. otodynia

a. related to the 3rd ossicle of the middle ear and the entrance of the semicircular canals

b. pain in the ear

c. tympanitis

d. fungal infection of the ear drum

e. inflammation of the middle ear

f. inflammation of the ear from variation in barometric pressure

g. excessive secretion of ear wax

h. Impaired hearing

i. hearing impairment because of old age

j. hardening of bony tissue in the ear

1. complete loss of hearing

2. inflammation of the intricate passage ways of the inner ear

3. a ringing noise in the ear

4. a spinning around sensation

5. a discharge from the ear

6. bleeding from the ears

7. a calculus in the middle ear

8. tumor of the ear wax gland

9. tumor resulting from auditory nerve

10. discharge of pus from the ear

a. vertigo

b. otorrhea

c. otolith

d. ceruminoma

e. otopyorrhea

f. acoustic neuroma

g. anacusia

h. otorrhagia

i. tinnitus

j. labyrinthitis

Operative and Therapeutic TERMS

1. tympanometry

2. otoscopy

3. stapedectomy

4. myringotomy

5. ear lavage

6. salpingoscope

7. otoplasty

8. ototoxic

9. othematoma

10. incudectomy

a. a device for examining eustachian tube

b. irrigation of the external canal

c. examination of the ear canal

d. incision of tympanic membrane

e. measurement of conductibility of the middle ear

f. surgical removal of the 3rd ossicle of the middle ear

g. having a detrimental effect on the organ of hearing

h. surgical repair of the ear

i. surgical removal of the middle ossicle of the middle ear

j. a blood tumor of the ear

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