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Health Practice Commission

Government Administration Building Box 132

133 Elgin Avenue, Grand Cayman KY1-9000, CAYMAN ISLANDS

Telephone: (345) 949 -2813 / 946 -2084, Fax: (345) 946 -2845

Website: Email:

Guidelines for Applicants and Required Documents.


To be considered for Principal List registration by the Medical and Dental Council (MDC), applicants must be fully registered as a health practitioner in either the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Jamaica, New Zealand, South Africa, or United States of America.

  1. Original Letter of Good Standing (LOGS) [Current Professional Status] from the Board of Registration, with which the applicant holds current (active) registration.

  1. Before an application is accepted by this office; the original LOGS must be sent directly from the current registering body to the Registrar of the Health Practice Commission, and should include reference to professional conduct, disciplinary action, ongoing investigation(s), suspension(s), revocation of licensure, etc.

  2. Applications without LOGS will not be assessed.

  3. Please contact this office to confirm receipt of the LOGS before submission of the application for registration.

  1. ALL documents shall be in ENGLISH and translated versions of the documents shall be certified/notarised

  1. International English Language Testing System [IELTS] Report - Academic Version.

The overall minimum required score is 7.5, with each testing area of a least of 7.0 score in speaking, listening, reading and writing. For further details on the test go to the IELTS website at

Note: This is a requirement for all applicants.

  1. Completed Application Form [Form A]

Question #12 must be answered with a tick or checked mark

Questions #13 & #14 responses must have a “yes” or “no” answer

Question # 14A must be initialled

Form should be legible or in typed form.

  1. A current Curriculum Vitae or Resume.

  1. Current (active) Licence and registration, Original or certified/notarised copy

[E.g. UK: Proof of entry on the General Medical Council GP Register or Specialist Register WITH a License to Practice, USA: Verification of Current License].

  1. Original or certified copies of diplomas, certificates, degrees with English translation where applicable.

  1. A comprehensive list of licenses held from all registration boards/councils. This full disclosure summary must include licence numbers, dates, country, state or territory and current registration status.

  1. To be eligible for full registration, and a license to practise independently, graduates of Medical Schools that follow a United States-based Curriculum, or a Canadian-based curriculum, whether in the United States, Canada, or an “Offshore” Medical School, MUST complete an Accreditation Commission on Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) approved Residency and obtain Board Certification from one of the Member Boards of the American Board of Medical Specialties; or complete a Residency approved by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and pass the Royal College specialist certification examinations; that is, the FRCPC (Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada) or FRCSC (Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada) examinations.

  1. No applicant for full registration as a Medical Doctor, shall be eligible for such, until they have successfully completed a satisfactory internship period AND a minimum of THREE years postgraduate training overseas, and they have passed the associated exit examinations of that postgraduate course. That is, training AFTER completing their primary medical qualification (such as MB BS, MB ChB, MD or equivalent); in a jurisdiction approved by the Health Practice Law 2013 and Regulations. This shall also apply to individuals who wish to be fully registered and licensed to practise independently as General Practitioners.

  1. For Specialist Registration, one or both of the following documents are required:

  • Verification letter from a Specialty Registration Body or equivalent, in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, United States of America, or The University of West Indies, and must include current registration status and standing.

  • Certified copy of the speciality degree and/or Certificate of Completion in Speciality Training.

  1. A copy of the registered Healthcare Facility certificate with current registration.

  1. Written evidence of affiliation with a registered Caymanian health practitioner, if applicant is Non-Caymanian.

  1. A copy of the affiliated registered Caymanian health practitioner’s Licence to Practise (Form CA), if applicant is Non-Caymanian.

  1. Non-Caymanian applicants for full registration as Medical Doctors, MUST have a minimum of THREE (3) years relevant clinical experience immediately prior to application, AFTER completion of approved postgraduate certification.

  1. Letter of Affiliation.

Non-Caymanian applicants must provide a signed letter by the Clinical service manager at the designated registered healthcare facility with the anticipated commencement date.

  1. Letter of Intent.

The practitioner must provide a signed cover letter to the MDC stating the reason(s) for requesting registration, profession to be engaged in, commencement date, proposed list of duties, name of employer and affiliate.

  1. Completed Registry Maintenance Administrative Form.

  1. Original Police clearance certificate

    • This must be dated within six months of application from the jurisdiction in which the applicant lives and/or works.

  1. Two original completed Health Practice Commission’s Professional Reference Forms [Revised April 2016 Version].

  • Must completed within six months prior to application;

  • Must include a copy of the referee’s business card and/or a copy of their professional picture Identification card.

  1. One Completed Health Practice Commission’s Character Reference Form.

    • Must include a copy of the referee’s business card and/or a copy of their professional picture Identification card;

    • Must completed within six months prior to application.

  1. Completed Health Practice Commission’s Medical Report Form.

    • Must completed within six months prior to application;

    • Document must include medical practitioner’s registration number/licence, profession, stamp &/or seal and contact details;

    • Cannot be completed by the same person providing any references for the applicant or notarising any of the applicant’s documents;

  • The medical report given shall be provided by the applicant's medical practitioner, who must not be related to the applicant by birth or marriage; and must have known the applicant for a period of at least two years. If the clinical relationship is less than two years, a statement from the applicant’s medical practitioner that details a review of the applicant’s medical files over the last two years, or a detailed letter indicating the reason why this cannot be provided is required.

  1. Passport quality Photograph – full face

  • Taken within six months prior to application;

  • Certified, dated & stamped by the Photo studio on the back;

  • Mini Binder Clip to be used to affix the photo to your application

  1. A copy of Passport page(s) with photograph and personal information.

Colour copy of Passport photo identification page is required.

  1. Original or certified/notarised copy of Caymanian Status certificate, or Permanent Resident certificate, or Rights to Work certificate and; copy of Immigration stamp in the passport.

  1. Completed Continuing Educational Form (Applicable to all Registrants seeking Registration), to include the following:

  • A minimum of Forty (40) Continuing Educational (CE) credit hours,

  • Must have been completed within thirty-six months of date applying for Registration

  • CE credit certificate(s) is required.

  1. Job description with list of duties or intended Scope of Practice.

  1. Applicant may be asked to meet with the MDC whilst processing their application.

  1. Supplementary documents and information may be requested by the MDC, Chairman/Deputy Chairman, or Registrar of the Health Practice Councils in order to render a decision.

  1. Non cash payments shall be made payable to the Cayman Islands Government.

Local cheques are accepted. Overseas method of payment must be Bank Draft, Cashier’s cheque or Money Order; overseas commercial, business or personal cheques are not accepted.

[Note: Exchange rates US $1.00 (cash) = CI$ 0.80; US $1.00 (Cheque) = CI$ 0.82]

  1. Application Fee of CI $250.00

    • Per application and is non-refundable.

  1. Registration Certificate and Licensure to Practice Fee (to be collected at the time of application).

  • This fee is non-refundable after registration has been approved by the MDC;

  • The application and Practising Licence fees may be included in one cheque made payable to the Cayman Islands Government;

    • Fees will be prorated to the second anniversary of the applicant’s date of birth according to the following:

Medical Doctor,

Dentist, Podiatrist,

Osteopath (U.S. Trained)



Any other

health practitioner







Registration Lists
























PROVISIONAL – unqualified practitioner

in training













  1. Documents shall be submitted/mailed/couriered to the address herein. The MDC accepts no responsibility for incorrectly addressed or lost documents that may occur in the delivering process.

  1. The MDC shall meet as often as it considers necessary but not less than once every three months.

  1. The application process can take six (6) to nine (9) months for completion.

  1. Applications completed ten (10) working days prior to the MDC meeting may be placed on the agenda in the order in which they are received, but this does not guarantee they will be processed by the MDC at that meeting.

  1. All follow up correspondence from the MDC will be sent to the applicant. For clarity the Registration process is between the applicant and the MDC, not the registered Caymanian health practitioner affiliate or the health care facility manager/human resources.

  1. A Registered practitioner shall notify the MDC in writing, of any changes:

      • relating to his address or name;

      • any change in his registration in any other country;

      • any conviction in any other country of criminal charges or;

      • any proceedings relating to professional misconduct pending in relation to that person in the Cayman Islands or;

      • any other country occurring after registration; or

      • any other particular material particular as the MDC may require;

not more than fourteen days after the person has received notice of such matter

  1. A Work Permit (i.e. Gainful Occupation Licence) is required for Non-Caymanian Health Practitioners. Please note a copy of Form CA (Licence to Practise) must be submitted to the Department of Immigration. The Work Permit Board may be contacted at P.O. Box 1098 GT, Grand Cayman KY1-1102, Cayman Islands, and (345) 949 – 8344.

  1. The MDC's decision may be provided within fifteen working days to the applicant, the Medical Director of the Health care facility and the affiliated registered Caymanian health practitioner via electronic mail by the Administrative Secretary or the Registrar of the Health Practice Council.

  1. Mal Practice Insurance.

Copy of malpractice insurance certificate, to include practitioner’s name and coverage in the Cayman Islands. The Licence to Practice {Form CA} shall only be dispensed once proof of malpractice insurance is provided and accepted by the Registrar.

  1. Expedited Processing Fees.

This service is for an accelerated RESPONSE only, and does not constitute an approval/grant of a temporary registration and Licence to Practice. The “Emergency” provision shall include an explanation as to what circumstances constitute the emergency.
Type of request Fee Unit Processing timeline

Express Registration CI$350.00 per application seven business days

Urgent Registration CI$400.00 per application three business days

Emergency Registration CI$500.00 per application 24 hours [once accepted by the Registrar]

Applicable for New and Renewal of registration.

  1. A registered practitioner is responsible to maintain adequate malpractice insurance, liability insurance, other relevant insurance or indemnity cover obtained from an authorised insurer and approved by the Commission.

  1. Amendments to Registration and Practising Licence – Speciality, New health care facility affiliate and/or registered Caymanian practitioner affiliate

  • Written notice to include the intended ‘End date’ and proposed ‘Start date’;

  • Application shall be accompanied by the Amendment fee of CI$100.00;

  • Relevant documents to support amendment.

  1. Administrative Removal from the Register.

The Registrar may, by letter addressed to any registered practitioner at his address on the register, inquire whether the registered practitioner has changed his address and, if no answer is received to the inquiry within six months from the date of the posting of the letter, the Registrar may erase from the register any entry relating to that person. (Health Practice Law (2013 Revision), Section 30 (5).

If the name of a registered practitioner is removed from the register, any practising licence issued to him shall cease to be in force. (Health Practice Law (2013 Revision), Section 27A (5).

  1. Retention/renewal of Registration

  • The MDC recommends submission of renewal for applications ninety (90) days before their expiration.

  • The deadline for submission is twenty-eight days (Principal List) or sixty days (Institutional List and Provisional List) before the expiration in order to avoid a late fee of CI$100.00

  • Fees shall be enclosed in order to process application for retention/renewal

  • Passport Size Photograph – full face

(photograph must not be older than six months; must include photo centre’s stamp and date)

  • Form B must be Original, fully completed and signed by the applicant

  • Registry Maintenance Administrative Form (RMAF);

  • Copy of current Malpractice Insurance. Document to include applicant’s name and this jurisdiction

  • MDC Practitioner Conduct Statement

  • The original completed Continuing Educational Summary Form

  • Proof of Continuing Educational Hours [Medical/Dental]

    • Incomplete applications will not be accepted and will be returned via regular post.

  1. Continuing Medical/Dental Education (CE) hours

    • CE submission is assessed by the MDC prior to granting practising license

    • The CE credit certificate is subject to audit by the MDC

    • These guidelines maybe reviewed periodically by the MDC

    • Practitioner’s quota for Mandatory CE’s hours is Forty (40) hours per licensing period, with a minimum of Twenty (20) hours in your field of speciality

For Dental Hygienist is Thirty (30) hours, Dental Assistant and Dental Technician Twenty (20) continuing dental related educational hours are required. All other dental care professionals’ quota remains at forty

    • Original CE certificate(s) is (are) required. Copies can be provided to this office with the originals and authentication can only be done by this office

    • Cerner Training, CPR, ACLS, PALS, TALS and First Aid will not be accepted as continuing educational hours.

  1. Retention / Renewal Fees

CI$1,600.00 for a Medical Doctor, Dentist, Podiatrist, Osteopath trained in the United States

CI$1,000.00 for any other Medical and Dental health practitioner.

Revised: April 2016

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