The bishop wand church of england school mathematics department

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Mrs Sarah Santos Head of Department

Mrs Helen Prinsloo Acting Second in Department

Mrs Deirdre Hartley Also Head of Year 10

Miss Evelyn Dolan Also Assistant Head of Year 11

Mr Jonathan Howe Also Assistant Head of Year 9

Miss Nadia Hussain

Miss Heather Derry

Mrs Judith Forget

Mrs Gillian Powell

Recent Developments:

This is an exciting time for the Mathematics department at The Bishop Wand School. The department is well lead and fully staffed with energetic and dynamic teachers, whose primary focus is the learning of the students. In 2011 the department started the GCSE course in Year 9; therefore the top two sets will complete their GCSE in Year 10. This challenge allows the students to begin their A-Level in Year 11. The rest of the Year 9 students will sit their GCSE early in Year 11, allowing Mathematics to be their only examined subject in November of Year 11.

As a department we achieved out best ever GCSE module results in January 2012, with 82% grade A* to C. We are enthusiastically working with our Year 11 cohort to motivate and continually challenge each and every one. We are systematically monitoring the students to achieve their optimum.
Structure of Teaching and Courses:

  • All students in Key Stage 3 and 4 have six lessons of Maths in a two-week teaching cycle.

  • Currently in Year 7 students are taught in mixed ability tutor groups for the first few weeks and then put into sets across two half-years.

  • In years 8, 10 and 11 there are two half-year bands while in Year 9 students are taught in seven sets across the whole year group.

  • At GCSE we currently follow the AQA modular course with students sitting exams in November, March and June. We have also started our Year 9’s on the GCSE course.

  • In the sixth form we are one of the most popular subjects with both Maths and Further Maths on offer. We cover modules in Pure Maths, Mechanics, Decision Maths and Statistics from the Edexcel course.

Resources and Facilities:

  • Interactive whiteboards in most classrooms.

  • Internet access and projectors in all classrooms.

  • New text books for GCSE and A level with CD resources.

If you have any further questions at this stage please do not hesitate in contacting the school.

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