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I found this 10-page document in a “Noble” folder at the Kentucky Historical Society, located at 100 West Broadway, Frankfort, KY, 40601-1931
It was not signed and had no indication as to the name of the author or of the owner of the document. I believe that the original source of this document is the O’Connor files.
I made a copy of the document, but it is hard to read. I am therefore going to retype the complete document as a Word-For-Windows document, so that I can make it available for others to read and use.
If anyone finds the owner or author of this document, please let me know.

Since it was unsigned and placed in a public file, I am going to assume that it was intended to be distributed freely for public use.

I can personally verify only small amounts of the data contained herein, so use it for research, but verify the data if you can.
I will type in Times New Roman font, and in upper and lower case as it was in the original document. I may add my own comments in italics and within parentheses. I may change some fully capitalized names to first letter capital only.
I may change punctuation simply because I can’t keep myself from doing so.

When I cannot make out a word, I will substitute “???” for that which I cannot read.

I will make obvious corrections when I can, such as changing “marriedor” to “married or”, or breaking up long sentences.
I tried to keep on one page what the original document had on one page, but my lack of skills with Microsoft Word’s controls prevented that.
It appears to have been typed on a typewriter rather than a computer since there are added comments typed between lines.
James Robinson, Jr.

Husband of Lena Campbell

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Ver. 1.01 Added notes from Linda Letcher about G W Noble’s date of birth.

Ver. 1.02 Begins the annotated version. I am leaving the original on the Noble site and also posting an annotated version, with new updated information. Annotations will be in red & italics.

Ver. 1.03 (20 Oct 2003) Patsy Noble and Andy Miller notations from Liz Coy. Ira Allen & Delilah Combs notations from Linda Letcher.

Ver. 1.04 (21 Oct 2003) From Pam Enright comes information on marriage and children of Jennie Noble and Drew Gwin.

Ver. 1.05 (06 Aug 2005) Various Updates from Pam Duff Enright. They are in red.



Now they had reached a section, where fishing, hunting and all conditions were favorable to the wayworn traveler, and the following persons who were led by Nathan Noble and his wife Virginia Neace, looked about for the most ideal location to build their winter huts, Nathan Noble settled on Lost Creek. Enoch Noble on Leatherwood, William Noble on Buckhorn, John Noble on Bloody Creek, while the other Noble boys went on to Missouri, one was later found where Anniston Alabama is now located.

There were others not mentioned in the above group, whose names I will not omit, that came in that early caravan, they were Mary, Millie and Patsy Noble, sister of Nathan Noble, Hannah Fugate born about 1753, and her death recorded in

Frankfort on Aug. 10th 1853, age 100, came with her son, Flint Fugate. He was later married to Mary Noble. Henly Fugate was her son. Andy Miller who later married Patsy Noble, and a Mr. Watts, whose name so as I have been able to understand,

was George W. Watts, and he married Millie Noble.

Mrs. Virginia Noble had two brothers and one sister, named Charles and Henry Neace, and Mrs. Engle, that were mentioned as having settled in Perry Co., but we must remember that as early as 1797 or 1798, there was no Perry Co.

There were others mentioned in this group, whose given names that I have secured, the Saunders, Guinns, and McIntosh family evidently came with then, or followed immediately thereafter, and intermarried into the Noble, Neace and Miller family.

After the above families were located, Nathan Noble decided to leave the camp where his child and the mother has been located on Cockrill Fork and move on down to Lost Creek, and in doing so, the child was exposed to the weather, developing a cold and died. This child was the first of fifteen, and was named Nathan Noble Jr., but since there were so many children, it was decided to name No. 9 Nathan Noble Jr., and he became a man and together with several brothers and sisters he followed his uncles into Missouri, and lived to be an old man, and died and was buried there. He was a veteran of the Southern Confederacy, and served with many others of his near relatives.

ALEXANDER NOBLE MARRIED a MISS GUINN, or as it sometimes Guynn. In Virginia, he sad a son and daughter, their descendants live in Washington D. C., and have held positions of trust and honor in the cities in which they live.

KATE NOBLE, and her husband, Major Henry Stubblefield, lived on the Shenandoah River, in Frederick Co., Virginia, their estate extending from Lord Fairfax Estate to Castleman’s Ferry, giving a commanding view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

JOHN NOBLE, the youngest son of George Noble, married a MISS BERRYHILL, and had two daughters who lived in Iowa. Their names were Anna and Emily Berryhill. I have no record of who they married or of their families.


Old Thomas Noble Sr. was born in Scotland 1704, in New Mill Banffshire. He attended school at Keith, until he was eighteen years of age, at which time he left there and entered Aberdeen Seminary where he studied for three years.

He left the Seminary in 1738, and decided to come to America, arriving in Maryland, he soon became a noted tobacco trader, and within a short time he was selling to the Scotch Importers, all the tobacco shipped into that country.

Upon returning to his native land to visit his parents, he met, wooed and wed Miss Mollie Gilbert, and they returned to America, and settled in Virginia, upon a farm, facing that of Lawrence Washington, one of the finest in Virginia.

There were four children born to these parents, whose names, in order were, George, Nancy, Elizabeth and Thomas, and these children were educated, grew to manhood and womanhood in the Eastern part of Virginia, and married into prominent families.

George Noble the first born, married a very wealthy lady named Marry Anne Thomas Alexander, her father was honored by having the city of Alexandria Va. named for him.

The large estate which they inherited was sold and they moved to Frederick Co., Virginia, where he purchased the home known as Long Marsh. Here he became a prosperous farmer and trader, living upon the banks of the beautiful river, Sheandoah, he reared a family of five children, three sons and two daughters, who were all married into prominent families, and they are recorded according to age as follows.

1. Mary Anne Noble m. Edward Swearenger.

2. George Noble Jr. m. a Miss Saunders.

3. Alexander Noble m. a Miss Guinn.

4. Kate Noble m. Major Henry Stubblefield.

5. John Noble m. a Miss Berryhill.

Mary Anne Noble and her husband, Edward Swearenger, lived near the home of her father George Noble Sr. who gave them five hundred acres of beautiful land, and they were noted for having one of the most attractive homes and many slaves.

At the death of George Noble Sr. he was buried on the old homestead, at Long Marsh, Va.

George Noble Jr. married a Miss Saunders, and had several children, who were determined to blaze their was into the unknown wilderness of the west, their destination was Missouri, and some of the children were successful in reaching that State, but others were less fortunate- Nathan Noble and his wife while enroute, passed thru the Pound gap, over into the mountains of Kentucky, across the country to Quicksand, down that stream and across onto Troublesome Creek, and there Mrs. Nathan Noble became the mother of her first born, the pioneers were forced to stop, and here they pitched camp, and the group looked about for a place to spend the winter, as it was now late fall, and great forest fires had caused much destruction to the uninhabited territory thru which they had passed.


Included in the group of Virginians who came into Kentucky in 1798, were the brothers of Old Nathan Noble, and some of the brothers and sisters of his wife, Virginia Neace.

So far as I am able to secure the records of their arrival, we find the following were in this caravan.

Nathan Noble and his wife, Virginia Neace, came with his father and mother.

William Noble and his wife, found in the Shenandoah Co VA Census 1783.

John Noble.

Pollie Noble who married a Mr. Watts, Geo Wash.

Mary Noble m. Flint Fugate, both came together.

Mariah Fugate, the mother of Flint Fugate.

Henry Neace, a brother of Mrs. Nathan Noble.

Charlie Neace, a brother of Mrs. Nathan Noble.

Mrs. Engle was a sister of Mrs. Nathan Noble.

Mr. Watts, Mr. Guinn, and several others were included.

Henry Neace, Charlie Neace and Mrs. Engle all settled within the present boundary of Perry Co., while the others were all within the borders of the present Co., of Breathitt.

Old William Noble, brother of old Nathan and his wife came from Virginia, and settled on Lost Creek, in Breathitt Co., 2 children

1. Enoch Noble, Bro. of Nathan, b. 1799, m. Sarrah Salanis (Salyers?) Dec 25th 1854, daughter of Bret Salyers

1. Ira Noble m. Rachel Fugate.

2. John Noble M. Katie Fugate and moved to Owsley Co.

3. George Noble moved to Quicksand.

William Noble’s second wife was a Turner.

1. Enoch Noble, m. Sarry Salyers (Sarah) children: (Same woman as above?)

4. David Noble (killed with a stick of wood) –one child.

5. Ned Noble, went west.

6. Billie Noble (Dutchman) m. Phoeba Combs, daug. of ?

7. Stephen Noble m. ????? Jones, daughter of John Jones.

8. Wash Noble m. Vicy Turner, sister of John P. Turner, son of ?

2. Ira Noble, son of William Noble, m. a Miss Fugate, Rachel, d of Jonathan Fugate & Letty Wells, and had children:

9. William Noble, m. Cynda Combs – d of Stephen Combs.

10. Losson Noble, m. Jane Carpenter.

11. Samuel Noble, m. ???? Fugate. 2 Lyutha Jones. 3. Katie Collinsworth.

12. Henry Noble, m. ?????????? Marshall.

13. George Noble, m. (Peggy) Combs, dau. of Larkin Combs.

14. John Noble, m. Manerva Fugate

15. Emory Noble, m. ??????? Marshall.

16. Katie Noble, m. Lafayette Clemons

17. Louisa Noble, m. Walter Holliday. son of John Holliday. Louisa Noble & Walter Holliday are buried at the Holliday Cemetery.

18. Rachel Noble m. James Campbell, son of William JamesBuck” Campbell.

My G grandpa James Campbell {son of William “Buck” Campbell & Polly Allen} had a son Samuel Campbell who md Laura Belle Napier. My Grandpa & Grandma {PDE}

My G grandma Rachel Noble is the {daughter of Ira Noble & Rachel Fugate} }{Notes added by Pam Duff Enright}

{Note by Pam Duff-Enright}

Ira Noble by his second wife Samantha Mullins had:

19. Green Noble, m. Miranda McIntosh on Quicksand.

20. Sylvester Noble, m. Margaret Campbell d/o Lewis 'Lil' Lute Campbell & Rebecca 'Beck' Campbell {PDE}

21. Alex Noble, m.

22. Mary Noble, m. Andrew Jones

There were twenty two or twenty three children, several not recorded.

23. Nancy Noble m. Elijah Clemons

3. JOHN NOBLE son of William Noble Sr. m. KATIE FUGATE and moved to Owsley Co., no record of children.

4. GEORGE NOBLE M. MISS COMBS, and moved to Quicksand, had only two children recorded.

23. Losson Noble, d. 1930, age 84, he m. Jane Carpenter.

This is wrong. This Losson is Ira’s son, see item 10 under Ira above.

24. William Noble, -

POLLY NOBLE d/o Nathan & Virginia Noble and sister of Mathew m. Mr. Geo Wash Watts Sr., their children were.

1. Washington Watts, m. Easter Turner.

2. Malinda Watts, m. Old John Deaton of Crocketsville.

3. Pattie Watts, . William Little.

4. Polly Watts, m. Jack Spicer

PATSY NOBLE, sister of Mathew m. Andy Miller, {s/o William Joseph Miller & Elizabeth Cockerell{PDE} their children were:

1. William Miller (Major) b. abt 1834, d. Nov 22, 1912 in Lost Creek, KY, m(1) Pricie Fugate, b. abt. 1835, d. bet. 1860-1863, he m(2) Sarah Jane, Noble, b. abt 1848, d. bef. 1885. He m(3) Sarah Hurt 1885, in Breathitt Co., KY, b. abt 1860, d bet. 1902-1910.

2. Wylie Miller, b. abt 1837, d. Jun 02, 1917 in Perry Co, KY m.

Elizabeth Betsy Guinn, b. abt. 1847, dau. of John Guinn.

3. Mason Miller, b. abt. 1841, d. Feb 16, 1922, in Perry Co., KY, m. Nellie Neace, b. abt. 1850, – dau. of Jake Neace – Judge.

4. Andy Miller (Teter). m. Linda Neace dau. of Andy Neace.

5. Milton Miller, b. abt. 1848, m. Martha Whitaker, Mar. 12, 1878, b. 1856, d. 1939, – d of – Sallie

6. Preston Miller, b. abt 1849. m America Fugate b. abt 1852.

7. Frankie Miller b. abt. 1833, d. Feb 20, 1883.m. Richard Smith (Dick) son of Tom Smith in July 1855, in Perry Co., KY, Richard b. abt 1834, d. 1896.

8. Nancy Miller, b. abt. 1836, d. bef. 1880, m. Rubin Collins on Sept. 10, 1856, in Perry Co. KY. Son of Billy Collins. Note for Nancy Miller: In 1870 Perry Co. census Nancy was living beside her brothers Wiley, William and Andrew. No children in 1860 or 1870 census for Nancy & Ruebin.

9. Polly Miller, b. abt. 1847, m. John Wesley Collins, b. abt 1843, son of Billy Collins

10. Malinda Miller, b. abt 1843, m. Richard Combs, (Dick) son of ?

11. Lettie Miller, b. abt. 1844, m. William Engle. S of Henry Engle


12. Vina Miller, b. abt. 1855, d. bet. 1878-1894. m. John Fugate (Preacher Zach’s son), b. abt 1856.

POLLIE AND PATSY NOBLE were sisters of Old Nathan Noble.  Nathan had a sister Polly who married Eli Flint Fugate. He also had a daughter Polly (I assume named after her aunt) and she married Andrew Harvey Jr. and moved to Andrew Co., MO.

AUSTIN NEACE m. Malina Allen, their children were:

1. Jacob Neace (Judge) m. Mariah Fugate. d of Henley Fugate

2. Samuel Neace, m. Nancy Fugate d. of Flint Fugate

3. Joshua Neace, m. Nancy Akman “???” of Johnie Akman

4. Rachel Neace, m. William Fugate, s. Andy Fugate

5. Nellie Neace, m. Nathan Noble, went to Missouri

6. Anna Neace, m. Nathan (Hunter) Fugate, s of Flint Fugate

MARY NOBLE, old Nathan Noble’s sister m. Flint Fugate, their children were:

1. William (Banger) Fugate, m. Polly Noble d of Wm Noble

2. Nathan Fugate (Hunter) m. Anna Neace d. Austin N.

3. Ben Fugate, went west.

4. Joseph Fugate, went west.

5. Hannah Fugate, m. Ben Tharp. son of –

6. Pop Fugate m. Campbell Tharp.

7. Phoeba Fugate never m.

8. Nancy Fugate m. Sam Neace, son of Austin Neace.

9. Patsy Fugate, m. Moda Mays, son of –

10. Mary Fugate, m ????? Mays.


Old Nathan Noble of Culpepper Co. Virginia, born 1781 – died 1858 age 77, at age 14 came into what is now Breathitt Co, in 1798, and located near Cockerell Fork, at the old Apple Orchard.

Here, his first child was born, and his name was Nathan Jr., and when the family moved down to Lost Creek the child developed a cold and died, from exposure.


1. NATHAN NOBLE, b. 1781, m. Virginia Neace, 1790, in Virginia.

1. Nathan Noble Jr. b. 1798, d. the same year.

2. Billie Noble, b. about 1802, m. Lettie Miller.

3. James Noble, b. about 1800, m. Celia McIntosh

4. Peggy Noble, b. about 1813, Sept 21, 1895 m. Alfred Combs b. 3-10-1813 d. 5-12-1891 s of Mathew.

5. Losson Noble, b. about 1806, m. Peggie Francis.

6. Sallie Noble, b. about 1808, m. Joseph Miller.

Children of Sallie Noble & William J Miller

1. Male Child born 10/6/1855 recorded birth Perry Co.

2. Nathan Miller b- 4/15/1840 d- 1/31/1935

md Evoline McIntosh b-1845 d- 1904 d/o Nimrod McIntosh & Nancy Harvey.

Nathan Miller was in Conf. Army Co.G Ky Calvary. {Pam Duff Enright}
7. Washington Noble, b. 1804 died 1862, m. Phoeba Campbell, d of Lewis Campbell & Matilda Fugate {PDE}
(Linda Letcher says that Geo. was b. in 1824)

(Also 1850 census shows him age 26, thus b. 1824)

8. Nathan Noble Jr. No 2, b. about 1812, m. Nellie Neace S (D?) of Austin.

9. Lydia Noble, b. Mar 25th, 1815, m. Ephariam Fields, s of Asa F.

10. Polly Noble b. Mar 15th, 1818, m. Andy Harvey, b 10-17-1816

11. Elizabeth Bettie Noble, b. about 1820, m. Wiley Miller.

Children of Elizabeth & Wiley Miller

1.William Miller b- 11/3/1854 recorded birth Breathitt Co.

2. Sarah Miller b- 11/1/1856 recorded in Breathitt Co.{Pam Duff Enright}

12. Juda Noble, b. about 1822, m. Hiram Sizemore.

13. Henry Noble, b. about 1826, m. Isabelle Akeman.

14. Nancy Noble, b. about 1826, m. John Campbell “Jar fly”. Son of Lewis Campbell & Matilda Fugate{PDE}.

Children of Nancy Noble & John Jarfly Campbell recored births

1. Elizabeth Campbell b- 12/29/1856

2. William S. Campbell b- 1855

3. Lewis Campbell died at age 19 d- 2/16/1859 died of fever. {Pam Duff Enright}
0. (15?) John Jackson “Jacky” Noble m. Elizabeth Betsie Davidson. His real name is Jackson.

Children of Jackson Noble & Elizabeth Davidson

1. Elijah Noble b- 5/18/1857 Perry Co recorded birth

2. Logan Noble b- 9/10/1854 Perry Co. recorded birth {Pam Duff Enright}

I have different children than Pam does. I have:

1. Clayborn Noble b. @ 1838 in MO. Lena’s GGF.

2. William Noble b. 1846

3. Matilda Ann Noble b. 1848

4. Louvica Noble b. @ 1850 KY

5. Polly Noble b. @ 1852 KY

6. Losson Noble b. 1854 KY (Logan?)

7. Armina Noble b. 1858 KY

8. Nathan Simpson “Diber” Noble b. Feb. 1859 KY

16. Don Noble jumped off house & killed self.

2. JAMES NOBLE, m. Celia McIntosh, Delilah Fugate and Polly Turner (sister of John P. Turner) had seven children and Polly Turner was the mother of them all.

15. Jeremiah Noble, m. Malinda Neace – d of Judge Jake Neace & Mariah Fugate {PDE}.

16. Arenia Noble, m. Wash Noble (Colonel) son of Wm Noble & Lettie Miller {PDE}.

17. Dulcenia Noble, m. Logan Duff m. D. son of Alex Duff.

18. Solomon Noble Sr. m. Mary Duff daughter Alex Duff & Catherine Noble.

Soloman md 2nd Mary Haddix d/o John Haddix b- 7/18/1815 VA d- 5/13/1898 KY

John Haddix s/o Hendly Haddix & Virginia Tate

Sarah Turner w/o John Haddix b- 6/19/1819 d- 7/16/1898 KY

1900 Lost Creek Breathitt Co.,Ky Censes

H H # 108

Saul Noble 5/55 s/o James Noble & Polly Turner

{1st wife Mary Duff d/o Alex Duff & Catherine Noble }

{2nd wife Mary Haddix 1855 in ’89 d/o John Butter Haddix & Sarah Turner}

Milly {Watts} 6/70 3rd wife ‘1896

Green Noble 1876 md Izabelle Centers H H # 92

Thos Noble 3/82

Susan Noble 6/89

Luther Noble 8/91

Courtney Noble 10/97

Laura Noble 8/99


Polly {Turner} 11/28 Mom

{wid. James ~ d/o Edw. P.}

1900 Lost Creek Breathitt Co., Ky Censes

H H # 109

Alex Noble 1/73 {s/o H H # 108 Saul Noble}

Mary {Taulbee} 1877

Saul Noble 5/96

Letcher Noble 8/97

South Noble 3/99

{Note Census added By Pam Duff-Enright}

19. Susan Noble, m. McCager Neace, son of Sam Neace, & Harrison Napier. Pam says McCager Neace s/o Sam Neace & Nancy Fugate {PDE}                     Phoeba Noble birth - Oct.15,1859 is recorded in Breathitt Co

                  John Wells b- 1853 d- 1905 

                  John Wells & Phoeba Noble had a son John Wells Jr b- July 1,1879 d- March 22, 1922 {PDE}

20. Phoeba Noble, m. John Wells son of Jack Wells.

21. Frankie Noble. Never married – died.

3. JACKSON NOBLE, m. Betsie (Elizabeth) Davidson, I omitted his name from the original list, of children of Nathan Noble and Jennie Neace, he should be next older than Juda Noble, and I have supplied his No. as O. They had seven children: (I moved para. 3 to this location from below).

132. Clabourne Noble, m. Nancy Allen, d. of Sam Allen & Susan Sizemore{PDE}.

(This is where my wife Lena Campbell’s line intersects with the Noble line. Clabourne was her great-great grandfather. Jim Robinson). FOR CLABOURNE’S LINE SEE ATTACHMENT A below:

133. Billie Noble killed in Civil War at Crawa West VA., not m.

134. Matilda Noble, m. James Neace, son of Rale Jake Neace.

135. Polly Noble, m. William Fugate (Hubbard) son of (Flint Fugate).

136. Losson Noble, m. Tabitha Neace, d of Judge Jake Neace.

137. Simpson Diber Noble, m. Katie Smith, d of Dick Smith.

138. Armina Noble (Dude), m. Nathaniel Neace (Cracker), son of Judge Jake Neace & Mariah Fugate.

4. PEGGY NOBLE m. Judge Alfred Combs, had twelve children-

25. Polly Combs m. Andy Allen and William Noble.

26. Nancy Combs, m. Turner McIntosh. s. of Jimmie McIntosh.

27. Henderson Combs, m. Willie Allen. d of Sam Allen.

28. Shade Combs, m. Nancy Davidson, Sarah Strong, Lucinda Day.

29. Jeremiah Combs, m. Sallie Noble, dau. of Wm Noble.

30. Rachel Combs m. George Allen. s of Sam Allen & Susan Sizemore {PDE}.

31. Delilah Combs, m. Ira Allen, b. 1841, d. 1864, s/o Sam Allen & Susan Sizemore. Ira and Delilah had two sons, George and John Morgan Allen.

32. Isaac B. Combs m. ????? Allen), and Armina Haynes. d of Bill Haynes

33. Mary Anne Combs, m. Sam Allen) and Claybourne Fugate. s of John Duckham

34. Paulina Combs, m. John Allen) children (child?) of Jim Allen

35. Delania Combs, m. Matilda Duff. d of Alex Duff.

36. Alfred Combs (Tea) m. Mintie Noble. d of Warton Noble

5. LOSSON NOBLE, m. Margaret Peggy Francis and had twelve children.

37. Billy Noble, m. Dulcenia Combs, daughter of Old Henry.

38. Betty Noble, m. Irvin Allen d-1865 in Estill Co.,, s/o Sam Allen and Susan Sizemore {PDE}.

39. Katie Noble, m. Elijah Combs.

40. Nathan Noble, never m. d. age 16 .{in Frankfort, Ky recorded Nathan Noble died age 19

death recorded as 2/21/1859 died in Breathitt Co. of a fever was born abt 1852

Note-Pam Duff Enright


41. Jennie Noble, m. Dick Haddix. s of John (Butler) Haddix

{Jennie b- 1846 died 1898 md Henley Dick Haddix b- 1843

s/o Old Henley Haddix b- 1780 d -1856 & Lydia Reynolds b- 1807 d- 1854}

Old Henley Haddix s/o John Haddix b- 1718 d- 1798

Md Mary Taylor d- 1798 {Pam Duff Enright}


42. Lucy Ann Noble, m. Austin Neace (Poppy Dad). s of Sam Neace

43. James D. Noble, m. Missouri Anne Noble. d of Wash Noble

44. John Noble (Stringy) m. Lettie Miller. f d of Wylie Miller & Elizabeth Noble {PDE}

45. Polly Noble, m. Billy Miller (Barlow) s of Wylie Miller & Elizabeth Noble {PDE}

46. Nancy Noble, m. Shade Fugate Sr. s of Henley Fugate & Matilda Stamper {PDE)

47. Benny Noble, mentally and physically afflicted.

48. Dulcenia Noble (Dulley), m. Hiram Noble, s of Wm. Noble and Grant Fugate s of Wm

Jim Francis killed Billy Noble during the Civil War.

Soldiers of Capt. Wm. Strong killed Losson Noble, in Civil War.

6. SALLIE NOBLE, m. Joseph Miller, had thirteen children.

49. Jennie Miller, m Wharton Francis, s of Hiram and John Johnson, s of Tom

50. Polly Miller, m. (Big) Martin Fugate s. of ??????????

51. Nathan Miller, m. Rainey McIntosh, daughter of Ned, also Nim’s daughter, whose name I do not know.

52. Jackson Miller, (Fatty) m. Nancy Fugate, Duckham’s daughter.

53. Losson Miller, m. ?????????????????????

54. Stephen Miller, m. ??????? Kilburn.

55. Clayborne Miller, m. ?????Barnett, old Jim’s daughter.

56. Billy Miller, m. Dulcenia Allen. d of Jim Allen

57. Josiah Miller, m. ?????? Johnson

58. Elhannon Miller, m. ????????? Johnson

59. Nancy Anne Miller, m. Nimrod McIntosh.

60. Juda Miller, m. Nelson Southwood. s of Abram Southwood

61. Vina Miller, m. David Russell. Son of John Russell.

7. WASHINGTON NOBLE m. Phoeba Campbell, had seven children.

62. Lewis Noble, m. Pattie Watts. dau. of Millie Watts

63. Missouri Anne Noble, m. James D. Noble (cousins) s. of Loss.

64. William N. (Honeysuckle) Noble, m. Isabelle Gambill, d of John Gambill , Rachel Collie.

1900 Lost Creek Breathitt Co., Ky Censes

H H # 113

Wm/Nathan/Honeysuckle Noble 10/50 s/o G.W. Noble & Phoebe Campbell

{1st wife Isabell Gambill 1850 d/o John Gambill & Isabell Spencer}

{2nd wife Rachel Colley 7/60 d/o Harmon Bush & Delila Neace}

Geo. Noble 12/79

Phobe Noble 10/81

Delilia Noble 10/81

Kate Noble 7/84

Patty Noble 2/87

Hiram Noble 4/90

Cale Noble 9/91

Elsbury Noble 3/94

Fulton Noble 12/96

Phoebe {Campbell} 10/26 Mom

{wid. G. W. Noble- d/o Lewis Campbell}

{Note Census added by Pam Duff-Enright}


65. James Buchanan Noble, m. Elizabeth Turner. d. of Jesse P. Turner

66. Caleb Noble, m. Nancy Anne Watts, d of Ambrose Watts, and Sarah Noble, d of James N.

67. Polly Noble, m. Hiram Watts. Son of Ambrose Watts.

68. Rhoda Noble, never m., died age 7.

8. NATHAN NOBLE JR., No 2. m. Nellie Neace, move to Missouri, no record obtained of the family. One son named Henry Noble.

Nine daughters.

9. LYDIA NOBLE, raised by Lewis Back. m. Ephriam Fields, b. Feb. 16, 1818, nine children

69. Jane Fields

70. Nathan Fields

71. Mary Fields

72. Stephen Fields

73. Margaret Fields

74. Amanda Fields

75. Jason Fields, all above b. in Breathitt Co.

76. Henry Fields, b. in Arkansas

77. Sarah Fields, b. in Arkansas in 1862

10. POLLY NOBLE, b. Mar. 15, 1818, d. 2-23-1908, m. Andrew Harvey, b. Oct. 17th 1816, d Sep 6 1897

78. Nancy Harvey, b. Oct 28th 1835, in KY, never m.

79. Geo. Washington Harvey b. Dec. 22nd, 18--, m Sarah Moser.

80. Margaret Harvey, b. on Buckhorn, m. James Graves

81. Lydia Harvey, b. on Buckhorn, m. Henry Eisinger.

82. Jane Harvey, b. in MO. m. Van Richard

83. Jeff Harvey, b. in M. m. Elizabeth Moser

84. Elizabeth Harvey, b. in MO., m John Moser

85. Saphronia Harvey, b. in MO. m. Jacob Bachman.

86. Ellen Harvey, b. in MO, never m.

lives on Route 2, Box 24, Savannah MO., age about 80.

Polly Noble d. Feb. 23rd 1907.

Andrew Harvey d. Sept. 6th 1897.

They moved to Missouri in 1841, when Lydia Harvey was three weeks old, and Ellen Harvey lives on the old Harvey farm.
11. BETTIE NOBLE, m. Wylie Miller, and had eight children.

87. Nancy Jane Miller, m. Henry Bush, s of Ephrian Bush

88. Lettie Miller m. John Noble (Stringy) s of Loss Noble

89. Nathan Miller Jr., m. Sam Fugate’s dau

90. Polly Miller, never m.

91. George W. Miller m. Mary Rice, daughter of Loss Noble

92. Billie Miller m. Polly Noble, he was known as Barlow.

93. Losson Miller (Captain) not m.

94. Sarah Miller, not m.
12. JUDAH NOBLE, m. Hiram Sizemore, had six children.

95. Jefferson Sizemore, m. Polly Campbell. d of Luke Campbell (Lewis Lute Campbell)

96. Jennie Sizemore, m William Campbell s of Luke Campbell Alex Francis

(Note: Lewis Lute Campbell didn’t have a son named William)

97. Polly Sizemore, m. Henley Fugate, son of John Duckham.

98. George Sizemore, m. Peggy Fugate, daughter of Henley Fugate, Sr.

99. Hiram Sizemore, m. Katie Crabtree.

100. Winnie Sizemore, m Ben Fugate (Celia Fugate’s boy)

13. HENRY NOBLE, m. Isabell Akeman, had thirteen children.

101. Sallie Noble, m. Bill Miller (Major). s of Andy Miller.

102. Nancy Anne Noble m. John Deaton (Jackie) son John Deaton

103. Polly Anne Noble, m. Ambrose Watts, son of Washington Watts.

104. Granville Pearl Noble, m. Isabelle Neace, d of Judge Jake Neace.

Sons of Granville & Isabelle

1.Elijah Noble

2.Lake Noble

3.John Noble

4.Jerry Noble

{Elisha Noble was the author of Bloody Breathitt}

{Taken from “A Talk With Granville Pearl Noble Age- 92}

{Note by Pam Duff – Enright}

Children of Granville Pearl Noble & Isabelle Neace

1. Betty Noble

2. Henry Noble b- Aug.1885 Breathitt Co, Ky d- June 27, 1942 Perry Co, Ky

3. John L. Noble b- Jan. 1871

4. Elisha L Noble b- Feb. 1872 d- July 29, 1958 Breathitt Co., Ky

5. Elijah Noble b- Oct.13,1874 Breathitt Co., Ky d- April 22,1944

6. Jeremiah Noble b- March 1877 Ky d- Aug. 27,1969 in Fayette Co.

7. Jocob Noble b- March 1879 Ky

8. Serena Belle Noble b- Sept.1881

9. Elvira Noble b- Jan. 1884

10. Laura Noble b- March 1886

11. Naomi Noble b- April 1888

12. Joseph Noble b- June 1890

Picture of Granville Pearl Noble & Isabelle Neace Noble Family

Added by Pam Duff Enright Aug.22,2005

105. Mariah Noble (Rush), m. Henry Neace (Hen Greasy), son of Greasy Jake Neace.

106. Effie Noble, m. William Garnett. son

107. Katie Noble, d. when a child.

108. George W. Noble, d. when a child.

109. Mack Noble, d. when a small boy.

110. John Noble, d. when a small boy.

111. Armina Noble, m. Joseph Neace, son of Sam Neace.

112. Mary Noble, m. Nimrod Fugate, son of John Duckham Fugate.

113. Bettie Noble, m. Daniel White, son of Sam White.

14. BILLY NOBLE, son of Nathan Sr., m. Lettie Miller, had ten children.

122. Polly Noble, m. Bangor Fugate, son of Flint Fugate.

123. Jennie Noble, m. Drew Guinn, son of Wm. Guinn and Polly Neace.

a. William Gwin b. 1849

b. James Gwin.b. 1850

c. John Gwin. b. 1851

d. Vina Gwin b. 1852

e. Elizabeth Gwin b. 1853

f. Fletcher Gwin b. Oct. 9, 1856 bur. Lewis Campbell Cem, Rowdy, KY

g. Simpson Gwin b. 1859

h. George Washington Gwin, 1863

i. Jenne Gwin (bdate not known)

124. James Noble (Boston), m. Sallie Neace Napier, dau of Paddy Napier.

(Note: the Neace above was typed between the lines and above Sallie’s name, I don’t know why.)

125. Alex Noble, m. Winnie Sizemore, d. ?????????

126. Vina Noble, m. Wm. Palmer Noble, b. 1828, m. Mar 4th 1852.

127. Sallie Noble, m. Jeremiah Combs, son of Alfred Combs.

128. Simpson Noble, m. Tabitha Fugate, d of Wm Fugate.

129. George W. Noble, m. Arrenia (Arrena) Noble, d of Jim Noble.

{Arena daughter of James Noble & Polly Tunner}
1900 Breathitt Co. Censes Georges Branch & Lost Creek

HH # 103

{Rev} Geo Wash Noble 7/44 s/o Wm Noble & Lettie Miller

Arena {Noble} 10/51 d/o James Noble & Polly Tunner}

Cicero Noble 1/79 md Ellen Watts

Olive Noble 12/78

Penelope Noble 1/81 md Willie Davidson

Scipio Noble 1/83

Solon Noble 2/84

Shilo Noble 5/87

Jubal Noble 6/89

Omega Noble 6/93 md Lewis Centers

{Note - Census by Pam Duff-Enright}

{Note: G W Noble wrote a book called “Behold He Cometh In The Clouds”. It is a history of his life experiences, including the Civil War and Religious feelings.

130. Frankie Noble, m. James Moore, son of Allan Moore.

131. Vicie Noble, m. Perer Neace, son of Rale Jake Neace.

Simpson Noble was one of John Morgan’s Cavalry, he was killed at Cynthiana, KY, in battle. He had one child, Rachel Noble who m. Hiram Noble, son of Wm Painter (Panther) Noble.

15. NANCY NOBLE, m. John Campbell (Jar Fly), son of Lewis Campbell, eight children:

114. Matilda Jane Campbell, m. R. B. Landrun (Sweet), son of Washington L.

115. Nathan Lewis Campbell drowned, never m.

116. Joseph Campbell (Monk), m. Lida Wells, d of Jack Wells.

117. William Campbell, m. Sallie McIntosh, d of ????????

118. Zachariah Campbell, m. Hays. d of Butler Hays.

119. Betty Campbell, m. Ed Napier, son of Paddy Napier.

120. Martha Campbell, m. John Davis, son of Wylie O Davis.

121. Phoeba Campbell, never m.



We have given you a history of George Noble, and his descendants, he being the son of old Thomas Noble, but we are unable to even tell you who his sisters married or anything of their descendants. I can only say their names were Nancy and Elizabeth.
Thomas Noble, M.D. (son of Old Thomas Noble, originally of Scotland) was b. in Frederick Co., Virginia, June 13th 1762, d. in Bellevue, Campbell Co., Kentucky, Feb. 14th 1817. His wife was Elizabeth Clare Sedgwick, b. 1764, d. in Boone Co., Kentucky, Mar. 12th 1830, and was buried there.

Dr. Thomas Noble was a noted Doctor in Virginia, and Kentucky, and practiced medicine for many years, and as his brother George was very wealthy, he gave the Doctor a fine farm of four hundred acres and adjoining the Long Marsh Plantation.

He lived upon the farm until 1799, as a wealthy farmer and slave holder, and a noted physician and surgeon, at that time he moved to Campbell Co., Kentucky, where he remained the last 18 years of his life.

Elizabeth Clare Sedgwick who tradition says was a descendant of Richard Clare “Strong-bow”, was the mother of the following children.

1. Benjamine Sedgwick Noble. 9. Amelia Noble.

2. James Noble 10. Martha Noble.

3. Mariah Noble, 11. Thomas George Noble.

4. Elizabeth Noble 12. George Thomas Noble.

5. Eloisa Noble 13. Lucinda Noble.

6. Noah Noble 14. Lavina Noble.

7. Lazarus Noble 15. Benjamin Sedgwick Noble 2nd.

8. Mary Anne Noble.

James Noble the second son of Dr. Thomas Noble, was born in Battletown, Clark Co., Virginia, Dec. 16th 1785, and d. Feb 26th 1831, in Washington, D. C. He is buried in the Congressional Cemetery.

He married Mary Lindsey, (a daughter of Thomas Lindsey Sr. and his wife Rebecca Harris), b. Aug 24th, 1783, in Ireland. They eloped and married on April 7th, 1803, in Cincinnati, O. He was at that time a Law Student, and was later admitted to the Bar, at Lawrenceburg, Ind., he removed to Brooksville, Ind., and was one of the first settlers there.

For several years he was a member of the State Legislature, and was elected to the United States Senate, at the age of Thirty, and held this position until his death, or for sixteen years.

The children of James Noble and his wife Mary Lindsey were:

1. Elizabeth Noble.

2. Benjamin Sedgwick Noble.

3. James Noble Jr.

4. Katherine Leitch Noble.

5. Rebecca Maria Noble.

6. Richard Southgate Noble.

JACOB NEACE SR., brother of Mrs. Nathan Noble, m. Polly Francis, their children were:

1. Jacob Neace, Jr. (Rale Jake), m. Polly Akeman, dau of John Akeman.

2. Austin Neace (Long Austin), m Katie Fugate, dau of John Akeman.

3. Henry Neace (Preacher), m. 1. Jennie White, 2. Susan Watts.

4. Nancy Neace, m. Sam White, son of Robin White.

5. Polly Neace, never married.


6. Delilah Neace, m. Harman Bush. son of a Collier.

JACOB NEACE (JUDGE) son of Austin Neace m. Mariah Fugate, and had nine children:

1. Isabelle Neace, m. Granville Pearl Noble, son of Henry Noble.

2. Nellie Neace, m. Mason Miller, son of Andy Miller.

3. Tabitha Neace, m. Losson Noble, son of Jack Noble.

4. Katie Neace, m. John Noble, son of Clabourn Noble.

5. Nathaniel Neace (Cracker), m. Armina Noble, d of Jack Noble.

6. Matilda Neace, m. Sam Noble, son of Clabourn Noble

7. Polly Anne Neace, m. Andy Noble, son of Clabourn Noble.

8. Malinda Neace, m. Jerimiah Noble, son of Jim Noble.

9. Green Neace, m. Orphia Noble, dau. of Washington Noble, and Harriett Eldridge of Bock Eldridge.

JACOB NEACE (RALE JAKE) m. Polly Akeman, dau. of John Akeman.

1. Polly Neace, m. Dan Bush, son of Jack Bush.

2. Martha Neace, m. Josh Fugate, son of Wm Fugate.

3. Margaret Neace, m. Wm. Bush, son of Jack Bush.

4. Effie Neace, m. ??????????

5. John Neace, m Tabitha fugate, d. of Wm Fugate.

6. Peter Neace, m. Vicy Noble, d. of Wm. Noble.

7. James Neace, m. Tilda Noble, d. of Jack Noble, then Polly Anna Hamilton, d. ???????

8. Jacob Neace, m. Vina Duff. d of Maca Duff .{d/o Marcus Duff & Rebecca Wella Duff}.
OLD HENLEY FUGATE, SR. came to Breathitt Co., about 1798, his first wife was a Miss McIntosh, (Tabitha), they had nine children:

1. John Fugate, m. Duckham McIntosh.

2. Samuel Fugate, m. ?????? Harvey.

3. William Fugate, m. Rachel Neace, d. of Austin Neace.

4. Zachariah Fugate, m. Polly Napier (he was a preacher), d. of Paddy Napier.

5. Henley Fugate, Jr., (Perkins), m. Polly Anne Napier. Polly Anne died of ?

6. Delilah Fugate, m. James Noble, son of Nathan Noble.

7. Mariah Fugate, m. Jacob Neace (Judge), son of Austin Neace.

8. Katie Fugate, m. Austin Neace (Long Aus) s of Old Jake Neace.

9. Priscie Fugate, m. Bill Miller (Major), son of Andy Miller.

Henley Fugate’s second wife was Mitilda Stamper, d of Lewis Stamper, twelve children

10. Fannie Fugate, m. John Napier, son of Jerome Patrick Napier.

11. Lewis Fugate, (he was called Napper), m. Lizzie Napier, d. of Paddy Napier.

12. Alfred Fugate (Bal) m. Rebecca Miller, d. of ????

13. Joe Fugate, m. Virginia, wife not known.

14. Dan Fugate, d. in Civil War prison at Ft. Lookout. (Joe and Dan were twins).

15. Polly Fugate, m Old Lewis Campbell.

16. Susan Fugate (Sooky), m. Dr. Zach. Campbell, s of Lewis Campbell

17. Benjamin Franklin Fugate, m. Matilda Napier, d. of Paddy Napier.

18. Sallie Fugate, never m.

19. Peggy Fugate, m. George W. Sizemore, son of Hiram Sizemore.

20. Martin Fugate, m. Jennie Noble, d of William Painter Noble, (Paynter or Panther?)

The above entry conflicts with the entry at paragraph 3 below entitled BILLIE NOBLE. It says that she m. Billie Noble.Pam Enright adds info to back this up. See below.

  1. Shade H. Fugate, m. Nancy Noble, daughter of Loss Noble.

added by Jim Robinson.

Claibourne Noble’s Descendants

We don’t know whether his name is spelled Claiborn, Claibourne, Clayborn, Claybourn, Claybourne, or what. We haven’t found any documents with his name on them yet. He was son of Jackson Noble, who was son of old Nathan Noble.
I use a little bit different numbering system. It saves space and tells you who the parent is. For example:

1. is the parent and has chileren 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc.

1.3 has children 1.3.1, 1.3.2, 1.3.3 etc.

Just take off the last number and you have the parent’s number. Example, for child, take off the 3 and the parent is at 1.8.6. Give it a little time to sink in and you will see that it is easy.

Another way to look at it is:

1. Is the first person on the chart.

1.1 is his child (so would be 1.2 or 1.3 or 1.4 etc.)

1.1.1 is his grandchild (so would be 1.3.5 or 1.6.2) is his great grandchild (so would be or
It also makes it extremely easy to add children.
1. Claibourn Noble, b. about 1840, son of John L. Jackson Noble and Elizabeth Davidson, married Nancy Allen d/o Sam Allen and Susan Sizemore. She was b. April 1840. They married on 2 Aug. 1858 and had at least 10 children.
1.1 John Noble, b. 1860, m. Catherine “Katie” Neace, b. 1860, d/o Jacob and Mariah Fugate.

1.2 Andrew Noble, b. May 9, 1866, M. Polly Ann Neace, b. Aug. 28, 1868, d. Oct. 10, 1939, d/o Jacob Neace and Mariah Fugate.

1.3 Jack Noble, b. abt. 1868.

1.4 Samuel Noble, b. July 25, 1869, d. Jan. 06, 1952, Married Matilda Neace, b. bet. 1861-1864,

b. Oct 10, 1918. She was d/o Jacob Neace and Mariah Fugate. Sam and Matilda had at least 12 children.

1.4.1 Unknown Noble. (A Matilda is listed here on one census).

1.4.2 Lucinda Noble, Aug 1882.

1.4.3 Mariah Noble, April 1885.

1.4.4 Noah Noble, b. July 9, 1888, d. Oct 24, 1979, m. Callie. Nancy Noble, b. Nov. 27 Sammy G. Noble, b. 1912. d Dec 15, 1989, m. Kelly Infant Noble, b. Oct 20, 1937

1.4.5 Wash Noble, Aug. 1888

1.4.6. Andy Noble, b. 1890, d. 1971, m. Delilah Allen

1.4.7. Ibby Noble, b. Jan. 5, 1890, d. Jun 10, 1916, m. Alfred Allen

1.4.8. John Dewey Dee Noble, b. Dec. 24, 1890, d. Oct. 14, 1973, in Frankfort, KY. Married Melda Campbell, b. Jun 27, 1900, d. Apr 11, 1996. Beatrice Noble, b. 1920 m. William Campbell b. Jan. 14, 1915 d. Jan.7, 1963, s/o Sam and Laurabell Campbell, and had: Stirgle Campbell, b. Jan. 25, 1935, d. Jul 1, 1951, hunting accident Lena Marie Campbell, b. Jan. 10, 1939. Married James Robinson, Jr. and had: James William Robinson, III, b. Dec. 27, 1955 David Wayne Robinson Terry Wesley Robinson Glenna Faye Campbell, b. Feb. 7, 1942, m. Carl Howell and had: Bernice May Howell Paul Ray Howell Beatrice Hoyt Howell Carl James Howell Winfred “Jack” or “JC” Campbell William Zeh Campbell Janice Campbell, b. Jan. 1947, d. Sep. 29, 1947

1.4.9 Lula Noble, b. Jan 1893.

1.4.10 Phoeba Jane Noble, b. Aug 1898

1.4.11 Emory Noble, b. Jul 4, 1904, d. Mar 13, 1965

1.4.12 Kelly Noble, b. Oct. 16, 1917, d. Aug 30, 1921

1.5 Mary Noble, b. Dec. 1875.

1.6 Catherine Noble, b. July 1879.

1.7 Colby Noble, b. Mar. 1884.

1.8 Henry Noble, b. April 1887.

1.9 Ira Noble, b. January 1890.

1.10 Elizabeth Noble, b. 1877, m. Floyd Campbell b. 1871 d. 1941 and had:

1.10.1 Carrie Campbell, d, 1983, m. Luther Noble, b. Feb. 22, 1892, d. Sep. 23, 1953, and had: Alma Noble Betty Jean Noble Clay Noble Frank Lowell Noble Geneva Joyce Noble Joyce Ann Noble Mary Lou Noble Rheavon Noble Opal Noble, bef. 1935 G. V. Noble, b. Nov. 8, 1935

1.10.2 Irven Campbell

1.10.3 Lola Campbell, m. Jasper Whitaker

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